10 Rose Sex Toy Reviews – Options Instead of the Viral One

Rose sex toys are all the rage at the moment. Like the Satisfyer clit sucker was a few years ago, this flower-shaped version does the same thing, but in a prettier, smaller design. But did you know there’s more than one version out there?

Yep! Today, we’re going to look at the one that’s all over social media plus 9 other alternatives (including a few for men) that might float your boat, if pinpoint suction is up your alley.

rose sex toy


Let’s start with the one that’s breaking TikTok – and also the subject of one of my favorite skit artists Hayley Morris (you can watch the video below for some giggles).

It has 7 sucking + 7 vibrating modes, and a 60-minute recharge battery life that will give you 120 minutes of play – which is pretty decent. Couple that with the fact it’s made from medical-grade body-safe silicone and you’re good to go.



I found this one on easytoys.es but not on the .com version – weird. But not to worry, this kind of rose sex toy is everywhere.

This toy has two parts. the small end is just a regular vibrator so you can have other stimulation in other parts while you play with the main end – which is a vibrator that has a tongue-like tip – and vibrations + air pulses.


Remember the first toy had to make it very clear that THEIR product was the one that went viral? That’s because there’s RoseToyOfficial vs RoseToy-Official. These seem to be seeing similar products (I’m guessing lots of white-brand rose sex toys).

This version (Dora) does the same thing, although it seems to have a slower charging time. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little competition! It means more sales/discounts for you!


You’ve heard of Tenga eggs? Well, these are basically the same, but with a rose-like external form. They’re basically travel-friendly, one-and-done male masturbators that come in three textures (hill, mountain, and tower).

They’re a tad more expensive than the egg competitors, so just try one at first if you’re interested.


Yes, we have another rose sex toy competing for your orgasms. This one has a powerful motor that features 6 intensity settings and 4 different patterns – giving you endless possibilities. 

Just remember that even though this is made from silicone, it’s just splashproof, not waterproof.

Clit sucking toys not your thing? HYPHY’S pin-point, high-frequency vibes will make orgasm FAST and HARD! Check it out below.


Does this look familiar? Yep. It’s the other major competing model other than the single rose version. This one seems to have a flexible tongue, but I doubt it. the vibrations from the inside motor probably give it residual flicking – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


“The Potently Powerful Rose Flower Sex Toy” checks all the good boxes of all the other rose sex toys (including being waterproof). So there’s not much to say other than just read reviews to help you choose which company to go with. HOWEVER, I’ll also point out that these toys are great for nipple play and other areas of the body. Heehee.


Not the most original name, but I guess when you’re in the middle of an orgasm you don’t care what the toy is called. This one is the Lovehoney version. It’s waterproof, has 10 air intensities, and comes with a travel lock. Which trust me is really handy.


Okay, so think of the GALAKU rose toy we looked at before. But now add a heating base. So, when the indicator light tells you it’s ready, you’ll have a nice, toasty-warm masturbator to play with. Sounds marvelous, doesn’t it? This one also comes from the “RoseToy-Official” store (the one with the dash lol).


That’s right, we couldn’t have a rose sex toy review without something for bum play! but instead of just a decorative jewel at the end of a flower-looking base, this toy is a vibrating butt plug with magnetic charging, 10 stimulation modes, and a remote. What a pretty flower.

Well, there you have it. 10 rose sex toys – and 9 alternatives to the viral one if you don’t like what’s going on. So go forth my friends and enjoy your orgasms!

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