Sex Toys That Can Sync With Music – Master Guide to Sultry Sounds

Today we’re exploring the exhilarating world of music-activated sex toys. This guide will give you everything you could possibly need – personal benefits, product reviews, buyer’s tips, creative ideas to take your experiences to new heights, and more.

Whether you’re an experienced sex toy enthusiast or just starting out, this article will update, educate and maybe even entertain.

Let’s not skip any more beats and get into sex toys that sync with music!

Separating Important Language for Sync Sex Toys

sex toys that can sync with music, colorful musical notes

Before we get into the benefits, let’s just separate two terms you’re going to hear a lot. First is a “sound-activated sex toy” and the other is a “music-activated sex toy“. Some people use these ideas interchangeably, and that’s perfectly okay.

However, in some sex toys out there, these ideas are very different. With the music side, you play a song through the toy’s app and it will vibrate (or contract, oscillate, whatever) in time with the beat. Which beats exactly is really up to the programming.

On the other side, sound activation means your sex toy will react to ambient sound. So, for example, if you’re wearing a panty vibrator at a club, it’s going to react to everything – people talking, whatever music is playing, background noises, etc.

Either one of these options is absolutely delicious. You just need to be careful when you’re buying to know which feature you’re actually getting. Some brands only provide one while others provide both.

How a Music Vibrations Are Great for Pleasure

harry met sally scene, music vibrators

So why is a music-activated sex toy something you should strongly consider? The answer is simple. It provides a different kind of sexual stimulation.

Normally we would control the movements and strength of the toy. But in this case, that’s taken away and you’re at the wonderful mercy of whatever songs are on your playlist.  You can choose hard songs or soft ones – anything your mood is calling for. It lets you lay back and relax (or not) and connect to your senses in a way you might not have before.

Then there are the other creative ways of using music vibrations that probably won’t be advertised on the store page. But we’ll get to this in a later section.

If you want some giggles…

Lovense/Youtube (ignore the watermark, just the compression tool)

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Flexer by Lovense, music vibrator
Lovense Flexer

In my opinion, with any sex soy purchase, should always arm yourself with information. Here are some essential points:

  1. If you can, always buy from the brand’s store page. This way you’re going to avoid cheap knockoffs and rip-offs.
  2. Read the toy specs and descriptions very carefully so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  3. To use a brand’s custom app, you’ll have to click on some sort of agreement (make sure to read the privacy policy, etc.) However, if you’re uncomfortable with anything involving sex toys and an internet connection, you can use the toy as a normal, offline vibrator (you just won’t be able to use the music function.)
  4. What are others saying about the sex toy? AKA read plenty of reviews.
  5. Why? Music-activated sex toys generally aren’t super cheap – you want to get something reliable.
  6. Does the design look easy to clean?
  7. Is it made from body-safe materials?
  8. Make sure the smartphone brand/version you have is compatible with their app.
  9. Does it come with any kind of warranty or return policy? If so, read the terms carefully and check the conditions.
  10. Always keep your receipt! It will make returns/exchanges easier.
  11. Check if you’re able to access third-party software like Spotify etc. or if you’re limited to your phone’s playlist.

Sex Toys That Can Sync With Music

Edge 2 or Hush by Lovense

Lovense Edge 2, adjustable prostate massager
Edge 2 Adjustable Prostate Massager
Hush 2 vibrating butt plug,
Hush 2 Butt Plug (4 sizes)

QUICK LOOK: All of Lovense products have the ability to sync to music (standard with their app), but it’s worth looking at Lovense Edge 2 – the only prostate massager currently on the market that has the ability to sync to music, your Spotify list, as well as voice control. Silicone, adjustable, and with two vibrators. And Hush 2 – a butt plug that comes in 4 sizes with a ridiculously strong motor.

PERSONAL OPINION: There are lots out there for the ladies, but men deserve vibrations too. I personally like the adjustability of Edge 2. This patented design means it will fit most users (at least better than the ones that don’t adjust).

iBuzz 2

QUICK LOOK: Instead of a smartphone as your medium, this skips right to a dedicated music player with two music jacks, two bullet vibes, and two attachments.

PERSONAL OPINION: I make it a point of showing at least one crap product in my review list – so you know what to steer clear from. And this is crap – it’s only found on two Amazon pages, the details state the attachments are made from Jelly (toxic), and the entire thing screams “dodgy”. Stay away from this.

WeVibe Sync 2

QUICK LOOK: Sync 2 is a U-Toy, which is a device inserted into the vagina, but with part of it staying outside to stimulate the G-spot too – you can even have intercourse while wearing it. It’s made from silicone and has a company-exclusive app.

PERSONAL OPINION: U toys can be fun, but they take a little getting used to. Sync 2 is adjustable, which is great – actually, I haven’t heard much negative about the toy, but the app seems to get a lot of shade for not working properly. They might have fixed it since I last checked though. I hope so because that’s how you connect to “Beats Mode” and access your phone’s music library.

Ferri or Lush 3

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator, sound activated toys
Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator
best music vibrator, Lovense Lush 3, lush sex toy connected to music
Lush 3 Love Egg

QUICK LOOK: These two are great hands-free options for women. Ferri is a panty vibrator with a super-strong magnetic clip to keep it in place. And Lush 3 (a G-spot love egg) is one of Lovene’s cornerstone products.

PERSONAL OPINION: As with all Lovense toys, you can have long-distance control (your partner can control it from anywhere in the world, which is great for long-distance relationships). There’s a Bluetooth connection too if you want. Then there are sound AND music activation options. Bonus features, they all sync with erotic audiobooks too.

Freestyle-G by OhMiBod

Freestyle-G by OhMiBod, sound activated vibrator

QUICK LOOK: This G-spot vibrator “when it is connected to an iPod /iPhone (or any mp3 player), the vibe will pulsate to the music giving you a unique dual sensory experience with ultimate freedom of movement and motion.”

PERSONAL OPINION: I find the brand usually solid. And if you find a good deal on their main site, it’s totally worth a try.



QUICK LOOK: A hands-free panty vibrator with clit nub. It has the normal bells and whistles found in a smart sex toy, including music syncing through Spotify. It can also sync to erotic audiobooks.

PERSONAL OPINION: Love the idea of audio books. But I’ve had experiences with pantie vibrators, and they tend to fall out easily (and onto the ground if you’re wearing a skirt). Best stick to trousers, or at least non-skimpy underwear while you sport a skirt and this toy.

Siri 2 by Lelo

Siri 2 by Lelo

QUICK LOOK: Siri is a hand-held clitoral vibrator whose sole focus is on ambient sounds – either from music playing in the background, voice controls, or patterns inspired by music. Available in black, pink, and purple.

PERSONAL OPINION: Customers seem to either love this company (and be hardcore fans) or greatly dislike them. They’re also very expensive. And for such a high price point, I would think they would offer more in the programming department. Still, it’s worth a look.

Other Things to Know About Musical Sex Toys       

music enabled vibrators, man and womand playing with sound and sex toys

  • The vibrations won’t always be a “beat for beat” pattern. You might be listening to one part of the song, but the software is taking in all the aspects of it. Like if you watch your computer play a song alongside the visual sound wave of it, you’ll notice spikes and dips you might not have noticed in the song. That’s why some people claim their music syncing feels “choppy” or “not like the song”. But that doesn’t mean your experience won’t be pleasurable.
  • In general, songs with heavier bass tend to sync and transfer better in ways people imagine.
  • Dance clubs are amazing places to feel the beats and vibes.
  • Ambient sound triggers can also include sex noises. YAY!

Creative Ways to Use Music-Activated Sex Toys

Girl Band Uses Sex Toys While Trying to Keep a Straight Face…

NOTE – this is NOT sound-activated, but it gives us plenty of wonderful ideas.

Here’s where we can have some fun you might not have imagined...

Erotic Audio Book Twist:

But not in the way you imagine. Instead of syncing the toy to the story, you could have the audio playing on a speaker and your toy set to sound activation. It’s an entirely new way to experience the material.

Try Not to Laugh:

if you and your partner are lucky enough to each own this kind of toy, you could take those laugh challenge videos and warp them in fantastic ways. Because we all know, once you start laughing, it’s hard to stop. So if the other person is giggling uncontrollably you might be moaning uncontrollably. But don’t forget that these noises will affect the other person as well. Isn’t it delicious?

Make Housework Fun:

This one’s pretty easy. All you have to do is find a wearable sex toy and the sound activation feature is going to make your chores an entirely different experience.

Motely Crew on stage, ideas for music vibrator songs

Music Festival/Concert Joy:

Going to a music festival? Why not bring your toy with you? Just be prepared for the battery to run out if it’s a long one.

Song Challenge:

You and your partner pick a song for the other person. The loser is the first one to have a reaction. My suggestion? Heavy metal! LOL

If You Like Interactive Gaming:

There are already sex toys that sync with porn games. Meaning, whenever there’s a sex scene, the toy will start vibrating with whatever intensity matches the scene. But you can take this interactive-gaming aspect and manipulate it in different ways.

If you want to see which x-rated computer games sync with Lovense Sex Toys, you can check out this page.

Here are some gaming ideas:

  • Buy a wearable sex toy and play an interactive VR porn game or a regular one. But have the sound activation feature going. Any battle scenes are going to blow more than your mind. There are a lot of free interactive porn games out there, but I often find that the paid ones or of higher quality. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be expensive though.

minecraft game image

  • You can turn any game into but free porn game with the sound or music activation feature. It all depends on your preference. If you want intense vibrations, play something like Doom Eternal. However, did you ever imagine a Minecraft porn game? Just turn up your speakers and the noises and music from the game will do their thing.

  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to rely on what’s going on in the game, you can turn down all music and noises and just sink your sex toy to whatever song list complements what you’re playing.

Music Syncing Sex Toys FAQs

Lovense remote app, voice activated sex toys,

Where can I safely purchase these kinds of toys?

Always go with the brand’s store if you can. Some do have Amazon satellite stores or sell in retail outlets. Brick-and-mortar options are better than Amazon in my opinion.

What songs can I start with?

Really anything you want! But if you have sensitive lower bits, maybe a gentler tune and work your way up. I guarantee there are forums and sites with suggested lists for this very purpose.

How do Bluetooth connections work with it?

Music Bluetooth sex toys are out there. The noise activation comes from the app and the connection to the toy can either be through Bluetooth or a long-distance connection feature. Personally, I would go with the second option. Mostly because BT has a lot of limitations, including proximity and even how thick the walls are (if your phone is not going to be in your pocket).

Are batteries ok instead of rechargeable?

No! These kinds of toys should always be USB rechargeables. Anything else is a rip-off.

How to set up the Lovense app for music syncing?

This link goes to the Lovense Remote App page. It will give you everything you need to know about setting up any feature you want.

Final Thoughts on Sex + Sound

sheet of music in the shape of a heart, sex and music

As technology advances, so do the wonderful goodies we get with sex toys. These music vibrators and other sex toys you can sync with music and ambient noise open up wonderful and exhilarating opportunities to explore pleasure in toe-curling ways. Granted, many of the decent ones out there aren’t cheap. However, all you’ll probably need to do is wait for a holiday sale to get a great deal.

It’s honestly worth the investment because the music feature is just a side product, you’re still getting a great sex toy out of it – just one with bonus points that might make your neighbors think you’re performing an exorcism.

What song would you most love to sync to a sex toy? Share in the comments!

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