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Best bluetooth remote controlled masturbator Best bluetooth remote controlled masturbator

Max 2

Bluetooth app-controlled male masturbator

Double adjustable stimulation of the pocket pussy

Dual Stimulation

Adjustable vibration and contraction settings.

Fits to any size

Fits Any Size

Accommodates most sizes and stimulates while you stroke.

Realistic feeling sleeve

Realistic-Feeling Sleeve

Multiple-sensations & super-soft sleeve enhance vibrations and contractions.

Sync Nora vibrator with Max 2 masturbator


Sync with Nora, Calor, or another Max 2 and the toys will react to each other's movements over ANY distance.

Thoughtful design makes Max 2 the best choice out of all male masturbators on the market

Extended, powerful vibrator for vibes everywhere

Neutral hole with multi-textured sleeve included

Air pump mimicking 360-degree vaginal adjustable contractions

Solo play with interactive adult videos or games Solo play with interactive adult videos or games

Solo Play
Feel what you see with interactive adult videos or games

Solo play pattern Solo play pattern

Solo pattern play

Long distance remote control play Long distance remote control play

Long-distance play

Long-distance sync

Solo Play

Feel what you see with interactive adult videos or games

Solo pattern play

Long-distance play

Long-distance sync

A masturbator for men, designed for extreme pleasure

Adjust and release air to feel the most comfortable pleasure.

Adjust and release air for the most comfortable pleasure Adjust and release air for the most comfortable pleasure

Adjust and release air to feel the most comfortable pleasure.

Keep your toy clean easily as Max 2 can resist heavy sprays of water.

Masturbator that's easy to clean Masturbator that's easy to clean

Keep your toy clean easily as Max 2 can resist heavy sprays of water.

Lovense Remote app features
Compatible With:

iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 11 and later

Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)

Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

Any Lovense toy connects directly to Windows PC using a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • Close range control

    Close-Range Control

  • Long distance Control

    Long-Distance Control

  • Long distance sex toy

    Long-Distance Sex

  • Unlimitted vibration patterns

    Unlimited Vibration Patterns

  • Sync mastubator to music

    Sync to Music

  • Sound activated vibrator

    Sound-Activated Vibrations

Max 2 sizes
Unboxing Max 2 masturbator

What's included:

Max 2 Bluetooth male masturbator (includes neutral hole sleeve) x1

USB charging cable x1

User manual x1

Pocket pussy sleeve

Option to purchase a Vagina Sleeve (at an additional cost) on our Store page

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Lovense Max 2 reviews


contractions are great! especially when you're sync with someone's opposite toy ! you really feel the contractions as she puts her nora in deeper. you can also tell when a girl has a tighter vagina than others. it give the other toy's feedback very very well. 08:37


Literally this thing is magic. Especially in coronavirus times, it's fun to be able to fuck around without possibly catching covid. 09:45


the connectivity to the phone is super easy, connectivity long distance is also as easy as it gets. It feels amazing, battery is great on it, the product is solid, design is great, and just overall fantastic product. couldn't be more happier with my purchase of it 20:05


The easy to clean and easy to use as well as the Bluetooth feature is perfect and the sleeves softness that feels real nice 17:11

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4.9 out of 5
Based on 42 ratings
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This thing is amazing. I didnt think a toy could give me a factory reset but it absolutely did. Gf was controlling it with her phone. She loved the experience too. Id give more than 5 stars if I could. Also super discreet packaging.
Absolutely love it, fits nicely in my hand and the battery life is great. Works great with games as well, I hope more devs add Lovense integration!
Ive used sleeves like fleshlight before, and didnt really think much of them ever.tjat was until my wife bought me the MAX 2. This thing literally sucked my soul out!
After I receive this amazing toy 3 days ago which was super fast and discreet package. I can not praise this toy enough. Partner and I in sync and me solo. As exactly what we wanted. Highly recommended. Easy 5 star. Lets check in again later for re-review its stamina. After 3 days. Top of the class. Perfect for long distance relationship or if partner is out of town. More Lovense toys are in our schedules for purchasing. Absolutely.
Its my first toy and Ive been loving it.
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