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    Lush 3

    Bluetooth Egg Vibrator
    Bluetooth Egg Vibrator

    Max 2

    High Tech Male Masturbator
    High Tech Male Masturbator

    Hush 2

    Bluetooth butt plug
    Bluetooth butt plug


    App-controlled Automatic Male Masturbator
    App-controlled Automatic Male Masturbator

    Long-Distance Play

    No matter the distance, sync your toys together to feel the same sensations or have long-distance play through chat or video.

    Sync to Music

    Sync your toy to the club's playlist and your toy will vibe out to the beat.

    Frisky Foreplay

    Spice up a relaxing evening using our live-control feature and be in control of your partner’s pleasure.

    Wake Up the Lovense Way

    Using an alarm clock is a thing of the past. Set an in-app alarm and your toy will put a morning smile on your face.
    Long-Distance Play

    Long-Distance Play

    Sync to Music

    Sync to Music

    Frisky Foreplay

    Frisky Foreplay

    Wake Up the Lovense Way

    Wake Up the Lovense Way

    Lovense Remote App

    Control a Lovense toy from anywhere in the world and other useful features

    Learn More
    Control a Lovense toy from anywhere in the world and other useful features


    by over 20 Million+ customers worldwide

    Got the Lush 3 for my wife, she absolutely loves it... highly recommend!
    You can't go wrong with Max 2!!
    I am extremely impressed with both this company and its products.
    Their Remote app is easy and convenient to use
    100% would recommend Domi 2
    I would purchase Lovense stock!!!
    I am absolutely in love with their Hush butt plug!!
    Lush 3 gets me squirting like a fire hydrant!
    Definitely going to recommend their toys and app to anyone that will listen!!
    The toys arrived so fast and they're incredible
    My guy took control of my Ferri (panty vibe) to give me the best first day experience.
    The way this Edge 2 fits inside you is great
    Very pleasant experience while ordering and using their toys
    All the toys I've bought have been very high quality and the app is great.
    The Nora toy is high quality and nice
    I've been eyeing for the longest time, and finally decided to buy Osci 2... completely worth it!
    Such a great experience with Ambi! Loved it all! Thank you Lovense!
    Best toys ever
    Lush 3 with the Remote app is amazing for my long distance relationship!!
    We live thousands of miles away but we were still able to interact Max 2 and Nora!!
    THIS TOY FEELS GREAT!! 10/10 recommend
    Got this Lush for my girlfriend and I to play around in public. The toy is excellent!
    I've already talked some friends into buying from Lovense just off a great first impression.
    Any Lovense product you choose is the right decision!
    The customer service is incredible. Thank you Debbie!
    Max 2 is totally worth the price point
    Vibrators that you or anyone you let can control from anywhere, it’s great!
    Nothing beats being able to control the vibrations to your liking
    Diamo works amazingly, does more than expected, the app is amazing and super user friendly

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