Finger Vibrators – 9 Little Guys You’ll Love

Fingering can be a yummy addition to your intimate play. But what if you’re poor digits get tired and your partner is still hungry for more? It’s okay if we need a bit of help. We’re not machines after all.

So why not get some help from some actual tiny machines?

These finger vibrators will help you in more ways than you can imagine – foreplay, during sex, edging, sensory play, or whatever other deliciously deviant ideas you come up with. Some of them are also good for women and men (external only for the lads, obviously). Let’s take a look.

Dame – Fin

Dame’s external finger vibrator always makes every list, and with good reason. They’ve taken every step to make sure they put out a great product. The loop and curves are meant to help the toy stay on your fingers (even when things get slippery). The material is also medical-grade silicone as well as water-resistant. It’s been around for a while, which means it’s reliable, as is the customer service.

The only two downsides (depending on how you look at it) are first, the toy is on the expensive side. Second, some customers say the motor is a bit “weak.”  So, if you’re a power queen, it might not be for you.

Wiggling Mimic Finger

This is Amazon’s best-selling fingering toy that actually has a motor that creates a come-hither motion along with its vibrations. The second motor is located at the end that sits against the clit, which will give the wearer plenty of toe-curling action. There are enough purchases and a high enough star rating that I’m comfortable enough adding it to the list. The materials look sound, it’s got a g-spot bump, it’s rechargeable, and the price is affordable.

Fifty Shades Sensations

If you want more speed variations, like the idea of a toy that uses recycled materials, and is far more affordable, then the FSoG toy might be more up your alley. It’s the standard body-safe silicone, but is also rechargeable and has a pin-point tip that will let you add different sensations to your play.

Just be careful, some users say that tip can be a bit uncomfortable if there’s too much pressure. But it might be something that will have better reach for perineum play.

Flexer by Lovense

Flexer is another fingering toy that actually has a tech finger to do all the work for you. And for anyone who’s not familiar with Lovense motors, you should know they are all about power and connectivity. So when we hear there are three of them (one for the fingering motion, one for the clit vibe, and another for the g-spot vibe) in this little guy, you know there are good times to be had.

And yes, you can control the come-hither motions (along with all the other standard (but yummy) bells and whistles) from the Lovense app. It also looks far more comfortable to sit on than some competitors. However, Flexer is a high-end toy. So expect to play a high-end price (but you can always keep an eye out for a sale).

Lovehoney – Magic Touch

You’ll actually find a lot of different models at Lovehoney. Just make sure you get safe ones because I have found more than one that uses jelly (which is NOT good for your body). But the Magic Touch is safe. The biggest difference between this and other models so far is that it’s waterproof rather than water-resistant.

The shape is meant to be like a tongue. But be careful of the end, it might suffer the same issues at the FSoG tip. Which could be good or bad depending on who you are.

OhMiBod – Lovelife Rev

This design might look way different from what we’ve seen so far, but it’s entirely on purpose. The ergonomic curves are meant for more than just the average vaginal masturbation session. It was designed for multiple positions for men or women. Granted, it might take some experimentation and getting used to, but there are so many other positives, it’s a toy well worth considering!

ViDo – Yumi Finger

This finger vibrator checks all the right boxes. It’s made from silicone, is rechargeable, has great curves, the nub isn’t sharp, the price is respectable, good for both sexes, and quiet. I mean, what else could you ask for? Oh, and it comes in three colors if you’re sick of pink.

Hot Octopus – Digit

These guys are another company that doesn’t mess around with their toys. They go big and hard or not at all. This finger vibrator isn’t just packed with a respectable motor, but it’s also been specifically designed to be used for men and women.

The only downside I was able to find is that some users say the finger loops are not as flexible-friendly to those with bigger fingers. So, find out the loop diameter to see if you’ll be ok before you buy it – especially since it’s a very expensive toy.

Acvioo – 2-in-1 Vibrator

I saw this one and was immediately intrigued. The long end is a finger sleeve with a vibrator at the end, as well as another one in the nub end controlling the vibes that are meant to sit against the clit. There are two textures to create different sensations, which is nice. Users note the motors are average, so there aren’t powerful vibes – but what can you expect for a super-affordable toy?

Some customers have said it’s difficult to clean. Which I can see happening around the clit-texture part.

One of these sexy finger toys could become your new best friend in the bedroom (or hotel room … or wherever). If you’ve never tried one before, there are plenty of cheaper options you can buy to test out first. Then, when you’re ready you can shell out for something you know you’ll like!

Which one on this list caught your fancy?

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