VibeMate Review – Lovense’s New Adult Content App

Today we will be doing a VibeMate review – taking a closer look at a new app by Lovense that connects all your adult content and experiences together for some seriously steamy convenience.

Now, any Lovense user will already be familiar with Lovense Remote app, but keep I mind these aren’t related. One is to connect your toy to a site or person so the vibrations sync to an experience. The other is a means to collect your favorite experiences in one place. Let’s dive in.


At first glance, if you’ve never used the app before, it seems rather barren. There’s nothing really on the screen. However, that’s normal. Think of it as a blank slate for you to populate all your preferred sites and sublinks. For example, when I visited YouTube and watched a few random videos, the home screen then had a link to the site under “Frequently Visited.”

Since this isn’t an adult site, it just created the link. But what happens if you visit a site like Chaturbate – where you can link Lovense toys or tip models?

A new window will pop up that tells you this site has added VibeMate features like “sync to streamer” or “auto tip” which is very convenient.


vibemate review

Sync to Streamer – Some cam models will let viewers sync their toys to what the model is doing with their own toy.

Auto Tip – This feature will keep tipping your current model until you leave the viewing room.

Easy Tipping – Gives easy buttons that the model has pre-created with whatever tip price is linked to whatever vibration level or pattern (plus duration).

Model Notifications – Get notices when your model (from any site) is going live. So, instead of having to keep track of each adult site, VibeMate will keep track of all of them for you in one space.

Pattern Exploration – See what toy patterns people have made so you can save them for your own pleasure or make your own while watching streams or just messing around.

Favorites Tab – Tap the Heart icon to add your cam model to your favorite menu.

Personalization – You can customize your bookmarks to be as organized as you want. Give anything a category. Add names, unique icons, and even links – anything that helps keep your sexy content easily accessible.

Personally, I think it’s this last feature that captures the essence of VibeMate. It’s really for people who love to dive into adult content so much that they need some organization and a way to easily access it without the inconvenience of website-based limits. Also, being that it’s sex-targeted, having it on the phone (so your hands can be free and you can be anywhere you want) makes it all the more convenient.


Absolutely not!

You don’t need to be a tipper. You don’t need to consume cam model media. One example is AudioDesires. It’s an app/site that offers erotic audiobooks that are female-friendly, lgbtq+ friendly, and sex-positive targeted. You can use it to keep track of all your favorite YouTube streamers if you really want. There are zero limits to what content you choose.

The only thing is since Lovense is a sex toy company, obviously there will be more bells and whistles in the sex-site department.

There will also be more updates as time goes by. 


I do think that when people first visit the app, they might feel a bit overwhelmed. But it won’t be with the amount that’s offered. It will be with how open the app feels. It almost feels empty to the point of shock. But don’t let that turn you off.

My biggest suggestion would be to take your time! Go to your computer and find your three favorite models or sites, etc. and add them to your bookmarks. Do this every day for the week while you play around with the viewing features and watching the content. Then at the end of the week, spend a bit of time learning how to organize what you’ve added.

You don’t have to move EVERYTHING over at once. It can be a slow trickle.  I mean if you want, you can spend the entire day organizing your sex-library, if that floats your boat and doesn’t intimidate you. But the app really gives you the power to do whatever you want at the SPEED you want.

The point is pleasure!


Personally, I’m really picky with my content – to the point where I don’t have a lot to bookmark. But when I sat down and thought about it, I realized there might be a bit more I could follow.

There are things like erotic fan fiction (and yes, I’ve found some that aren’t totally cringy) that don’t come out on a regular schedule and I would love the ability to access it easier (plus having on the app gives me sort of a reminder to check). There are erotic games that have YouTube content walk-throughs that would be useful to track as they come out.

Really, it just comes down to how creative you want to be with VibeMate. I love that Lovense has come out with this, and it’s totally free. I 100% recommend it!

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