Long-Distance Relationships & Sex Toys – Bridge the Intimacy Gap

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship or are in one now, you know there are so many unique problems you have to deal with that traditional couples don’t. Or, maybe you’re about to get into an LDR and are trying to figure out all the ins and outs.

Either way, it’s safe to say one of those ins and outs (innuendo intended) is sex – or at least some kind of intimacy.

Yeah, you’ll have your steaming connections when you see each other in person, but what about all that time you spend apart?

Well, that’s where sex toys come into play. But we’re not talking about any old sex toys. These fantastic beauties are tech-based miracles for long-distance relationships.

In this article, we’re going to look at:

  • How long-distance sex toys are different from regular ones
  • Ways you can use them in your relationship
  • What other goodies/options might be available
  • What types of toys are good for beginners vs toy enthusiasts


Sex toys have come a long way from simple silicone dildos or buzzy vibrators.

Now, they can be full of wonderful tech stuff like computer chips, Bluetooth capabilities, antennae, reactive motors, proprietary software, etc. To be a long-distance toy it needs to have the ability to be controlled through a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you heard it right … anywhere in the world.

This can be done in two ways:

  1. The user download’s the company’s dedicated software and connects to the specific sex toy. Next, there will be some kind of control panel where you can play with the toy’s vibration levels or patterns.
  2. Using the same software, some companies’ toys have the ability to connect to each other. This is done through something called haptic feedback – “to create an experience of touch by applying forces.” You see the same thing with items like game controllers or phones.

For example, if one person uses a masturbator that is connected to their partner’s vibrator. The faster or slower they thrust the vibrator will react with corresponding stronger or weaker vibrations. And, in Lovense’s case male/male, female/female toys, gender neutral toys as well.


long-distance relationships and sex toys
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Long-distance sex toys are clearly perfect for long-distance relationships. But there’s more than just connecting and reaching orgasms together.

Depending on what the brand offers, there are many possibilities. In the examples in this article, we’re obviously going to use Lovense examples – just keep in mind that not all brands have the same features.

  • Use a video feature so you can see each other while you play.
  • Try a wearable sex toy so your partner can tease you while you go about your day (before the main event). Or, they can just be naughty and tease you.
  • Go the audio route instead of video and listen to their moans while you control their toy.
  • Take turns controlling each other’s toys.
  • Integrate fun sex games with your toys to keep things fun and spicy.
  • Gift a new toy for important days (maybe something they really want to try).
  • Send saucy photos of you with your toy (not connected) to make your partner desperate to hit the app button.
  • Make them wear a toy to work or during errands and surprise them with vibrations.

The only real limit is your imagination. And yes, these are not a perfect substitute for them being there in person and having their arms around you. However, it is a wonderful way to bridge the intimacy gap during those long stretches apart.


intimacy in long-distance relationships
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There’s much more than just connecting and playing. Any good app worth its salt will have fun extras to play with on top of the long-distance feature.

  • Set the app alarm to make your sex toy go off at a certain time. So you can wake up with your lover or at least with a smile on your face.
  • Use the sound-sync option and have your lover choose music. The sounds of the song will activate the toy.
  • If you both like porn, there are many sites that have clips that the toys will sync up with the action.
  • Or, if you love erotic audiobooks, one company has partnered with Lovense so the spicy scenes are linked with the toy vibrations. Fun fact, the same company has the option for users to submit their own stories! If they’re good enough they’ll be put to voice and added to the library!
  • Make your own free patterns and share them with your partner.
  • Some adult games have the option to connect a sex toy. So any sex scenes will make the toy vibrate. There isn’t the option to have toys connected together. But you can play at the same time and talk about what’s going on or have a video call happening while you play.


long distance relationships
Credit: Pexels

If you’re new to sex toys or at least ones for long-distance play, it’s good to go for basics. There are options for penis stimulation but a standard masturbator is always good. For internal vaginal stimulation, a rabbit vibrator is great. But you can try an oscillating g-spot toy for targeted sensations that have a different feel. Then there are bullet vibrators, which are never a bad idea.

And, if you know you like bum play, a butt plug will be a winner.

However, if you want something different, you can try toys like prostate massagers, vibrating nipple clamps, pinpoint clit wands, wearable sex toys, magic wands, clit suckers, or thrusting dildos.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you’re in, Lovense toys will always connect with each other!

You can find these and many other kinds of long-distance sex toys at Lovense. Including safe water-based lube, fitted condoms, toy accessories, and AMAZING SALES!


Long-distance relationships already come with huge amounts of stress. But, by finding ways to be intimate, at least you can reduce one major stressor (and in a really fun way).

That being said, it’s not lost on anyone that people living apart have added expenses of traveling to meet each other. So, don’t feel pressure to break the bank and buy an expensive toy ASAP (because none of them are cheap). Instead, take your time and wait for a good deal that’s usually linked to a major holiday.

There are plenty of great ways to stay intimate until then!

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