Lovense & Treasure of Nadia Review

In another exciting partnership in the gaming industry, Lovense has teamed with NLT Media and their game Treasure of Nadia.

While you play the mixed mechanics and dig your way through the storyline, there are plenty of sex scenes if you play your cards right. But the best experience of all is that Lovense toys now connect to each steamy scenario – making you feel like you’re part of the pixels.

Let’s take a look at some things you’ll find during your play experience as well as how to connect your sex toy.


Once you get past a brief cut scene, you’ll find your main character (default name Henry, but you can change it) is at a funeral. His father “the greatest treasure hunter in the world” has passed away and not many people have shown up to say goodbye. But of course, it is a running joke through the entire game that no one has ever heard of Henry’s dad or his world-altering discoveries.

Out of nowhere, a woman appears. She’s the new matron/nun of the church (but she sure doesn’t dress like it, obviously). You get your dad’s will that leaves you his house … and his harem. The ladies present immediately object (pointing out the obvious illegality). But the actual harem seems to be just a last will and testament to his sexual conquests.

It’s from there you find you don’t have the legacy you thought you did. Still, you’re determined to make a name for yourself. So, with just a rusted shovel in hand, you start digging up artifacts around your local island to make money.

Oh, and did I mention you have a strange stone that brings out a sexy genie-like woman who helps you along the way?

treasure of nadia

Other things you need to do in Treasure of Nadia…

  • Talk to all islanders and visit all places when they become available.
  • Update your house so the ladies will want to visit you
  • Take up little side “quests” to get key items or advance the storyline
  • Keep going back to the park to dig up artifacts
  • Open up new locations
  • Build relationships to open up more sexual experiences
  • Buy things at the store to make your adventuring easier
  • Go fishing to sell for extra cash
  • Go to the massage parlor for a happy ending to get a treasure-hunting buff
  • Unlock achievements in the ancients temple
  • Watch cut scenes (that are usually sex scenes, but not always)
  • Wonder if every woman on the island has backache issues

So, eventually, the game is – dig, buy, fuck. But keep in mind this is within a larger encompassing storyline about a mystery on the island that you’re not the only one looking for.


There are over  2,500 animated shots in this game. Most of them are steaming. So, here’s where having a Lovense toy cums in extra handy (yes, I’m sticking with this pun). In the Main screen (before you open your save file), there is the option to connect a toy.  All you have to do is connect a Lovense product in the usual manner…

  1. Turn on GPS and Bluetooth
  2. Open Lovense Remote
  3. Tap + icon
  4. Choose a connected toy
  5. Tap + icon again and choose “scan QR” code
  6. The QR code will appear on the game screen

If there are any other directions that have changed since the publication of this article, just follow the prompts on your phone or on the game and you’ll be sorted out quickly.

After you’ve connected your toy, any time there’s a sex scene, it will rumble with whatever intensity is happening on screen. You can also choose when to move on to the next scene if you want to stay on a particular position for a while.


I’m more used to games that send me farther than a small island, so it was a bit difficult to wrap my head around the fact that treasure hunting was confined to a few key places. There’s enough going on in various departments that kept me busy, so I could see playing this through until the end.

Treasure of Nadia animation is a bit stiff (heh) but we’re not dealing with a multimillion-dollar franchise. So, I thought they did pretty good considering.

Side note – the conversation writing is okay. It’s not terrible but not as natural sounding as I had hoped for.

I did consult a gaming walk-through once or twice to make sure I was “heading in the right direction” because a lot of the start is dealing with people to collect objects or do favors in exchange for whatever. I felt a tad lost at the start, but the guide helped push me through the parts I was stuck on. I didn’t get to the puzzle sections yet, but I hear that some of them can be quite tough.


Sex gaming has come a long way (god, this is too easy). It doesn’t feel as yucky, forced, or just “porny” as they used to be. There’s a lot to keep players occupied for many hours. I would recommend it if you like steaming adult gaming. But I would recommend it even more if you have a toy you can connect.

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