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Domi/Domi 2 Female
Domi/Domi 2 Male

Domi/Domi 2 Female Attachment

Designed for women who want to extend their pleasure possibilities when using Domi/Domi 2.

Dual StimulatorThe G-Spot arm is the perfect balance between flexibility, firmness, and curve. The pliable ribbing adds another layer of toe-curling pleasure.

Clitoral BrushIf you prefer clitoral play, the flick of each soft, flexible nub will send shivers down your spine.

Vulva MassagerThe molded side of the attachment is perfect for those who prefer broad stimulation or need a more gentle, teasing experience.

Domi/Domi 2 Male Attachment

Customized exclusively for penis and prostate stimulation.

Prostate MassagerThe flexible P-Spot arm and firm bulb make it easy to find your sweet spot.

Penis StimulatorThe open-shaft arms will adjust to any penis size.

Domi/Domi 2 Female Attachment

Domi/Domi 2 Male Attachment

  • Body-Safe Materials
  • 1-Year Warranty

Compatible with:

Domi/Domi 2
by Lovense

What's included:

  • (1) Domi/Domi 2 Female Attachment

  • (1) Domi/Domi 2 Male Attachment

  • (1) Domi/Domi 2 Female Attachment

    (1) Domi/Domi 2 Male Attachment

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5.0 out of 5
Based on 4 ratings
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very nice attachment for penis vibes and prostate massage
Great addition.
Best experience Ive ever had. The difference in the sides makes the experience even that much better. Each to its own seductive detail in areas it will please. Very cool and very relaxing.
Love the added pleasures you experience with this. Great addition to have.
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