Lovense Quake Dolce vs Lush 3 Quick Review

Sex toy comparisons often boil down to similar models between competing brands or just newest generation toys and how they’re better than the old versions. But what if you’re torn between something that’s not as easily comparable? Like, would you prefer a g-spot vibrator or a rabbit one?

Well since Lovense is launching Dolce (previously called Quake), and they also have their famous Lush3, there’s a new question on the horizon. Which one is better for you?

Let’s look at the differences…


It’s a wearable “love egg” – which is the sex toy industry word for a little vibrating ball you put up your vagina so it rests against your g-spot and makes you sound like you’re a voice actor off of one of those corny Scary Halloween Sounds CDs.


Take the idea of Lush 3, add a wider neck and an external vibrator on the outside, which is designed to rest against the clitoris and this is what Dolce looks like.

But the “nitty-gritty” differences might help more…

3rd generation

Changes made based on customer feedback

Targets the g-spot

No external vibrators

Stays in place

Not adjustable, thin neck

Local and long-distance app control

Strong motor


Silicone casing

Rechargeable Waterproof
1st generation

No official consumer feedback yet

Targets the g-spot

Additional clit vibrator

Stays in place

Adjustable thicker neck

Local and long-distance app control

Strong motor


Silicone casing

Rechargeable Waterproof


Both toys can be worn for public play (keep in mind that “public” doesn’t mean you’re moaning for the entire world to hear. It just means you can wear it under your panties when going out.  You’ll notice both there, but Lush’s thinner neck might be a preference for some.

  • If you have a super sensitive clit and don’t want vibrations anywhere near it, better to go with Lush 3
  • Or, if you need clit stim, go with Dolce
  • Anyone who needs the ability to adjust how the toy sits against/in your body, go with Dolce
  • If you don’t want the feeling of something sticking between your legs, go with Lush 3

Also, maybe if there’s a sale on one and not the other, that might nudge people in a different direction. Some also love being part of the feedback process and don’t mind if something has a few design tweaks that need to be made in the future. Both should “stay in place” so it’s not really a deal-breaker either way.

Of course, it boils down to personal preference, but at least now you have the details to help you make a more informed decision.

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