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7 Sex Toys That Can Sync With Music

by Robyn

With regular emergences of new or improved technology, the sex toy industry finds more and more goodies to add to their products. One of which is music syncing – where you play a song through a specialized app and your toy will vibrate with the beats.

First, let’s look at some of the options out there. After, you can read over a list of tips and tricks to make your musical experiences better.



QUICK LOOK: All Lovense products have the ability to sync to music (standard with their app), but it’s worth looking at EDGE – the only prostate massager currently on the market that has the ability to sync to music, your Spotify list, as well as voice control. Silicone, adjustable, and with two motors.

PERSONAL OPINION: There’s a lot out there for the ladies, but men deserve vibrations too. I personally like that it’s adjustable. This patented design means it will fit most users (at least better than the ones that don ’t adjust).



QUICK LOOK: Siri is a hand-held clitoral vibrator whose sole focus is on sound – either from music, voice controls, or patterns inspired by music. Available in black, pink, and purple.

PERSONAL OPINION: Customers seem to either love this company (and be hardcore fans) or greatly dislike them. I’ve used LELO or as well as their magic wand, and personally found the motors to be lacking the promised power. It’s not to say they are weak toys, they just don’t impress me for the price. But that’s my two cents. Maybe you’ll love it.

PRICE: 149 EUROS or 165 UDS


QUICK LOOK: Instead of a smartphone as your medium, this skips right to a dedicated music player with two music jacks, two bullet vibes, and two attachments.

PERSONAL OPINION: It’s just as valuable to look at the crap stuff on the market – so you know what to steer clear from. And this is crap – it’s only found on two Amazon pages, the details state the attachments are made from Jelly (toxic), and the entire thing screams “dodgy”. Stay away from this.

PRICE: Unknown


QUICK LOOK: Sync is a U-Toy, which is a device inserted into the vagina, but with part of it staying outside to stimulate the G-spot too – you can even have intercourse while wearing it. It’s made from silicone and has a company-exclusive app.

PERSONAL OPINION: U toys can be fun, but they take a little getting used to. Sync is adjustable, which is good – actually I haven’t heard much negative about the toy, but the app seems to get a lot of shade for not working properly. They might have fixed it, dunno – I hope so, because that’s how you connect to “Beats Mode” and access your phone’s music library.

PRICE: Prices are ALL OVER THE PLACE – Average around $100 (can be cheaper or more expensive).


QUICK LOOK: A rabbit vibrator with dual motors and a design “Inspired by the power and shape of a cresting wave”.

To use the music mode, you’ll need to connect your iPhone and access your playlist.

PERSONAL OPINION: I hear fairly good things about this toy.

The description says it will work with any MP3 player, but (if I read the details correctly) it will only work with an iPhone. I wish it was available through Android as well.

PRICE: $130


QUICK LOOK: A hands-free panty vibrator with clit nub. It has the normal bells and whistles found in a smart sex toy, including music syncing. However, Vibease is unique because it’s one of the only ones that can also sync to audiobooks.

PERSONAL OPINION: Love the idea of audiobooks. But I’ve had experiences with pantie vibrators, and they tend to fall out easily (and onto the ground if you’re wearing a skirt). Best stick to trousers, or at least non-skimpy underwear while you sport a skirt and this toy.

PRICE: $119


QUICK LOOK: A butt plug that you can wear while on the go (if you want). “Club Mode” make the toy vibrate from surrounding noises or your partner’s voice.

PERSONAL OPINION: First, I will give a high-five to a well-designed butt plug – the will be no emergency trips to the hospital with this one. Plus, the “receiver” is well thought out. However, it seems it’s only with ambient sounds rather than a playlist you can connect it to. Might be fun. Might be frustrating. Don’t know.

PRICE: $110


  • The vibrations won’t be a “beat for beat” pattern. You might be listening to one part of the song, but the software is taking in all the aspects of it. Like if you watch your computer play a song alongside the visual sound wave of it, you’ll notice spikes and dips you might not have noticed in the song. That’s why some people claim their music syncing feels “choppy” or “not like the song”.
  • In general, songs with heavier base tend to sync and transfer better in ways people imagine.
  • This feature always requires you to use the brand’s custom app (make sure to read the privacy policy etc.) However, if you’re uncomfortable with anything involving sex toys and an internet connection, you can use the toy as a normal, off-line vibrator (you just won’t be able to use the music function.)
  • Read the website details very carefully. If it requires a smartphone, is your brand covered? Etc.
  • Read the toy’s return policy carefully. If there’s a warranty, check the conditions.
  • Always keep your receipt. It will make any returns/exchanges easier.
  • Check if you’re able to access third-party software like Spotify etc. or if you’re limited to your phone’s playlist.
  • These kinds of toys should always be USB rechargeable. Never batteries.
  • If you’re not sure about the motor, find the nearest sex shop that carries that model and then go there to ask if you can see their unboxed sample.
  • Even with their protective casings, sex toys with motors and computer bits still need to be handled with a certain amount of care. They can take the wear-and-tear of normal bedroom antics, but if you swing it around by the antenna or thin parts, don’t be pissed when it breaks.
  • Make sure the antenna or Bluetooth receiver is pointing towards your phone. Also, take the case off.
  • Understand that Bluetooth has its limitations and connectivity problems – this is just the state of the current technology. Remember, if a WALL can interfere with a connection, then being nestled within your loins, sitting on a chair, wearing a layer of clothes, and being on the other side of a dance floor creates barriers that the chip might struggle with. Work with the abilities of the tech.

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Tyree D. 01/03/2020 - 12:00 am

the best music to this is Sound Head: The Smoove Groove Era

Santa Claus 12/23/2019 - 12:00 am

What would you suggest?
Im looking for a good cock ring that will vibe with the music. That you could possibly adjust the audio receiver’s sensitivity and the strength of the vibrations.

idaliaphotography 08/27/2019 - 12:00 am

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Fox 07/24/2019 - 12:00 am

This makes me giggle every time I think about it but, Baby Shark. It’s either going to drive her insane or she’s going to be pissed at me for a week.

Bill 07/14/2019 - 12:00 am

My partner and I are using a Lush 2 remotely. Close Range provides a music connection – can you remote and use music?

robyn256 07/16/2019 - 12:00 am

You can contact customer service for any Lovense product questions 🙂


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