Lovense Ambi Review: Precision Meets 3-Point Pleasure

Get ready for a ride through the ins and outs of the Lovense Ambi bullet vibrator. This is the ultimate guide to help you decide if Ambi is the gem that your toy collection needs, or if another sex toy in Lovense’s lineup (even perhaps an entirely other brand’s offering) better suits your loins’ wants and desires.

We’ll deconstruct its unique three-way stimulation capabilities, delve into the techy goodness of app-enabled personalization, and pit it against other heavy hitters in the pleasure arena. You’ll also find other useful tidbits like cleaning, solo vs couple’s play, packaging details, and even how it holds up in water.

Let’s get started, so you can decide if Ambi is for you.

What Is Lovense Ambi?

Ambi is a unique bullet vibrator compared to what you would normally see on the market. While most of us think of a straight cylinder (which typically offers more generalized sensations), this sex toy is designed to be more versatile.

Instead of standard pinpoint sensations, Ambi has three options – broad, pinpoint, and super pinpoint. All you have to do is flip it around. There are plenty of other details that set Ambi apart, but we’ll look at them throughout the coming sections of the review.

Unboxing and First Impressions of Ambi

Alright, let’s get into it. Normally people skip the parts about packaging, but if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of things, this is an aspect that you shouldn’t overlook. There can be plenty to learn before you even turn on the toy.

Ambi’s Packaging & What’s Inside?

Lovense packaging design uses lots of white space, which makes it look clean and sophisticated. The cardboard is also fairly sturdy so it’s going to help shield Ambi during shipping. Inside, there’s a special foam cutout that hugs the toy – adding another layer of protection. I’ve had only two shipments arrive with dents to the corners of the boxes. However, that’s from delivery neglect. The packaging did its job well.

Packaging Rating: ★★★★★

As for what’s inside the box (besides the toy of course), let’s dive in.

  • x 1 Satin Storage Bag – Silicone toys always attract dust, no matter how good they are. This is nice to have included so it keeps the toy extra clean.
  • x1 User Manual – In the past, there were two booklets. But now there’s just a single one – which makes more sense.
  • x1 USB Charging Dock – Here is where you might find conflicting information compared to other Lovense Ambi reviews. In the past, there was just a magnetic clip. It didn’t stay in place very well and users had issues with charging. The updated product comes with a dock, which makes things much easier and far more reliable.
  • x1 Ambi – Of course we have the toy too 🙂

Old magnetic clip
New charging dock

Looking at Build Quality and Design

The first thing that strikes you about Ambi is its robust build. The body-safe silicone is not only smooth to the touch but also gives it a durable feel. There’s a little bit of drag to it, but nothing noticeable, especially when you start using it.

The ergonomic design proves to be more than just aesthetically pleasing. Normal bullet vibrators can be a pain if you want to reach certain areas or apply pressure in places that create strain on the wrist. The tilt of Ambi’s head helps with this problem no matter how you want to play with it. Some users have mentioned that there are a couple of positions that are a bit tricky to hold Ambi (like with a partner and one in doggy style). However, any bullet vibrator would have this issue.

There’s a single button to cycle through the three steady levels and 10 pattern options, which comes with a pro/con balance which we will talk about soon.

Design Rating: ★★★★☆

All the Tech Specs

MaterialBody-safe silicone in hot pink
Weight59 grams, offering a balance between a lightweight and substantial feel
Waterproof IPX7 rating = fully waterproof, allowing for safe use in water and easy cleaning
Use TimeUp to 120 minutes of continuous use, depending on strength levels
Charging TimeUp to 78 minutes for a full charge
Standby TimeUp to 120 hours
MaterialsConstructed with body-safe silicone
Vibrations3 vibration levels and 10 patterns – unlimited pattern customization through the app
ConnectionsBluetooth local control and long-distance control (anywhere in the world) through the app

Testing Ambi Bullet Vibrator

Having spent a fairly long time with the Lovense Ambi (including the first and second iterations – the first original batch and another with some tweaks and updates), I’m quite ready to share a firsthand account of what it’s like to use this bullet.

Initial Setup and Instructions

Getting started with the Ambi was very easy. The instructions are clear – no jargon overload, which is a relief. It’s “plug-and-play”, but for your, um, personal enjoyment. I tend to use the toy without charging first, which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing, but I haven’t noticed any issues.

As mentioned earlier, there’s one button. Personally, I liked the simplicity because I didn’t have to fiddle with ups and downs to find the setting I liked (for me this was a “pro”). Using it solo, there were no accidents with hitting the button and moving up the sensation ladder – this is because you use the handle and the natural tilt of the toy to find your happy spots.

Some might look at the button as a “con” if they enjoy experimenting with different patterns during play. With a partner can be especially fun but sometimes tricky if you’re switching positions and don’t want to stay with one level. You’ll have to cycle through maybe a few times. But it’s just a single press and you can get through them quickly to find the vibes you want.

Setup Rating: ★★★★★

Vibration Intensity and Patterns

I decided to put the Lovense Ambi to the test – and I’m pretty ruthless when it comes to this aspect of a sex toy. After all, it’s why we buy these things right?

First, I tried the three preset vibration levels. Starting from the lowest, it was like a gentle purr – nice and subtle. Then, I cranked it up, and it went from purring to a rumbly sensation that definitely caught my attention. At the highest level, it felt like a wonderful mini earthquake. I was surprised by the intensity this little device could deliver. Then again, Lovense is all about power.

For me, I would reprogram the toy to keep that lowest setting as is, and up the mid and top-level vibrations to something stronger. But that’s just me. Power queens can ramp it up and those who like things more gentle can program to something softer. This is one thing I love about Ambi (and all Lovense programmable toys) – you can have exactly what you want.

Next up, I tested the ten different patterns.

They were okay, nice even. But I’m the kind of person who prefers steady levels when my goal is an orgasm. However, I’ve been experimenting more with the app. Patterns/non-steady levels are growing on me – mostly when they come from custom patterns (from the unlimited user library) that link with a song or when they are linked with erotic audiobook syncing.

They can also be yummy if you’re playing with someone and you want to get into teasing.

Vibration and Patterns Rating: ★★★★★

Waterproof Aspects

Ambi’s IXP7 rating means you can get the toy completely wet (fully submerged in water if you want) and it won’t affect the toy. Most of my experiences with Ambi and water come from the shower and once in a bathtub. Both experiences were quite enjoyable, but I would say my favorite was the bathtub because I could lay back without having to worry about falling from orgasmic twitches.

I didn’t get to test Ambi in a swimming pool, so I’m interested in people’s experiences (leave a comment below). I am curious if chlorine affects silicone. But I haven’t read any issues to the negative.

The waterproof rating is particularly nice when it comes to washing the toy.

Battery Life and Charging

Ambi’s battery life is fairly decent it’s not quite a 1:2 ratio of charging time versus use time (which is nice to have in any sex toy). I found I could get in a few decent play sessions before I had to recharge it. And I always have my other two sex toys that I have in rotation depending on what I feel like. The magnetic base is significantly better than the old charging port. So high fives for that

Connectivity and Remote Play

When it comes to connectivity, I can only speak to independent play. I don’t have a partner to test with but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been able to explore the long-distance features. Many interactive game and audiobook partnerships require you to connect this way.

As for Bluetooth, it’s well… Bluetooth. No matter the toy and no matter how sophisticated the programming, things like walls or excessive distance will always be an issue. This isn’t the fault of the toy. 

When it comes to Ambi, since it’s not a wearable toy, you don’t have to worry about things like the position of your body possibly cutting out the Bluetooth connection. I didn’t have any connectivity issues but I do know others have experienced hiccups. All in all, I didn’t have any huge issues with this aspect.

Connectivity Rating: ★★★★☆

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining the Ambi is straightforward, thanks to its waterproof design. Cleaning it post-use was hassle-free, requiring just a rinse and a gentle wipe with a suitable cleaner. It’s important to note that proper maintenance not only ensures hygiene but also extends the life of the device. Regular cleaning, especially given its intimate use, is essential for safe and enjoyable experiences over time.

Lovense Ambi bullet vibrator

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Whether you’re exploring solo adventures or spicing up couple’s play, Ambi’s unique three-way stimulation and app-enabled customization offer endless possibilities to tailor your experience.

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A Closer Look at the App

Diving deeper into the app, it’s not just about controlling the Ambi. The app offers a range of features that enhance the overall experience and is one of my favorite things about Lovense.

What Can You Do with a Digital Connection?

Lovense Remote app is more than just a remote control. It’s a gateway to a customizable pleasure experience that most people don’t fully explore. You can create unlimited patterns and store them in the app. This way you can bypass the button storage. And if you’re running out of ideas, there’s the free Lovense pattern library where others have created their own masterpieces and uploaded them for everyone to enjoy.

I think it’s also important to note that you don’t need a digital connection to use Ambi. You can use it completely offline. This just means that you won’t have access to goodies like the alarm function, syncing options, chat/video/voice connections, live links, multiple toy controls (like using Ambi and Gemini nipple clamps together), etc.

Interactive Features

The app’s interactive features are a game-changer.

And it’s more than just playing with another person. Lovense interactivity is so much more. There’s an extensive list of interactive, erotic adult video games and audiobooks that can sync with steamy parts, speed control, Twitter and Discord orgy events, in-app games, and cam model tipping through live streams.

Out of all of them, I would say that the audiobooks are my favorite. So far there’s only one company that you can do this with. But there are plenty of titles to keep you busy for a very long time. I haven’t had the chance to play any VR games because I don’t have a headset. 

For anyone looking for something new and spicy, there are lots to explore and experience with the app.

Lovense Remote App Rating: ★★★★★

Different Ways to Play with Ambi

Using Ambi Solo

Bringing the Ambi into your bedroom can be an exhilarating experiment. Its flexibility in switching between broad and pinpoint stimulation is wonderful. I use all three points in different ways depending on my mood. Compared to other bullets I’ve tried, its strengths lie in its versatility.

Don’t forget that you can use it on other parts of your body as well – teasing, edging, etc.

Using Ambi with a Partner

I think this is where the patterns really shine through. Name a position (at least one that leaves a hand free) and you can use Ambi to ramp up the pleasure in so many creative ways. I adore the idea of someone else using this toy on me. But as I mentioned before could see something like doggy style (with the giver holding the toy) being a bit tricky even with the curved design. But that’s neither here nor there because everyone is different.

Ambi Versus Other Bullet Vibrators

When stacked against traditional bullet vibrators, the Ambi holds its ground, in several categories. But it’s still worth looking at the competition in detail to see if EVERY aspect of this bullet vibrator is for you. Here are some top sellers to give you a better idea of what’s going on across the board.

Specs Lovense
Hot Octopuss
Tango X
Mia 2
Je Joue
Type Versatile Pinpoint/Broad Pinpoint/Internal Pinpoint n
Vibrations 3 5 8 1 5
Patterns 10/Unlimted 5 7 6 7
Waterproof Yes (IXP7) Yes (IXP7) Yes (IXP7) Yes (IXP7) Yes (IXP7)
Material Silicone Silicone/ABS Silicone/ABS ABS/Silicone Silicone/ABS
Control App/Manual Manual App/Manual Manual Manual
Rechargeable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charge Time 78 min 180 min 90 min 60 min 60 min
Battery Life 120 min 40 min 120 min 120 min 90 min
Toy Size 86x58x25 mm 95x22x13 mm 100x23x4 mm 111x22x22 mm 103x76x50 mm
Toy Weight 59g 43g 38g 32g 48g
Noise Level <45 dB <40 dB <48 dB <50dB n/a
Price Mid-High Mid-High High High Mid-High
Avg. Rating ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆

Pros, Cons, and Who It’s For

The Pros

  • Vibrations are strong and rumbly
  • Versatile ways to control and enjoy, especially with the app
  • Light, portable, and discreet
  • Low noise level
  • Waterproof
  • Unlimited patterns

The Cons

  • Magnetic charging connection is too sensitive (if you have the old version)
  • Some people report Bluetooth connection issues

Next, let’s dive into the heart of the matter – who’s going to love the Lovense Ambi, and who might be better off giving it a skip? This isn’t just about whether Ambi gets your motor running; it’s about whether it revs your engine in the way you like, or if you’re going to stall out wishing you’d taken another route.

Great for Explorers and the Adventurous

Tech Enthusiasts, Rejoice! If you’re the kind who loves gadgets and gizmos aplenty, who’s all about pushing buttons (in the best way possible), Ambi is like the Swiss Army knife of vibrators.

Diversify Your Experiences: For those who aren’t content with the one-trick ponies of the pleasure world, Ambi is a versatile companion. Whether you’re all about that pinpoint precision or broad strokes of bliss, Ambi’s unique shape lets you explore the spectrum of pleasure.

Aquatic Adventures Await: Water babies, listen up! If your idea of a good time involves splashing around, Ambi’s waterproof prowess means it can dive into the deep end with you.

Quality Connoisseurs: We all know that in the world of pleasure toys, quality is king. Ambi doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk with its body-safe silicone and sturdy build. If you appreciate the finer things in life, including your sex toys, Ambi won’t disappoint.

Who Might Want to Give It a Miss

Budget Watchers: Let’s talk turkey – or rather, let’s talk price tags. Ambi sits pretty in the mid-to-high range, and while it’s worth every penny, your wallet might feel the pinch. If you’re counting your coins, you might need to weigh your options.

Simplicity Seekers: In an age where everything’s smart (phones, homes, even refrigerators), sometimes you just want to keep it simple. If the thought of downloading an app to get down to business sounds like too much tech, Ambi might feel like overkill.

Final Thoughts

Ambi isn’t just another bullet vibrator. It’s a testament to Lovense’s commitment to innovation, quality, and, most importantly, pleasure. I highly recommend this one for beginners or those who want to get into Lovense products but aren’t sure where to begin and those who are looking for a thrill

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ 4.7

Buy Lovense Ambi Now – Your pleasure journey awaits.

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