10 Orgasmic Vibrating Wand Reviews for 2023

Instead of ending the year with whatever vibrating wands rocked everyone’s world, let’s START the year with pleasure! So if any epic dumpster fires pop up (because let’s be real, the last few years have been full of them) at least there will be something in your side table that will make you smile.

These vibrating wands have made the list because so many people love them – including established reviewers, sex experts/therapists, etc. Things like construction and materials are strong as well as user ratings and comments are generally glowing.


doxy vibrating wand

Doxy always makes nearly every list – and for good reason. This company doesn’t mess about with their toys. They have one thing in mind: POWER. There are no bells or whistles. Just a cord and a couple of buttons to control the power range.

And my god the range. It pretty much starts off at earthquake levels and tops out at atomic bomb vibes. It very much earns its title of “one of the most powerful wands in the world.”

This does come with a trade-off. You need to deal with a cord because there’s no way a rechargeable could ever be THAT strong. There is another version called the Doxy Die Cast. It’s a metal and silicone version (instead of plastic and PVC), so it’s more body-safe. However, it’s heavier. Also, there’s a Die Cast 3 travel version.


Hitachi magic wand, vibrating wand

There’s been lots of debate if the (formerly known as Hitachi) Magic Wand is still a good toy – or good in comparison to its competitors. And while it was knocked from its first-place pedestal many years ago, it’s still a VERY respectable toy. I mean, which other toy has an entire guide to teach you how to know a real one from a fake one!

There is the cord version (like Doxy) which will give you far more power. But there is also a rechargeable version that still has respectable vibes that will make you melt or scream … or both. It’s a bit pricy, however, and so are most of the toys on this list (and other vibrating wands in this sex toy genre). You’ll only get much cheaper if you go much smaller or of lower quality and usually have worse vibes.


Domi, Lovense, magic wand, long-distance relationship sex toy

Lovense is famous for its teledildonics – which is a fancy word that just means someone can control the toy through their dedicated app from anywhere in the world. Yep … anywhere! So, if you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to bridge the intimacy gap, this toy is perfect.

Aside from the long-distance control, the app gives lots of other fun tech stuff to play around with. There’s a free library of 10+ vibration patterns, the toys can sync with some adult games or erotic audiobooks, and you can program Domi 2’s low/med/high levels to suit whatever intensities you prefer.

On top of that, Domi 2 is made from body-safe silicone, has a flexible neck, and packs a huge punch for a mid-sized vibrating wand. Personally, it’s one of my three favorite sex toys out of my entire collection.


Com by Dame sex wand

Dame is a beautiful company that puts a great deal of time and thought into its products. You can really see this with their vibrating wand Com.  Instead of a normal straight handle, they have curved it to make things a lot easier to access and far more forgiving on the wrists – which is perfect for either solo play or couple/group play.

Then there is the medical-grade silicone, flexible neck, and the fact it’s waterproof (instead of splashproof like so many other wands). Add the very reasonable price tag and you’ve got a real winner!


Le Wand Original personal vibrator

Okay, we’re going to lump three toys into one for this part. There is Le Wand Petite, Original (Rechargeable), and Plug-In. In this case, each toy doesn’t have a unique name – just the brand and its design (not a negative, just a shopping point).

There’s lots of debate if this company copies designs from other brands, but I’m really not looking at that today. It’s all about wands and if they’re worth your time. As for these Le Wands, the general consensus is that the Original is comparable in size to Hitachi but somewhat lower in vibe strength. This comes with a bonus – it’s quieter than other toys of its kind.

The best part about this toy? You can use it WHILE it’s charging!!

Keep in mind, that’s not to say it’s a weak and whisper-quiet wand. The vibes might be a bit on the buzzy side, but maybe that’s your thing. And although this might sound like a bad note toward Le Wand, I still put it on this list as an alternative to explore (when there is a sale).


Lovehoney deluxe magic wand

Sexologist Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., recommended this toy “for all you power queens, kings, and nonbinary royalty who have an electrical outlet by your bed.”

It has 10 vibration speeds, 20 patterns, a silicone head, a cord for merciless power levels, and reviews that back all of the hype up with gusto. The only downside so far? It’s loud. But what can you expect from a powerful vibrating wand?

Now, if you find this orgasmic monster too big to lug around on your travels, there is a smaller version (the Deluxe Mini) that is just adorable. You obviously won’t get as much bang for your figurative buck, but that’s not to say it won’t leave a huge smile on your face.


Lelo Smart Wand 2

Lelo is classified as one of the luxury options when it comes to sex wands – and clocking in at nearly $200, it’s obvious why. It’s a healthy balance of size versus power coupled with a sleek design and silicone casing.

I found that it doesn’t have the punch that Doxy or the corded versions have. However, it’s near the top for cordless (big wand) models.  It’s the kind of toy that if you have money to burn and you like deep vibes it’s a splurge (or heavily-hinted gift).


Shibari Halo vibrating wand, sex toy, wand massager

Not all vibrating wands have to be the size of your forearm and rumble like a jet engine. Some can be smaller and still give you amazing orgasms.

This is the case with the Mini Halo. It has 8 speeds and 20 vibrations. It’s made from silicone and ABS plastic. The neck is bendable with the rest being very sturdy. Add that with the USB rechargeable port that will give you three hours of play. For around $50, what is there to frown about?

Bonus points for the textured handle for better grip.


Ollie Unbound vibraing wand

Well, what can be said about this toy other than … 6,000 revolutions per minute (RPM)? Yeah. That’s a lot of rumbles for your nether regions. It’s got the ever-important silicone casing and whatnot.

On the flip side? Users say it’s on the noisy side – which is to be expected. And the one thing that bothers me is that charge only gives you 1 hour of play. So if you’re someone who doesn’t need long masturbation and wants a rocket between your legs, this is the toy for you!


FemmeFun Ultra Wand, pink wand vibrator

I would classify FemmeFun as one of the newer kids on the block. However, they still have an impressive portfolio.

One of these products is the Ultra Wand – with the Mini and XL versions as part of the family. It’s a little smaller than Domi. A unique feature is their “boost” button. So if you’re at whatever power level, but you need a slight bump in vibes to get you over the edge, you can use the boost aspect instead of having to go up a whole extra level. It’s somewhat of a half-level that makes it more rumbly instead of buzzy if I understand correctly.

Users generally love it, and that’s what counts.

Well, there you have it – ten respectable vibrating wands that should bring knee-buckling orgasms. Many of them are “big boys” as you can see. However, there are some smaller (and still very powerful) options in there too! There’s something for everyone!


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