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Are Crystal Sex Toys Safe? Yes … And No.

by Robyn

Crystal sex toys (sometimes called “stone” sex toys) aren’t anything new.

They pop up now and again because some celebrity endorses them or crystal-energy health crazes come around the bend again.

But are they really safe to use?

The answer is an infuriating “yes” and “no.”


They can be crafted out of these four major stone categories…

  • Quartz – for emotional clarity, includes things like citrine and onyx
  • Jade – includes Jadeite and Nepphrite for optimism, luck and zest for life
  • Amethyst – a variation of quartz, for calm and balance
  • Obsidian – overcoming trauma or removing blocks

However, whether someone believes in these healing properties or not, is up to them. The real issue is are they okay to put in places where the sun doesn’t shine?

crystal sex toys


Many people think of sex toys as being in the same grouping as sex or body aids – and therefore categorized as medial tools. This brings up images of squeaky-clean, sterile doctor’s instruments or freshly cleaned dental equipment.

The problem is, while there are sex aids that can be classified as medical-grade products, a good 90% (or more) of what’s out there isn’t anywhere close to the concept. Some are so far from “medical grade” they might as well be in another galaxy.

You see, the industry isn’t regulated at all. And although some companies stick to body-safe practices and materials, many will sneak around possible lawsuits with words like “adult” or “novelty”.

This means that when you see a really nice dildo, it’s not guaranteed to be safe to use.

Here’s where we get to the stone/crystal products…

crystal sex toys


The main issue with this material is that it can be very porous.

Why is this important?

Because porosity means the material has micro-holes or minuscule crevices that bodily fluids (or whatever) can nestle in as well as escape whatever cleaning you do to it. Any viruses and linger, mold can form, and bacteria can form.


Essentially —> think of rubbing a dirty pumice stone on your nether regions.

Next is permeability, which just means if water can pass through or not.

Usually, anything highly porous is also highly permeable, and vice versa. But it’s not 100% of the time. For example, volcanic rock is one exception.

  • Quarz = non-porous
  • Jade = porous
  • Obsidian = varies greatly

HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that all “quartz” dildos are safe. Remember, there could be shady hucksters out there passing off porous stone as something safe.


The key thing is to ASK THE VENDOR!

Any company worth its salt, for example Chakrubs, will be able to tell you the porosity measurements and where their stone comes from. Places like Albibab or Ali Express obviously are to be avoided. Etsy is a gamble at best, but maybe worth browsing.

Also, a bit of personal research never hurts – but being informed is important for whatever sex toy you buy.

Anything you want to add? Share in the comments!

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