Spooky Sex Toys – 10 More Toys For Halloween

The scary season is upon us once more, so why not have even MORE spooky sex toy examples?

But even though Halloween comes and goes, these sex toys will stay in our minds forever … either because they’re super cute or creative … or horrific enough to burn the image in our memories.

Let’s see what this year’s haul turned up….

alien sex toy

Man Eaters From Outer Space

The toy’s caption reads, “Purple people eaters are so 1958! Forget them and say hello to your new alien overlord — the most adorable green monster sex toy you ever saw.

We also quickly find out that it’s a toy for guys – “This little spaceguy is not a sleeve, but slides along the shaft.” 

The material is PVC and ABS plastic, which is not the worst thing in the world. I had to admit, it’s kinda cute.

water plug

Holy Water Plug

Ready to exorcize someone?

I’ve only been able to find this on a list page, but even if it’s not for sale anymore, it’s worth having in this holiday’s collection

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a plug that goes up the penis. It also has a hole so someone can pee out of it.

alien yoni

Alien Yoni Egg

There’s not as much detail as I would like and the overall feeling when I first saw it was “meh.”

However, I give it huge props for taking the idea and running with it, plus extra props for making it out of silicone!

Keep in mind this is an Etsy toy and one review said they found little hairs embedded in the silicone – probably lint I’m guessing.

spooky sex toys

Pad Skellington

It took me a second to figure out what this was. And I still had to go to the Etsy page to confirm my suspicions.

Yes, this is a silicon pad meant to grind against – with the skulls adding bumps and other sensory textures.

It’s inda cool and the reviews are decent. A definite win for spooky sex toys!

spooky sex toys

Franken’ [email protected]

The other Halloween list also had a pocket pussy, but with a vampire mouth opening. So it was too good a chance to pass up on adding another spooky themed masturbator.

No qualms with anything here – silicone, shape, and casing all look good.

Bad Vibes vibrator

Bad Vibes Talking Vibrator

Yes, you heard that right … “talking” vibrator.

The toy itself isn’t anything special – just a simple plastic vibe with a creepy face printed on it.

However, it’s the talking part that is “scary.” While the person is using the toy, a man’s voice gives all sort of excuses on why he can’t perform. Things like “Sorry I have to get up early tomorrow.”

Candy corn finger

Candy … Something

I’m not sure if this is even Halloween or not, but since it looked like candy corn and the beads sort of like a candy necklace, it seemed like a fun one to show off.

I would not buy it though – looks hard to clean and I have no idea what the material is. I know it’s not really in the “spooky sex toys” genre, but it’s still deserving of a peek.

spooky sex toys

Horror Bunny

This isn’t the name of it. I actually have no idea what this is called.

Masquerade, horror, love bunny? Whatever it is, it definitely ranks in the spooky sex toys category.

I have a feeling, however, that whoever made this was going for something serious but the final product ended up looking like an armature baker trying to make something off of Pinterest and then ending up with the biggest fail ever.

spooky sex toys

Skull Cock Ring

Nothing weird here – just a silicon cock ring made to look like a skull. I like it!

It’s off of Etsy but it’s a branch sale page from Geeky Sex Toys. They’re the same people that did Thor’s Hammer dildo and Death Star ball gag.

Their R.I.P. spanking paddle (that looks like a gravestone) looks awesome too!

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Which of these would you actually try? Share in the comments!

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