Sex toys for LGBTQ+

    LGBTQ+ Sex Toys

    Sex toys for every sexual orientation, body, or identity

    All genders, ages, body types, and sexual orientations are equal in their pursuit of pleasure and sexual wellness, expressed through safe and diverse avenues.

    We are proud to offer empowering sex toys designed for your enjoyment.
    Recommended sex toys for lesbian/bisexual/female body type

    For lesbian / bisexual / any female body type

    Discreet wearable vibrators for lesbian/bisexual/female body type

    A powerful hands-free combo for your G-spot and nipples

    Experience hands-free pleasure as a wearable vibrator and nipple clamps combine to please you, whether you are cleaning, cooking, reading, or doing other casual activities.

    Bluetooth remote control rabbit vibrator for lesbian/bisexual/female body type

    Embrace internal and external stimulation

    Nora's 2 heads allow simultaneous G-spot and clit stimulation which can be controlled independently depending on your needs for wonderful dual sensations.

    Wand massager for lesbian/bisexual/female body type

    Give your external areas the love they deserve

    Amp up your pleasure with intense, long-lasting stimulation. Domi 2 offers up to 6 hours of strong vibrations for indulging in focused pleasure – be it muscles, nipples, clit, or more.

    Recommended sex toys for gay/bisexual/male body type

    For gay / bisexual / any male body type

    Male masturbator for gay/bisexual/male body type

    Enjoy lifelike penetrative sensations

    Indulge in Max 2's unique contracting feature, simulating the sensation of his body. When paired with simultaneous vibrations, surrendering to climax becomes inevitable.

    Vibrating and rotating anal beads for gay/bisexual/male body type

    Rotate, vibrate, and twirl into anal pleasure

    Slide Ridge in and out of your anus to stimulate every nerve. Its added rotation and vibration massage your P-spot, guiding you toward an intense climax.

    Recommended sex toys for trans

    For trans

    Vibrating strapless strap-on dildo for trans men

    An extension of your body

    Lapis features a flexible neck and a small vibrating bulb, making it effortless to wear and pleasure yourself. Experience masturbation as your true self.

    Bullet vibrator for trans men

    Tiny and adjustable vibrations that fit your body type

    Embrace pleasure for your body and identity with Ambi. This compact bullet vibrator allows you to tailor vibration strength (lowest to highest) to your liking for a personalized experience for any level of transition.

    More toys for those with penises and vulvas

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