powerful sex toys

Powerful Sex Toys – 10 Products To Make You Gush

In celebration of May 4th (May the 4th be With You – For Those Star Wars fans out there) we will be looking at some ...
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adult time cover

Adult Time And Lovense – A Sexy Connection

Lovense is thrilled to announce that its toys are now pairable with selected videos on Adult Time - the premium adult streaming service! But let's ...
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international womens day

International Women’s Day – Lovense Sex Toy Quiz

To celebrate International Women's Day, and have a bit of fun, we've put together this entertaining quiz. Find out which female Lovense toy best matches ...
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how to make a sex toy with a towel

How to Make a Sex Toy With a Towel

Why would someone want to know how to make a sex toy with a towel? Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a $100+ pocket ...
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Calor vs Max2 by Lovense

I recently did a review on Lovense's new male masturbator - Calor - and it passed my mustard with flying colors. However, I wanted to ...
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calor by lovense

Calor by Lovense

It's time for another sex toy review, and this one is hot off the manufacturing press (meaning I got one before they went on sale ...
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what are yoni eggs

What Are Yoni Eggs – And Why You Should Steer Clear

You might have heard the term Yoni Eggs before - and probably some show mocking them or a website promising the moon. But if you ...
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Hyphy Review – A 2-in-1 Toy From Lovense

Lovense had been putting out toys left right and center, and they’re all pretty amazing. But this next one needs a closer look – Hyphy ...
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Spooky Sex Toys – 10 More Toys For Halloween

The scary season is upon us once more, so why not have even MORE spooky sex toy examples? But even though Halloween comes and goes, ...
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Are Crystal Sex Toys Safe? Yes … And No.

Crystal sex toys (sometimes called "stone" sex toys) aren't anything new. They pop up now and again because some celebrity endorses them or crystal-energy health ...
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Lovense Quake Dolce vs Lush 3 Quick Review

Sex toy comparisons often boil down to similar models between competing brands or just newest generation toys and how they’re better than the old versions ...
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Lovense Quake Dolce Review – Is It Snug Enough?

Our favorite sex-tech company has come out with yet another toy - Quake - which is why we're eager to share this Lovense Quake Dolce ...
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