Flexer Comparison – Fingering Pleasure or Another Lovense Friend?

On the surface, some Lovense toys might seem similar. But it’s the little things, the various features or subtle design that make all the difference to someone’s personal play preference. That’s why we have this in-depth Flexer comparison – so you can decide between it or one of its sister toys (Dolce, Lush 3, or Ferri)

Flexer Comparison – The Fingering Toy

lovense flexer, fingering toy

Let’s start with our Flexer comparison. It’s a very unique sex toy, especially compared to the other ones) because one of its three motors controls and a mechanism that creates a “come-hither” motion in the insertable part of the toy. The other two motors control the g-spot and clit vibrators. The premise of Flexer is to give someone the illusion of being fingered but with the added bonus of powerful vibrations. And we all know how amazing clit orgasms, even mixed orgasms, can be.

  • Key Feature – Fingering Motions
  • Public wear – Yes, but you should wear panties and/or trousers to keep the toy firmly in place
  • Adjustable – No (despite what the name might suggest). Don’t confuse this design with Edge 2’s flexible neck feature.
  • Quiet – Not so much, but maybe in the second generation it will be quieter. Lovense always takes customer feedback seriously – especially when they do a 2nd generation toy.
  • All Lovense App Features – Yes, so you can have things like Bluetooth connections, long-distance control, music, or sound syncing. You can also adjust the power levels (low/med/high) to whatever suits you best. Plus you can change the 10 patterns to be whatever you want.

Who will like Flexer?

Anyone looking for a fun and unique sex toy would probably like Flexer. Also, if you want a different kind of sensation besides just vibrations as well as something that’s hands-free (as opposed to Nora, which you have to hold onto). Finally, if you’re not fazed by first-generation toys or that the sound might be a little on the noisy side.

Dolce – The Wearable Vibrator

Dolce by Lovense, lovense flexer vs dolce, wearable vibrator

Dolce is a dual-ended vibrator – with one motor for the insertable part that sits against the g-spot and another for the clit. What makes this one special is that the toy can be adjusted in the middle to be as wide or as narrow a “V” shape as your body prefers. This is especially important if you want to wear it out in public and want it to stay put. Think of it as the ladies’ version of Edge 2.

  • Key Feature – Adjustable neck to fit your curve perfectly
  • Public wear – Yes. You might not need panties. However, if you get wet easily, it’s not a bad idea to wear a pair for a few test runs – especially if you’re going to wear a skirt.
  • Adjustable – Yes, but there is a limit. Don’t pull it wide TOO far and when you do adjust it, be gentle. That’s not to say the toy isn’t made well. It’s just always a good rule to treat your toys with care.
  • Quiet – Fairly, but not for quiet areas like coffee shops or galleries. Better for parties, clubs, or places where people won’t hear.
  • All Lovense App Features – Yes (as mentioned before). Also, did you know that Lovense has partnerships with many adult video/computer gaming sites? All you have to do is sync the toy to the game and it will vibrate to match the steamy scene. In this case, any hands-free toy is perfect!

Who will like Dolce?

Dolce is great for those who love g-spot and clit stimulation with power. But you also need the ability to change your toy to exactly fit your body’s internal shape. It’s not a toy that HAS to be worn for public play, it’s totally fine for the bedroom or to be worn around the house. Still, it has the option for places like clubs or wherever you want to get spicy.

Ferri – The Panty Vibrator

Flexer comparison, panty vibrator, magnetic panty vibrator

Ferri is a fun little toy for those who like clit action and a toy that stays put for discreet public play. Ferry’s magnetic clip attaches to any panty and lets you go about your day without the worry of it migrating or just falling off. It’s NOT insertable – whether that’s a pro or a con is totally personal.

  • Key Feature – A panty vibrator that stays put
  • Public wear – Yes, but you can wear it at home too if you’re more comfortable with that
  • Adjustable – “Sort of” the magnetic cap lets you put it anywhere along your panties you prefer
  • Quiet – Fairly, but not for quiet areas like coffee shops or galleries
  • All Lovense App Features – Yes, all the lovely bells and whistles to make you squirm

Who will like Ferri?

Ferri is great for two specific reasons. First, if you want only hands-free clit stimulation. Second, if you’re on a budget but still want a Lovense toy (since Ferri is the most affordable). Ferri is also great for foreplay or for those who want something a bit more on the gentle side. Plus, it’s adorable.

Lush 3 – The Original Love Egg

Flexer comparison, lush 3, lovense love egg. wearable love egg

Lush has been the cornerstone of Lovense’s portfolio for years now. And by the third generation, this insertable love egg has plenty of positives. Its decently-sized g-spot section is good for targeting the sweet spot without being uncomfortable. The thin neck also makes sure it stays in place while you’re wearing it in (discreet) public scenarios.

  • Key Feature – A strong-vibe love egg that stays in place
  • Public wear – Yes, but I would recommend panties or trousers for your first few test runs before moving on to skirts and going commando (if that’s your thing)
  • Adjustable – No – although the older versions’ necks are “flexible” the team quickly found it broke too easily and didn’t help the toy stay in place as well as a fixed neck.
  • Quiet – Decently yes. Just not for super quiet areas when you’re doing discreet public play
  • All Lovense App Features – Yes, all that good stuff.

Who will like Lush 3?

If you want an established, thoroughly tested sex toy that is only internal and g-spot-focused (obviously hands-free). Lush is powerful and stays in place. It’s amazing for in-bed shenanigans or something outside your home. Plenty of people have tested it in discreet public places and loved it.

Flexer Comparison Recap

All these toys have all the bells and whistles that come with Lovense Remote App. So, you’ll have a Bluetooth connection, long-distance connection, alarm vibrations, pattern database, etc. The same goes for warranty. body-safe materials, and whatnot. But if you need a condensed recap…

  • FLEXER – come-hither movements with g-spot and clit vibrations
  • DOLCE – adjustable, wearable g-spot and clit vibrator
  • FERRI – clit panty vibrator, external only
  • Lush – powerful g-spot love egg

There really is no right or wrong choice with these toys. It really comes down to what you specifically need/want for function and pleasure. But, hopefully, this helped clear things up a little!

Which of these toys in our Flexer Comparison article do you like best? Share in the comments!

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