Breeders of The Nephelym Game & Lovense Toys

Lovense has been long-known for its toy-to-toy connectivity. However, over the last few years, it’s been branching out into other kinds of sultry partnerships, things like audiobooks (and in the case of today’s review) gaming.

After all, it’s kind of a no-brainer. There’s a ton of adult gaming out there. So, why not add some actual vibrations to the experience?

This is where Breeders of The Nephelym game comes into play (pun intended, and on so many levels). Let’s take a look at the game premise, how Lovense toys work into the system, and what players can expect in the future.

What is Breeders of The Nephelym?

On the surface, the game looks like a standard big-busted-lady or big-cock hentai game with the sole purpose of running around to have sex. But the writer and designer managed to pull out of that over-done genre and give gameplay some purpose and backstory.

You play as a highly-customizable human. All the creatures there are filled with lust for you (because pure humans are very rare) and want to have sexy encounters with you every moment you get. There are even random tentacles that pop up now and then. Some will wait for you to make the first move, others will be overcome with passion and take you then and there.

But the first NPC you encounter lets you know that all pairings feel good and no one means you harm.

You collect lust, goddess favor points, have to rest, collect semen or milk from different creatures – all while building your ranching to capture and tend to your fuzzy, hentai harem. There are meters that measure different aspects of your sexcapades that determine if you level up or not. The end goal seems to be releasing these half-creatures back to their goddesses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BotN is in Alpha stage!

The game isn’t something for people who want fast progression (the only reason I blew throw the game – another pun intended) was because I was given developer hacks so I could give a better, in-depth review). This is a game that takes time.

And, as I mentioned before since the game is still in the development stage, it’s FREE TO PLAY. You’ll have limited play areas and mechanics will be a bit wonky here and there. But the developer has stated that game fixing and growth will not stop. They are welcome to any and all feedback.

My personal note to the writers is that there is far too many points of “info-dumping” instead of knowledge being spread out and discovered organically or piece by piece in a digestible way.

There are a lot more tidbits I found during play, but I don’t want to give them away.


I will say the puns are ripe in this article. Well, my first recommendation would be to get a toy you don’t have to hold onto. This way your hands are free for the keyboard. Something like Lush3, Ferri, Gush, Hush 3, etc.


After you connect the toy, there will be A LOT of sexual moments. They can last as long as you want (until you click “leave”) depending on your level or the NPC finishes first. Your toy will be going off willy-nilly (in a good way). Even going through portals will give you a nice zap.

CONNECTING TO Breeders of The Nephelym

In the top row of tabs, you’ll see one that says “Lovense”. You’ll go through the normal routine of turning on your GPS and Bluetooth to connect your toy to Lovense Remote app. But then, you have to do something different.

In the lower right-hand, you’ll see a “me” section. Then, click “Settings” then, “Game Mode Beta” – After, clock “Search for toy” on the BotN game and you’ll have things connected.

Breeders of The Nephelym Conclusion

At first, I was a bit skeptical. I have seen so many games of this genre. However, with Breeders of The Nephelym, I ended up enjoying the play experience. The landscapes seem natural enough and sex motions are toooo jarring. If there are any paid resources/graphics, I didn’t notice because things seem to fit well together.

That being said, my only qualm is the ranch, it seems a bit smashed together in terms of art style (eg. sign fonts and lair design). Maybe because it’s Alpha stage and they have to work with something rather than nothing. Players should also expect regular changes since it’s a WIP.

All in all, I still think I’m going to go back and play this without cheats. It seemed to have a storyline worth progressing through and something I wanted to discover naturally. Also, the Lovense toy integration was pleasurable and was definitely a cherry on top.

I would also recommend others try this free-to-play game so you can give feedback and the developers can make it into an exotic game that a wider audience will want to play.

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