10 Red Dildos & Sex Toys – Add Some Scarlett to Your Collection


It might be Valentine’s Day, but these red dildos and sex toys are something you can have any time of the year. From heart-shaped anal beads to thrusting vibrators that can be controlled anywhere in the world, read on to find something scarlet that you might want to add to your toy chest.


red dildos and sex toys

This fun toy goes under a few names – Maia Destiny, Apex, or just “Women’s Tongue Suction Clit Vibe Wand” if you use the white brand label.

Some companies have taken the design and made their own tweaks, but the idea remains the same. One end is a clit sucker and vibrator with a tongue-like tip to mimic oral sex. The other end (not on all designs) is a regular vibrator with a subtle g-spot curve. The price point is just over $110 give-or-take, which isn’t too bad. It 100% looks like a fun toy.



red sex toys, long-distance sex toys

We-Vibe has been a solid player in the sex-toy market for a while. Their products are well worth the price tag. The Gala is a double-tip clit vibrator – that’s it … and there’s nothing wrong with that simplicity. It means the motors can focus on doing one job (and doing it well).




anal plugs, butt plugs, red butt plug

Yes, bums need lovin’ too! This anal toy is great for those who are used to at least some sort of backdoor play. The tip is slightly tapered and there’s a slim neck and flared base – all good points for a butt plug. 

It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and made from body-safe silicone. And for the very affordable price point, you can’t go wrong! If you’re an anal connoisseur, it’s worth snatching up!


gravity by lovense, thrusting vibrator, red dildos and sex toys

Gravity is a silicone vibrator with a unique, yummy feature. It thrusts!

Just screw on the suction cup on the bottom, stick it to a non-porous surface, and then let this bad boy go. Lovense always has an emphasis on strong vibrations/motors so you know the thrusts that will enter your body will leave you weak in the knees. Then, add all the fun bells and whistles that come with their app – like the ability to control their toys from anywhere in the world. So, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can still be intimate!

Gravity by lovense ad


red bullet vibrator

If you have trouble holding your bullet vibrator (either from lube or human lube), then maybe this is the solution! This 6-inch cutie is great for clit or vaginal play (not anal). The rest of the checklist of “good things” is pretty standard, and being only $30? A perfect gift for someone (or you).



Red vibrator, red sex toy, flower sex toy

It’s red. It’s a flower. My god if this isn’t a Valentine’s Day sex toy, I don’t know what is. Yes, it’s a silicone g-spot toy. But the “petal” ends also “flutter” from the residual vibrations from the strong motor. This can be used in so many ways – from nipple teasing to clit stimulation (and whatever else your naughty imagination can come up with).



sex toy set, red sex toys

There’s so much to love about this kit! First, the butt plug is silicone and not enormous (so it’s great for beginners). The bullet vibrator might be cheap, but it’s made from ABS plastic, so it’s still body-safe. The nipple clips are the adjustable “alligator” kind. This means they’ll be comfortable for anyone. Plus, the hearts on the end are super adorable.

The cock ring apparently is made from TPR, but I’m suspicious. If it is, just remember that it can’t be cleaned properly, so it’s a one-and-done sort of thing. Either way, I would recommend this set!


cobra libre II, penis massager, penis sex toy

You’ve heard of masturbators, but what about penis massagers? Well, if girls get clit vibes, then guys can have something to massage the ends of their penises! And that’s what the Cobra Libre is. Although many guys say it can have thrusting aspects, it’s really not meant to reach down the entire shaft – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
It’s the kind of toy to get if you’ve had plenty of fun with normal masturbators and what to try something new.


red anal beads, heart anal beads

Just some good, old-fashioned anal beads with a heart-y twist! Rock these beads if you enjoy something with more texture then regular orbs. They also have the safety benefits of being made of silicone, easy to clean, and a loop for easy removal.



red dildos, heart dildo, valentine's day dildo

Awwww, this one has a heart too. See, sex toys can be romantic! This 6-inch dildo can be used for regular fun or fit in a strap-on harness. It has a g-spot curve and a nice central bump/ridge for added sensations. Apparently, the base also doubles as a suction cup.

Which of these red dildos and sex toys pique your interest? Share in the comments!

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