Kinds of Spikey Sex Toys When You Feel Frisky

It doesn't have to be Halloween to get into stuff with spikes and leather. But if you're new to the BDSM scene (or are just ...
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Looking At Lovense Discord Server

In July, 2021, Lovense launched its Discord server! However, even if the public is becoming more aware of sex tech and all the wonderful bells ...
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sitting on cake

Finding Out About Cake Sitting – Connecting To Vanilla Life

Before you ask if this is code for some other kind of sexual act – like something you would find on – I can ...
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stewardess showing stockings

Stewardess Stockings – How Ladies of the Air Are Making Extra Money

Most people, kinky or not, have probably heard about the Japanese vending machines that sell used panties and such. Then, there are the porn-pay sites ...
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banana, red background

Erotic Banana Eating Banned Online – Here’s Why

I remember an acquaintance of mine going on some sort of television show. It was something about singing mixed with daily streaming components, blah blah ...
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Couple Uses Gun During Foreplay – Ends In Tragedy

While most of us in the BDSM community try to spread education and positive experiences, there is always one rotten ball-gag that ruins all the ...
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man getting spanked in restaurant

Couple Banned For Public BDSM – Drinks One Moment, Spanking The Next

Imagine you’ve sat back in a local pub for a quiet drink. It’s the kind of place that has that old stone and wood that ...
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Man Injects Silicone Into His Testicles – Ends In Tragedy

It was in 2018 that the story of “Tank Hafertepen” broke the BDSM (and even vanilla) internet. But not for good reasons. The gist of ...
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girl wearing dog leash

Puppy Girl Jenna – How This Girl Makes Bank With Her Barks

For us kinksters out there, puppy play might not seem like a big deal. However, we have to remember a few important things, lest we ...
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Men in kinkwear

A Quick History Of Folsom Street Fair – From Sailors to Sadomasochist

For one day a year, 13 blocks of San Fransisco explodes with leather and all things kinky. It’s a summer celebration of BDSM, leather culture, ...
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Man leading other man with leash

27 Folsom Street Fair Dos and Dont’s – Have Fun While Staying Safe

First time going to this famous fair? Here are some simple rules to follow so you have all the fun... Do come in with an ...
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10 BDSM Mugs To Make Your Desk A Bit More Kinky

You can print anything on a mug. So it's no surprise that there are a bunch of BDSM themed ones out there. Bu instead of ...
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