10 Thrusting Dildos – Breakdown the Best & Worst

With so many different thrusting dildos out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your hard-earned money and which should you take a hard pass on. Well, let’s look at 10 examples so you can learn what makes a good toy and what makes something garbage.


thrusting dildos

Fifty Shades might be a horrible book and movie, but the sex toy brand is usually excellent. And their thrusting vibrator is no exception. It’s made of silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, had g-spot and an external rabbit part for clit stimulation. Users say the vibrators are powerful, which is great!

The accordion section looks like it would end up inside (which is better than outside and right up against the labia). The downside for some people might be the price. However, a decent sex toy with extra mechanisms will always set you back. It’s the old “you get what you pay for” thing.


thrusting dildos

Here’s where keywords and tags can trick you. When I looked up “thrusting dildos” of course I got Aliexpress options. So I clicked one for the sake of curiosity. Upon first glance, it looks like any normal thrusting toy (especially since it showed up under the tag search). There is an accordion-looking part near the base.

However, when you read further, you find out that it’s not a thrusting dildo at all. The ribbed section is just for texture stimulation. The lesson? Always read the descriptions carefully!


thrusting dildos

You’ll first notice that this sex toy doesn’t come in the brand’s normal pink/black choices – which might be a positive for some people. But it’s the nitty gritty that users will love. It’s made with body-safe silicone, waterproof, USB rechargeable, optional suction cup bottom, water resistant, has a powerful motor for the thrusting AND vibrations, and a strong suction cup for hands-free play.

Also, you get all the bells and whistles that come with the free app – Bluetooth and long-distance control, 10k+ pattern library, sync to music/sounds, and tipping features (for cam models). Plus the accordion is in the perfect place. It’s away from the labia with still enough space to hold it. Bonus – you can program the vibration levels to whatever you prefer!


I’ll give it to them – the name is clever. And words like powerful, waterproof, rotating beads for extra stimulation might sound like a dream. But when you start reading deeper into the product description, you’ll see that it only runs on batteries – which means the power won’t be anything compared to a rechargeable toy.

Finally, it’s made with jelly which is an automatic deal breaker since it’s a toxic material and something that should be burned instead of sold.


Okay, this one is sold as a sex machine, but it’s WAY smaller than an actual sex machine – so I included it here. It’s rechargeable and so is the remote control. There’s an optional section cup for hands-free play (which is perfect). It’s also made of silicone.

I like that the accordion section is near the bottom, but if someone wants to go super-deep and has ample labia, there could be a tiny chance of pinching or a close sensation to it. What annoys me is that they didn’t include the thrust length. It’s also very expensive.


This one holds most of the positives I’ve mentioned before. Except it doesn’t have a suction cup bottom. However, it is waterproof, which is nice. It does run a bit expensive. But you’ll notice that for pretty much all of these toys. Not much else to say, other than it’s a solid option.


This one is an example of why it’s so important to read reviews. Because while the idea of having a toy with a thrusting vibrator on one end and a magic wand on the other sounds enticing, many customers ended up very unhappy. The biggest complaint? That the toy would stop suddenly. Also, the motor/vibrator wasn’t nearly strong enough (at least for what you’re paying for the toy.)


I know some people were waiting (and salivating) to see if an anal one would show up on the list. And I was excited too, especially since it was much cheaper than many in this review collection. However, as I started to read, I quickly became disappointed. First, it’s not silicone but TPE (which means it’s porous and will never be 100% clean). Second, reviews are mixed with many saying that they get defective toys out of the box or ones that break quickly.

The diameter is on the large side, which might be great for some but not great for others. The same goes for the thrusting range. It’s not the far – maybe around an inch). This could be a pro or a con depending on who you are. I would say “buy this one at your own financial risk.”


FF Stronic is a fairly well-known toy. And it’s unique in that the trusting feature isn’t what the others on the list off. It uses a vibrator to move the toy in and out instead of a thruster mechanism.  It might be a very expensive toy, but the reviews back up the company’s promise of crazy power.

I personally haven’t tried it. But it looks like the thrusting would be an entirely different sensation. It’s definitely hands-free, but I have zero idea if there would be any “sneak escapes” when someone got very wet. Still, I would recommend it.


Silicone, internal stimulation, external clit stimulation through the firm rabbit tip, powerful, rechargeable – all great points! And, out of all the reviews, a large chunk gives it 5/5 stars. Can’t ask for much more than that.

After all these thrusting dildos, you should now have a much better idea of what to look out for during your shopping escapades!

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