Lovense Ridge Review: In-Depth Look at Vibrating & Rotating Anal Beads

If you love anal play or are curious about getting started, Lovense’s anal beads might be something you will salivate over – especially with its unique extra feature and loads of freebies that come with the app. However, this Lovense Ridge review is here to help you not only decide if you want to give it a go but also if the features versus pricing is something your wallet will be okay with.

We’ll also look at how the toy works, materials, design, and other useful tidbits. So, let’s not waste any more time, and dive in!

Understanding Anal Beads – Where Does Ridge Fit In?

Lovense Ridge review, Lovense Ridge design
Credit: R.Hemington

If you’re new to anal bead play, there are a few things to know about what’s on the market – so you can compare Ridge to other options.

First, there are materials to consider. Generally, you’ll find most beads will be made from silicone, stainless steel (high-quality or medical-grade and not plated), or TPE Rubber. However, you’ll also find some glass, plastic, or wood ones out there. There’s also “jelly” but any sex toy made from that toxic waste should be burned and the ashes jettisoned to the core of the sun.

The first two in the list are the safest because they are non-porous, easy to clean, etc. TPE is okay, but it’s porous and you’ll never be able to get it 100% clean. Glass and wood ones need A LOT of research done beforehand to make sure they are created/coated properly.

Ridge’s exterior is body-safe silicone.

Second, there are a few styles out there – each that provides different sensations. Some beads are placed far apart while others are practically melded into the next one. Beginners probably will have an easier time with beads that are close together (and the “neck” parts are not that gaping) because it won’t be as drastic a difference with each bead inspection.

Ridge’s beads are one connected line and fall under the “vibrating anal beads” category.

Ridge Packaging – What Will Arrive at Your Doorstep?

lovense ridge package contents
Credit: R.Hemington

If you’ve bought a Lovense sex toy before, you might notice a couple of little differences, but plenty of standard brand packaging too.

  • The outer shipping box is still discreet, plain brown heavy paper/cardboard.
  • Ridge’s product box design still looks very much the same, but now there is a QR code on the front that sends you a brief video overview. This is good for anyone at a brick-and-mortar store, who wants to see what the toy is like before they buy it.
  • Inside, there’s the standard foam cutout to protect the anal beads. But you might notice that the top bit is wider than the actual bead. This is because the tip rotates, and the extra space gives you room to store your toy no matter what angle you stop it at.
  • Then, you have the magnetic charger and satin baggie.

Lovense Ridge user manual, vibrating anal beads, using anal beads
Credit: R.Hemington

  • Finally, there’s the user’s guide – this is another big change I’ve noticed from previous products. It’s now an accordion booklet and slightly bigger than the old version. There are a lot more picture-based instructions too.

All in all, the changes aren’t enormous, but they are well-thought-out.

Ridge Anal Beads – Important Specs & Functions

Since this toy vibrates AND rotates, you’ll need to fiddle with the buttons for a minute to remember what they do (so you don’t have to clumsily figure it out during your first session).

How to Use It

  • The button on the left will turn on the toy (3-second hard press)
  • Short pressing the same left button will increase the power levels and then cycle through the 10 preset patterns.
  • The right button controls the rotation section (which is in the small/last bead). Hard-press it for 3 seconds to turn it on. Then, quick press to cycle through the low/med/high settings.
  • If you want to change the rotation direction of the tip, just long press the right button.
  • Long press the left button to turn things off.
  • And YES, you can use both features at the same time!

Credit: R.Hemington

How to Connect

If you want to use the Bluetooth or long-distance features (or any of the other fun stuff that comes with Lovense toys), you’ll need to download the Lovense Remote app and connect it through there. This video gives a detailed rundown of how…


What are the Specs?

Ridge isn’t too big – a nice beginner’s toy or for those who like regular-sized beads. The bigger base section serves two purposes. First, it houses the electronic guts and second, it creates a flared base – which is important for any anal sex toy, so it doesn’t get lost up your bum.

*See image129gLi-polymerIPX7No*
PriceMotorsChargingUse TimeStandby
$119275minup to72-145min*up to 120hours
Credit: Lovense

*Keep in mind the “use time” will be different depending on what power levels you’re using. So, if you are playing with Ridge on the highest rotation and vibration setting, you’ll get about 70-ish minutes of use. But if you have it set to the lowest setting, it won’t drain the battery as fast and you can have up to around 145 minutes. This is normal for any sex toy. That being said, the numbers are pretty decent.

As for *syncing, this means “Can you connect this toy to another toy so one reacts to the other’s movements” – such as Nora. In this case, it won’t connect to other toys with the feature. However, you can still connect it to the app and control it from afar and control each other’s toys at the same time.

If you’re wondering which toys have the ability to be controlled by one another, it’s Max 2, Nora, and Calor (in any combination – including two of each toy, like a Calor to a Calor).

What Else Can It Do?

Lovense vibrating anal beads, rotating anal beads, app-controlled anal beads
Credit: R.Hemington

All Lovense toys have access to many other app perks…

  • Alarm clock wake-up settings
  • Programmable low, medium, and high steady power levels (which means if you don’t like one of them, you can ramp it up or tone it down and the toy will remember your settings.
  • The ability to store 10 custom patterns.
  • Access to the free Lovense pattern library, with literally tens of thousands of player-made options.
  • Sync to music or set it to react to ambient noise (like music at a club or the sounds of your own moans).
  • Be controlled by someone from anywhere in the world. But you can still use the toy without the app.
  • The ability to sync your toy to X-rated computer games or erotic audiobooks that have partnered with Lovense.
  • Tip activation and setup for cam models through many major streaming platforms.

What It Was Like Using Ridge – Personal Experiences

Lovense Ridge, anal beads review, silicone anal beads
Credit: R.Hemington

For me, I tested with some solo play. I noticed the silicone has a wee bit of “drag” against the skin, which is normal. But not too much compared to other toys. This of course isn’t important because you should be using a ton of lube during anal play.

I used water-based lube. Silicone lube is a no-no because it will degrade the toy.

Insertion (at least for me) was easy and comfortable. I enjoyed the minor “dips” in between the beads – but that’s my preferred sensation. I also noticed something linked to the promotion of Ridge’s flexibility. It’s located at the base of the toy in the final “connector.” There is no flexibility between the beads past that.

This makes sense because there needs to be housing for the vibrators and rotation mechanisms. So, don’t treat Ridge like Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Massager (which is adjustable). If you try to bend the beads, you’re going to break the toy.

Credit: R.Hemington

Since these anal beads aren’t THAT long, I found the flexibility portion just a nice bonus to move the toy around (once inside) to find a nice position.

The vibrations were powerful, something you expect from this brand. I personally liked the steady vibes rather than the patterns. But since it was my first time using a rotating anal bead set, I had to take a few seconds to get used to the new sensations it was giving. As for what speed and direction is best, that’s totally a personal call. I liked the highest steady level with a slow rotation.

Credit: Lovense – Ridge Anal Beads [find it here!]

As for sound levels, the low and medium settings were fairly quiet. High got a tad noisy. But that’s not going to be important in the bedroom. It was when I couple the rotations that I found the sound levels got much higher.

So, if you want to do discreet public play, I would keep Ridge on low. Or, if you want to max out the levels, make sure it’s in a place where people won’t notice – like a club, loud bar, etc. Keep in mind, that this toy is NOT advertised for public play, but I’m sure there are some sex club people that will want to use it that way anyway. So, it’s just a helpful note.

The one thing I didn’t like about the beads was trying to sit for any length of time. The base ended up being uncomfortable and I had to lay on my side or sit on something with a cushion. Bu that’s just my bum’s reaction. I’ll be very curious to know if others find the same “con” or if it was just me. Leave a comment!

Who Are These Anal Beads For?     

Ridge charging cable and connection, Lovense Ridge review, best anal beads
Credit: R.Hemington

As I mentioned before, Lovense Ridge Anal Beads are great for beginners. Especially since the vibrations and rotations can be used externally around the rim. This tactic often helps people relax and get in the mood, which makes for comfortable insertion.

I would also suggest Ridge for any seasoned anal players who want to try out something new. It’s also a great way to spice things up in the bedroom if you’re getting a bit bored with the current menu.

Gamers might like this new addition, especially when you’re not sure what you’re going to get once the steamy scenes begin.

Finally, long-distance couples might like to try these out. Any kind of anal sex requires a lot of communication. So, practicing telling your partner what you like (as they control the toy) is a great way to grow closer.

Other Lovense Ridge Tidbits

Lovense Ridge anal beads, beginner's anal beads
Credit: R.Hemington

  • Remember to wash your toy before and after each use.
  • Always keep your toy charged every six months if you’re not using it.
  • If you’re a size queen/king that’s in the middle of anal training, this toy might be a bit too small for you.
  • It’s waterproof, so you can play with it in the tub or shower, etc.
  • There’s the standard 1-year warranty from manufacturers defects.
  • People might find the app remote to be easier than the buttons.

Lovense Ridge Review – Final Thoughts

Ridge buttons close up.
Credit: R.Hemington

Since Ridge is a first-generation model, I highly recommend leaving any feedback and suggestions with Lovense support. I know first-hand that ALL of it (even the complaints) is gathered and evaluated if/when things go into a second version. 90% of all toy changes come from customer feedback!

For me, I really liked Ridge as a bedroom toy. Comfortable surroundings gave me more options to find a nice position. I wasn’t a fan of walking around with them inside – but that’s just me.

All in all, I would highly recommend Lovense Ridge. Coupled with the app, and all that goes with it, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to what kind of sensations or play you want.

You can find Ridge in the Lovense Store

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