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The Genesis Order Game Review

by Robyn
the genesis order

NLT Media has come out with another saga in continuation with its game series that started with Lust Epidemic and continued in Treasure of Nadia. Now, we have The Genesis Order. For anyone who’s played previous chapters, you’ll see some familiar faces, but plenty of new ones as well.

Let’s take a peek at what you’ll see in TGO and how it ties in with Lovense Toys.


This game is a combination of bird’s eye view map gameplay combined with cutaway sceneS of higher CG quality. But instead of treasure hunting like its predecessor, this one focuses on a murder mystery.

“Built on the remains of a forgotten tribal town, North Santiva is a modern city filled with mysteries to uncover.  An investigation into a murder starts off this epic adventure as you play a detective, trying to impress his babe of a boss.  Along your journey, you will meet many gorgeous women, discover new sexual powers, and deal with a sex virus that plagues the city.”

NLT Media


Sadly (at least for me), the game chapters are locked behind a Patreon wall, so I never got a chance to test it. But I did play some of Treasure of Nadia, and since it’s the same creator, I’m going to assume it’s the same experience.

There will be a combination of puzzles, upgrades to where you live, and various tasks or gifts you need to buy in order to unlock the affection levels of the women around you so you can have steamier adventures.

genesis order, adult gaming

From what I see on the Patreon page, the updates (chapters) come out regularly, so it’s a reliable game/content. Then again, NLT is passionate about game creation so it’s no shocker that they’re on the ball.


Over the last couple of years, Lovense has gone big into gaming. And why not? There is a tone of adult content out there. So why not connect some sex toys to them and make things even spicier?

However, that doesn’t mean we give a green light to anything with an XXX theme to it. We’re careful to curate things that are of decent quality. Then, it’s an amalgamation of efforts to make sure our toys will sync to all applicable sex scenes.

And this isn’t just an on/off thing.

Vibrations/rotations/intensities will match as best they can to what’s happening on the screen. All you have to do is connect a Lovense product in the usual manner…

  1. Turn on GPS and Bluetooth
  2. Open Lovense Remote
  3. Tap + icon
  4. Choose a connected toy
  5. Tap + icon again and choose “scan QR” code
  6. The QR code will appear on the game screen

genesis order, adult gaming


I wish I had more for you, but what I will do is give you a link to the Treasures of Nadia review HERE. It has a tone of information and you’ll have a much better idea of what the maker’s style is like. If you like what you see there, chances are you’ll love The Genesis Order.

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