by Robyn
what is vabbing?

What is Vabbing? Does It Work? And Is It Safe?

Social media can be a treasure trove of interesting stories and information. It can also be the source of skyrocketing trends – which is the ...
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date my age

Date My Age – Worst Dating Site Ever

We’re back with another romance site review. And this time it’s Date My Age – one of the worst “dating” sites on the internet (seriously ...
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dead vaginal syndrome

Is Dead Vaginal Syndrome Real?

It’s not the first time in history that something medical has been blown out of proportion (or just utterly fake – think Blue Waffle). But ...
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blue vulva

Blue Vulva – Yes, It’s a Real Thing!

You’ve heard of blue balls. But did you know that there’s a related term for the ladies? Yep! It’s Blue Vulva. It also goes by ...
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Low Estrogen Symptoms

Low Estrogen Symptoms – The Sex Connection

Hormones are important for … well … everything. We literally can’t live without them. But what happens when the balance shifts? What happens to our ...
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Do Women Have Wet Dreams

Do Women Have Wet Dreams?

Nocturnal emissions (as they’re also called) feel like they are the domain of men - mostly of boys going through puberty. But many people wonder, ...
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Sexsomnia – Having Sex While Fast Asleep

You heard of sleepwalking, but what about sleep sex? Yes, the condition Sexsomnia (think of the “omnia” part coming from words like insomnia) is a ...
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World Hepatis Day

World Hepatitis Day – Learn More, Stay Safe

It feels like everything in the world has its own “day” now – from international chocolate day to giving people hugs. However, when it comes ...
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what is prep

What is PrEP & How to Get It?

Gone are the days when getting an HIV diagnosis felt like an automatic push towards AIDS and a corresponding death sentence. Because, after years of ...
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semen color

Semen Color – What’s Normal & When to Worry

We know how changeable our bodies are (sometimes frustratingly so). The funny thing is we are usually more worried about what is coming out than ...
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sex and diabetes

Sex and Diabetes In Women – Problems & Solutions

With any illness or condition, there can be things that could put any part of our system out of whack. This can include our sex ...
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What is Anejaculation & Should You Worry?

Simply put, anejaculation, means someone cannot ejaculate semen (with the word literally meaning “no ejaculation). But what causes something like this to happen, and is ...
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