Calor vs Max2 by Lovense

I recently did a review on Lovense’s new male masturbator – Calor – and it passed my mustard with flying colors. However, I wanted to touch further (heehee) on the differences between this new toy and the Max2. They both serve the same function, so to speak, but there are many differences that potential buyers would like to know before they pull out their credit cards.

And with that …


As I said before, both are male masturbators. But when you put them side by side, you’ll immediately see that Calor is much smaller. It’s also much lighter to hold.

Both have protective end-caps to keep the insides clean while they are in storage. They both vibrate and contract.

calor vs max2

You can also adjust the vibration and pattern settings in the app (for boy toys). They also have all the extra digital bells and whistles that Lovense offers throughout their entire portfolio.

Looking at the inner section of both toys, I didn’t see much difference in depth (for where the penis goes in). The bulk of Max’s big butt comes from the mechanically/technicaly stuff that is housed at the end.


  • Calor’s inside is coated with silicone. Where as Max2 is made from TPE (if I remember correclty)
  • Silicone is much safter to use/clean and possibly share. It also gives a better grip compared to Max’s ABS plastic casing.
  • Its inside is not as soft as Max2’s inner sleeve, nor are there any textures
  • Calor’s “pressure” comes from the grip-side of the toy where the silcone isn’t bordering the toy casing. This aspect is a clever solution, but all pressure is manual.
  • Max2’s pressure is more of a vaccume sensation that comes from the adjustable air hole at the bottom of the toy.
  • Max2 also has inflatable air pockets on the sides that add to the intensity, however some people don’t find it strong enough.
  • Claor is water proof. Max isn’t.
calor vs max2


GET CALOR IF You want something lightweight that’s easy to travel with. Or if you prefer a more nuanced pressure that comes from your own hand instead of a pre-programmed set of techy bits. If you want the heating function and depth control, it’s also a great choice.

GET MAX2 IF You’re looking for something textured and prefer a sucking/pressure/vibe experience. Also if you prefer the feeling of a vagina (or something generally soft, yes, like a bum) Max is the way to go. Basically, Max is the heavier hitter with the corresponding price tag. And, if you won’t plan on traveling with your toys, the extra weight won’t be an issue.

When you get right down to it, there’s no right or wrong. It really comes down to what you personally need in a toy. It’s a usually easy choice – unlike dildos and other such toys that are harder to choose between. So, yay!

Enjoy your vibes!

Anything you want to add? Share in the comments!

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1 comment

Anna 02/01/2022 - 3:43 pm

Hello Robyn,

Thanks for this post but I think there are a small mistake, you say Max 2 is not waterproof but he is. He has IPX6 technology, the Calor has the IPX7. The calor can be in the water for 30 minutes whereas the Max 2 its only 3 minutes.