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    Nora and Lush 3 the perfect lesbian sexual toys

    Nora and Lush 3Lesbian sex toys

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    This bundle contains 2 items

    Lesbian sex toys for clit and g-spot

    Clit, G-spot, or both?

    Lesbian sex toys

    Choose your pleasure and control hers

    Nora is a dominant toy that provides the option of G-spot or clitoral stimulation for her, whilst being able to control Lush 3.

    Nora the dominant lesbian sexual toy provide g-spot and clitoral stimulations
    Nora the rabbit vibrator for clit and g-spot


    Rabbit vibrator for clit and/or G-spot

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    Lush 3 the discreet egg vibrator

    Lush 3

    Discreet egg vibrator for G-spot

    Learn More

    Play with Lovense Remote app

    Lovense Remote app to control lesbian sex toys
    Sync control your toys with your partner toy

    Sync Control

    Sync your toys to control your partner's when using yours

    Remote live control your partner toy

    Live Control

    Control your partner's toy on your own app remotely in real time

    Watch it in action

    Nora can sync to Lush 3 through the Lovense Remote app, translating motion to vibration, allowing her to feel as you move.

    Public Play

    Try something more adventurous, secretly control your partner's Lush 3 in public with Lovense Remote app for discreet pleasure.

    Try something more adventurous like lesbian sex toys secretly controlled

    Long-distance Relationship

    Stay connected even at long distances, use Nora or Lovense Remote to control your partner's Lush 3; feel the pleasure together

    Stay connected even at long distance with Nora the rabbit vibrator Lovense Remote to control your partner's Lush 3 egg vibrator
    Nora and Lush 3 the lesbian sex toys kit

    Nora and Lush 3

    Lesbian sex toys

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    Nora and Lush 3
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