Calor by Lovense

It’s time for another sex toy review, and this one is hot off the manufacturing press (meaning I got one before they went on sale to the public – woot woot!) so let’s take a look at Calor by Lovense!

So, let’s dive in and see what you dudes can expect.


It’s a new male masturbator from Lovense – but with a few more bells and whistles compared to Max/Max2.


calor by lovense

Calor has the same new packaging that Lovense converted to a while ago. Even if the delivery person is less than gentle with the package, the inner foam case works quite well. Other than that, you’ll find this inside…

  • 1 black satine baggie fitted to the toy’s size
  • 1 magnetic charging cable
  • 2 user manuels
  • 1 Calor by Lovense


calor by lovense

You’ll immediately notice that it’s much shorter than Max as well as covered in a black silicone casing. One of the caps ends also pops off so you can get inside the fun part.

The buttons and magnetic charging dots are standard fare (which isn’t a bad thing).

  • Hard press the “up” button for 3 seconds to turn on the toy
  • Tap the “up” button again to cycle through the preset vibrations – but if you don’t like them you can go into the app and change them to something that you prefer
  • Also, in the app, you can store up to 10 patterns that you make or download from others

But what makes it different than the other male masturbator? First, it has a heating mechanism that lets the inside get comfortably toasty warm (but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use the function).

HOW: Connect the toy to the charging cable and hold down the up button (or button A) for 3 seconds. Button B will blink as an indicator light for around 20 minutes until it’s done. But it can vary if your room is hot or cold.

There is also a depth sensor (the auto default setting when you turn it on). Basically, the deeper you thrust into the toy, the harder it vibrates.

The other neat thing is the squeeze grip on the side of the toy.

At first, when I took out the toy, feeling the silicone give way was a bit startling. However, it’s actually a clever fix to let men control however much pressure they want (without the need for technical bits that bulk up the toy).


calor by lovense

Even if I don’t have a penis, I was still able to test the toy. All it took was one of my many dildos to find out that the depth sensor does indeed work …. and very well I might add. I felt the vibes all the way up through the toy, the dildo, and up my arm.

My room was on the cold side, so heating took a tad longer. But the end result was really nice to stick my fingers into (mostly because it was freezing lol). I think many guys will enjoy this. HOWEVER, you must put on lube before you use the toy (and only water-based).

BONUS FEATURE – Calor is waterproof! Yay! This makes it super easy to clean and even take in the shower if that floats your sexy boat.


All in all, I really like this toy – even more than Max I dare say. That’s not to say that Lovense’s original, flagship toy is outdated – not by a long shot. Claor is just another sex toy that fills a much-needed niche.

As for the differences, I’ll cover that in another article.

Anything you want to add? Share in the comments!

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