Cam Girl Resource List

The world of cam modeling is tough, and hardworking cam models sometimes need a little help.

This compilation is meant to provide much information and as many links as possible to help you girls and guys with your cam career.

SIDE NOTE: Seriously, I know it’s a habit to gloss over article links, but I would advise you to take a look at each one – they will lead to some gold mines of information.

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It’s not just Chatturbate. There is a mountain of choices out there – all with their own pros and cons. Things like Bongos, Flirt4Free, StripChat, ImLive etc.

If you STILL haven’t chosen a site yet, I would highly recommend going to WebCamStartup and checking out their comparison list (the image above is from that site, and there’s WAY more there).

BestLiveCamSites also has a comprehensive collection of site reviews – which sites are BDSM targets, Bitcoin-accepting sites, no credit card options, even pregnant cam sites.

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It’s wise to have alternate forms of income besides your cam performances. Selling clips, videos, or photos will help build your revenue. You can sell them piecemeal or offer paid memberships for clients to have access to new or exclusive content etc.

Here are some examples:

  • ManyVids – They take smaller cuts and are focused mostly on models. Buyers also pay more for NICHE vids here. It’s also more vanilla and less kink on average.
  • Custome4u – Another paid clip site. Lots of fetish stuff.
  • OnlyFans – Describes as SnapChat and Periscope in one. The payout is high and if you refer another cam model, you get a percentage of their income.
  • NiteFlirt – A very popular phone sex platform. However, the payout is only around 50%.
  • SkyPrivate – A pay-per-minute Skype plug-in. It has an excellent filter and you can set your own rates.
  • ModelCentro – Helps you create a paid fansite. The payout is around 80% give or take.

This is just a taste of what’s out there. If you are looking for more information on various sites, I would recommend the following pages. They have some fantastic information and great comparison charts.

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 Various sites have different view bases and preferences. Split camming software lets you perform on several sites at once. It lets you be more efficient with your time and help wet those financial dry spells.

Look into SplitCamMultisplitter, and Verysoft to start.

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You don’t HAVE TO do this, but it’s an option should you want extra income. Take a picture of you wearing them and provide a detailed description – don’t make it look spammy though. Similarly, there are stockings, socks, or other sexy items.

Having the buyer and seller in the same country helps keep shipping costs down.

Also, put them in a ziplock bag and vacuum seal. after so they keep their scent (that’s what buyer’s want, after all). Any special requests (like wearing them for a long time or cumming in them) should cost them extra.

EXAMPLES: Panty Deal, Sell Your Panties, Panty Trust, Kinkie

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 Sometimes you need help, support, or just a sympathetic ear. The same goes for being the one to support others. TRY: Stripper Web,  AmberCutieForums,  WeCamGirls,  CamWithHer

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Aside from clothing, props will be another way to titillate your viewers. There are a plethora of sex toys to choose from, but it’s important to buy toys that are made from body-safe materials.

It doesn’t pay to go cheap in this department. You don’t have to spend loads, but don’t even think about the bargain basement jelly crap that is full of toxins and other things that could damage your private parts. 

If you’re not sure what to spend your hard-earned money on, start by reading sex toy reviews – and not just one article, compare what people have said. 

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SEX TOY REVIEWERS:  A good reviewer will talk about the material, vibrations strength, quality of product vs, price, packaging, applicable apps etc.

Dangerous LilySlutty Girl ProblemsLovense Blog, A Femme CockBex Talks SexToy Meets GirlHey EpiphoraErika LynaeHedonishNinja SexologyPantophilepanic

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SEX TOY SELLERS: There are WAY more that can be trusted, but I’ll leave it up to you to review compare and make your own, informed decision. LovenseWeVibeFuckittoysL’AmouroseTengaWomanizerSwanSvakomLeafDoxyNJoyOVO 

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DISTRIBUTORS: I don’t recommend buying toys from mass distributors like Pink Cherry, Pipe Dreams, or Amazon if you can help it. Too much sketchiness going on. Instead, buy directly from the maker.

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Want to REALLY boost your income?

  • Fucking machines or Sybian Saddles are visual mind blowers.
  • Magic wands are oldies but goodies, because you can’t touch yourself with them and not have some kind of genuine reaction.
  • Tip activated toys provided client-to-model interactions that can be addictive to your customers and financially beneficial to you.

Interactive sex toys react to each other, so a client could be using a male masturbator and have it make your vibrator react (or vice versa).  The best part is if you have an affiliate link with the seller, and you get a client to buy one so they can interact with you online, you will get a percentage of the sale … and extra money is always good.

Get a tip activated toy and make WAY more money.

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Here are links to a TON of sites that also offer advice. There’s no point in putting it all the information in this post – it would be too long (unreadably long), not to mention straight-up copying.

Webcam Startup  – Fantastic articles and advice – I often refer people here.

WeCamGirls – Not as much content, but there are job ads and a few interesting things.

OCam Girl – Fantastic articles and advice

Make Money Adult Content – There’s some valuable information here, but it’s buried under poor site design.

Cam Model Express – There are lots of “buy our services” here, but the camgirl page has some very useful articles.

Cam Girl Nation – Not as much content compared to other sites, but there might be something useable hidden in there.

Camgirl Toolbox – Be prepared for an avalanche of information. Another strong recommendation to read through.

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Logitech – To browse webcams (the 920 or the 930e are usually the preferred models).

Lighting Equipment – A 3 point lighting system doesn’t need to be expensive. – To create your wish list and get the gift YOU want.

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All toy reviews can be found in my Sex Toy Blog but here are some particularly useful ones:

And some beginner-friendly articles for those of you who are just starting out…

“OMG. That’s A LOT of sites … and a lot of reading.”

True. However, you don’t have to absorb it in one day. I would reserve a dedicated folder in your bookmark section to tackle when you can – or at least refer to when you need a refresher or reminder.

Do you have any other resource links you think would be useful in this article? Give a shout out in the comments section and I’ll add it!

Anything you want to add? Share in the comments!

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