Lush 3 Review – Why It’s Still Our Best Seller

The original toy came out in 2015, but how does the new LUSH 3 measure up? I’m here to write my experiences with the toy, so you can make an informed decision if it’s the right choice for you.


  • USB charging cable – it used to be an inconvenient plug-in-the-toy type of charger (still with the USB end. But now it seems that Lovense is trying to change over all their toys to this charger style. This is good because it’s far more straightforward.
  • User manual – Contains the same tips and safety points as any toy and some that are specific to Lush 3. But these are also online, so no worries if you throw yours out. I would read them though. They’re not that long.
  • Storage bag – The satin storage bags seem to be a one-size-for-all scenario. But it’s better than nothing, and letting your silicone toy sit out to collect dust. In this case, the side is perfect for the toy.
lush 3 review


There are considerable differences from the first generation. But the biggest one people will notice is that the neck is now non-flexible. I get the idea of flexibility, but it would end up creating an accidental bulge in your panties (which could be visible outside of clothing).

Now, the neck is fixed. It hugs the body better. I noticed the bulge was now gone and it felt actually a little more secure. Please keep in mind though that this is not something you can wear without panties or trousers (if you’re out of the house).  It’s not hands-free (there’s a different toy for that now). I tried going out and found it tries to escape after a while (the more I walked around or the wetter I got).

So yes, even with the small neck, if you’re leaving the house, wear something to keep that little guy where he belongs – even a thong is better than nothing.

Personally, I like the idea of the solid neck because it lets the residual vibes reach the clit and I’m guessing helps to stay snug against the g-spot more (which it already does marvelously). It also stops cam models from swinging it around like a lasso.

The power is still there (with an impressive 5-hour battery life), even a little stronger when getting into the programmable section of the app. Then again, it’s not surprising since Lovense always goes for upgraded hardware for every new generation. This includes the Bluetooth connection. Although I did find it a bit spotty once several walls got in the way, I was sitting, or the distances got too far.

lush 3 review


  • Dimensions have stayed reality the same
  • 3 steady levels and 10 patterns (which can be programmed to something else you prefer)
  • Still the 1-year warranty
  • Still body-safe silicone
  • The new design is quieter (43db)


This toy still remains one of my favorite (especially for public play). And since Lovense is getting into more gaming and other erotic partnerships that involve needing your hands free, I love LUSH 3 for the gaming aspect. This way I can concentrate on the content, instead of trying to keep one hand on WASD or a mouse and the other on the toy.

If wearing the toy, and sitting on hard surfaces is uncomfortable, you can always sit on something with a bit more cushion. At least that’s how I solved it.

I like all the changes that have been made – then again, Lovense is one of the few companies that make changes to their toys based on nearly 100% customer feedback.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. It’s a great toy to use alone or take baby steps into some spicier play with a partner


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