3DXChat And Lovense – Linking Gaming & Orgasms

Adult content used to be shady VHS tapes bought in some dingy back room, but times have changed and how we have 3dxChat and Lovense making a wonderful, digital lovechild. It was sticky theaters and live lap dances. But when computers came onto the scene, people could get off to pixels in the vague shape of blocky genitals.

Digital porn has come a long way since then.

Now, lust is out of the closet and dedicated platforms promise all sorts of customizable pleasure. But what’s new? What’s the next step? How are things going to change?

The answer is Teledildonics and adult gaming.

If the term is new to you, the definition is simple. Teledildonics are sex toys that have computer guts that allow them to have next-level interactions and responses.

There are sensors, computer chips, and haptic feedback galore. Some can even interact with each other. So, for example, if a masturbator is connected to a rabbit vibrator, whatever the guy does will transfer vibration data to the other toy (or vice versa). The faster the stroking, the harder the other toy vibrates – and so on.

Next, if we take this technological explosion and make a meal of it, the following step would be to add a cup of VR.

This is where we get things like sex toys that sync with some videos. Or, vibration programs that can be customized to someone’s favorite clip.

But porn doesn’t let people customize their experiences. It’s limited to something very one-sided. VR suffers from the same issue (if it can be counted as an actual negative). Social platforms are great for interaction but lack the thrill of real-life vibrations and knowing somewhere there’s another person enjoying the same experience.

Enter the lovechild between Lovense and 3DXChat.

Again, if these don’t ring a bell, a quick summary of 3dxChat and Lovense ….

  • Lovense is a sex toy company that specializes in teledildonics.
  • 3DXChat is an adult social media platform where you can make a custom avatar and interact with other people in a variety of settings and countless sexual scenarios (and positions).

The two companies have banded together to make a new, next leap forward in pleasure.

Through lots of man-hours and plenty of passion for the project, both sides have finally put together the first stages of interaction.

What does this mean?

It means you can make your dream avatar, jump into the 3DX world, pick up someone that turns your pants moist and invite them back to your digital home. From there, participants will be able to connect their toys and have them react however the avatars get down and dirty.

And I know what some readers might be thinking…

“So what?”

But what people don’t get is how amazing this step forward is. No one has been able (or had the tech and resources) to do this before. Toy to toy is already impressive. But toy –> to game mechanics -> to a different toy (and in as much real-time as possible) is astounding.

3dxChat and Lovense – Oh, the things you can do!

Add all of this interaction with the abilitywith how deep (pun intended) you can immerse yourself into the game. You can…

  • Chat with different people all over the world
  • Make friends, build relationships, or even get married
  • Give normal or kinky gifts
  • Play music from your own computer
  • Build your own house and decorate it how you wish
  • Build your own entire WORLD and invite people
  • Host parties by connecting live streams from any external streaming service
  • Make love or have dirty (or BDSM) sex with over 80 sex positions for single masturbation, 2some and 3somes sex in all gender combinations

Mix all of this with the fact you can actually feel vibrations from someone you’re playing with in real time with the help of Lovense toys.

Granted, there will be bugs and hiccups to fix on the way, but now is the time to jump on the sexy bandwagon and see just how far down the sexual rabbit hole you can go.

It’s going to be amazing.

Anything else you want to add? Share in the comments!

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