Mastering Large Anal Beads – Tips & Toys for Advanced Enthusiasts

Welcome to the ultimate guide to playing with large anal beads! If you’ve already enjoyed plenty of backdoor play but want to explore how to size up and use a set of magnificent orbs, this article has everything you’ll need. We’ll look at safety steps, how playing with large anal beads is a little different from other sex toys, buyers’ tips, materials, an additional anal stretching guide, and more!

So, hold on to your butts, and let’s get into it.

Is Your Bum Ready?

Close-up of large anal beads

Keep in mind that even though this information is not for beginners, newbie players are always welcome – because educating yourself on safe sex practices is always smart!

So, the first question you have to ask is, “Am I ready for the big boys?”

Do you already know relaxation techniques, which lubes are best, and feel that normal-sized toys just don’t give you that “full” feeling you crave?

These are just some of the questions it’s good to ask yourself first. What’s not okay is wanting to size up because your partner wants you to (but you’re not ready). Remember to always stay firm in your boundaries.


Why Do People Like Huge Anal Beads?

4 large anal beads in pink, beigh, black, and blue
Credit: Aliexpress – Anal bead set with “close” link connections.

First, “huge” is a matter of perspective. What might seem like a monster to one person could be an itty-bitty string of pearls to another. But for the sake of having an “image” in your brain to compare to, large anal beads are anything that goes beyond the average-size set (which we’ll look at later.

As to why people like them? It could give them a feeling of “fullness” they love. They might enjoy some kind of power exchange with another person. Some toys can also “hit the right spot” better than others. Also, anal beads have the unique ability to create stronger or different kinds of orgasms when you pull them out as someone is peaking.

Which Beads Are Safe to Buy?

two sets of anal beads in different stles and colors
Credit: Source Unknown – Different bulb shapes for different sensations.

Bum beads are sex toys that need a bit more research to find a good set. Not to mention, some sets are easier to clean than others. So, if you’re shopping, keep the following in mind.

What Materials Are They Made From?

  • Silicone is fantastic because it’s non-porous and therefore very easy to keep clean. And make sure it’s high-quality silicone. Some people say “medical grade” for this, but it’s usually just a buzzword.
  • Stainless Steel is great too. It’s also non-porous and will feel much smoother than silicone. These CAN come in medical grade steel – just make sure it’s true and you’re not unnecessarily paying extra. Also, double check it’s not “plated” steel (which will flake off in time).
  • Glass freaks some people out. But as long as they’re made properly, they are fine. Just never get “luster painted” ones because that coating is not good for your insides.
  • TPE Rubber is only on this list because a lot of sex toy makers use this for bigger toys because it’s cheaper than silicone. However, this one IS porous. Meaning, no matter how much you clean it, the micro crevices will always hold on to trace amounts of whatever was in your backside.  Be careful with these.

I would stick to just the ones on the list. Anything else (especially fancy material names that don’t sound real – because they’re not) and things like jelly are off-limits. They can not only cause reactions or infections but what they’re made from would make you run screaming.

SIDE NOTE: There are also inflatable anal beads. If you can get silicone, that’s wonderful. But they’re usually latex, which can cause allergic reactions.

What Kind of Anal Bead Connectors?

The connectors are what hold the beads together. It can also determine what “style” of beads they end up being.

  • Silicone – Usually with silicone beads they make one connected string with no holes inside. These are sometimes called “solid anal beads”
  • Metal – This is the same idea as silicone connections.
stainless steel anal beads with ring
Credit: Source Unknown – Metal anal beads with cord connections.
  • Thread – Cords made out of cotton or other variants create “loose” anal beads. This option is tricky to clean (which we’ll talk about later).
  • Vibrating anal beads have electronics, motors, and program-y stuff to add extra stimulation. Some can even be controlled by a smartphone from hundreds of miles away! Just keep in mind that these are not as flexible as the other styles. Bending them too far will break the toy – the kind of breakage that doesn’t get you a refund.

Bead links can also affect the style of the set. If the links are close together, there’s not as much of a hump to get over, so to speak. Others have wide gaps that make each bead its own insertion event. Then, there are tapered ones that gradually go up in size. All of this is important to keep in mind while shopping.

Which Anal Lubes Should I Use?

boy butter anal sex lube
Credit: Boy Butter

There are plenty on the market, but make sure it’s thicker (not sticky) and longer lasting.

If you’re using silicone beads, you CAN NOT use silicone sex lube. It doesn’t matter if both products are of the best quality. The lube will degrade the toy and create a glue-like film that is a nightmare to clean off.

There are some water-based ones out there, but you’ll need to reapply more often. And then there are the “oil” versions. Think of Vastatin or Crisco (which some people do use, but I don’t recommend). There are many oil-based anal lubes out there that are safer for your bum and toys.

Boy Butter is a famous example of anal play lube that big anal toy users love.

How to Stay Clean with Large Anal Beads

three long anal beads in black, red, and beige
Credit: AliExpress – You can go “big” with girth OR length (or both)! Not everything has to be about diameter.

The suggestions for keeping messes to a minimum are the same for anal training (aka anal stretching). Have a bowel movement beforehand, eat a diet with proper amounts of fiber, drink lots of water, and cover your bed/floor with a protective layer (or play in the bathroom), etc.

If you want to learn more about anal stretching and how to keep clean about it, this guide on anal stretching [link] has an enormous amount of info.

Techniques for Inserting Large Anal Beads

arm and hand holding a long and huge set of anal beads
Credit: Lovehoney – Cannonballs Silicone Anal Beads

Now that you are fully prepared, it’s time to explore techniques for safely and comfortably inserting larger or advanced anal beads. Follow these steps for a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Make sure the beads you buy are proper for either your current preference or one-size-up if you’re training.
  2. Use lots of lube on the toy and your hole. Try a lube injector if you want to get it deep inside.
  3. Have your breathing and relaxation techniques ready.
  4. Always insert beads GENTLY. Just because you’re a pro doesn’t mean going rough is safe.
  5. Give your body time to adjust to the bead (how long is totally up to you).
  6. Communicate! If you’re playing with another person, don’t stay quiet. You might need it slower, want a break, go down a size, only pull out slowly, etc.
  7. Change positions to find your comfort zone. You can be on your back (legs pulled back), doggy style, laying on your side, whatever. You can stay in that position or change it based on what your body says.
  8. Move around. You don’t have to stay in one position for the entire event if you don’t want to.
  9. If the beads are different sizes, pulling some out and then going back in can feel delicious. Doing it in a rhythm is a great option too.

Also, remember that any well-designed set of anal beads will always have a loop or a flared base, so things don’t get lost up your bum!

Positions and Angles for Comfortable Insertion

Experimenting with different positions and angles can help find the most comfortable insertion technique for you. Some individuals may find lying on their side with one leg elevated to be more comfortable, while others may prefer a squatting position. Explore various positions to see what works best for you and your partner.

Other Fun Stuff to Do with Anal Beads

vibrating anal beads
Credit: Source Unknown – Vibrating Anal Beads

Once the larger anal beads are inserted, it’s time to explore other sexy stuff. Consider the following…

  • Play with yourself – You’ll have at least one hand free to sensually/erotically explore other parts of your body.
  • Using other sex toys – Like nipple clamps, cock rings, dildos (remember anal play is for everyone), etc.
  • Experiment with BDSM – There’s bondage, sensory deprivations, role-playing, or impact play. This list is long and will usually have something that tickles your fancy.
  • Try different motions – You can gently tug on the beads (without pulling them out), twist them to make circular motions or go crazy with the vibrator remote and sync the toy to music.

 How to Clean Your Anal Beads

Stainless steel anal beads
Credit: Source Unknown – Bacteria and whatnot can get past the knots and into the holes

Keeping your beads clean in the same as any other sex toy (with one exception). Always wash your toys before AND after play. Use mild, antibacterial, non-scented soap after play. If possible, do a final sterilization soak in 10% bleach solution once in a while for extra cleanliness.

Some people use their dishwasher, but I don’t recommend it with these toys.

Finally, the “exception” – If your beads have a hole going through them and a cord holding them together, you’ll need to be extra diligent. You’re going to have to find a way to clean inside the holes. This is especially vital if there was any mess during play.

You can try things like pipe cleaners (without a pointy end), non-disposable drink straw brushes, Q-tips, mini dental brushes (for those who’ve had braces), or anything small enough to get in there without damaging the material.

Using Large Anal Beads – Final Thoughts

Close up of an anal bead and butt plug combo
Credit: Source Unknown – Anal Bead and Butt Plug Combo

Congratulations on delving into the world of advanced anal bead play! Remember, responsible and safe usage is vital for a pleasurable experience. Prioritize communication, consent, and comfort throughout the process. With these steps, you are well on your way to enjoying the depths of anal pleasure with advanced anal beads.

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