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Multi-Streaming Tutorial


Step 1   Get your RTMP/OBS broadcast info and stream key

For Chaturbate:
Open your streaming page. Select "Use external software (OBS)".




Click on the "View RTMP/OBS broadcast information and stream key" button.





Find the code under the text "Your broadcast token", and the RTMP URL below, copy and save them. You will need them later.





For Stripchat:
Open your streaming page and select "Switch to External Broadcast Software (OBS)".





Click on the "Show OBS Broadcasting Specification" button.





Copy and save the "Server (RTMP URL)" and "Stream key (Token)".





Step 2   Set up Multiple output in OBS

Open the Stream Master home page and click on  "Advanced configures" at the bottom right of the Preview window to open OBS.




Click the "Add new target" button at the top left.





A Streaming Settings window will pop up. Fill in the "RTMP Server" and "RTMP Key" with RTMP URL and Streaming key/Broadcast token you just saved from your cam sites. Click "OK" when you finish.





The new platform(s) you just added will appear in the Multiple output list. Choose one and click "Start", and OBS will push your stream to it.





The first time you start streaming, OBS will show a popup prompting you to get encoders from OBS.





Click on the "Start Streaming" button just once. Then start multi-streaming again.





For some platforms, like Stripchat, the show is not yet live when you start streaming on OBS.

To go live, go to your streaming page and click on the "START SHOW" button.




Now you've learned how to multi-stream. Happy streaming!

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