Happy Pride Month – 19 Celebration Ideas For The Office

Happy Pride Month! And although you might be in the full swing of June, it’s not enough to splash a rainbow on your company website. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your office to help build a sense of celebration and building of support.

Rewards Platforms

If workplace rewards platforms allow, give them to LGBTQ+ causes. Studies show that workplace rewards have a greater impact on engagement when they’re closely aligned with employees’ beliefs and values.

Give Swag

Little flags, pins, or pencils go a long way, but if the budget can afford it get totes and more goodies to toss in there to show your support.

Digital Background

A lot of work takes place on Zoom or other digital meeting zones. Why not change your background to a rainbow or the Pride Flag? Extra points if you’re the boss showing initiative.

Drag Bingo

Ever been to Drag Queen Bingo? Oh, you don’t know what you’re missing! Take your employees out for brunch and be ready for plenty of laughs and a couple of performances. Don’t forget to top the Drag Host generously afterward. They don’t make much money doing these gigs.

Inclusive Company Picnic

Get everyone to do the pot-luck thing and find a nice green spot where families can bring their kiddos. Have some games for everyone to enjoy. They don’t have to be all rainbows and flags. It can just be a fun and safe space where everyone in attendance knows they are surrounded by allies and can just sit back and have a good time.

Volunteer Day

There is no shortage of places that could use LGBTQ+ friendly volunteers. If you don’t know what’s in your area, do a quick search and have your company choose which to lend a hand.

Colorful Treats

There’s always one in every office – the one that brings homemade cookies or brownies (I’m one. Guilty as charged). Chances are they will bring something rainbow. Toss in a few bucks if they can bake a bigger rainbow cake for the entire office to share.

Host an Inclusion Workshop

There are plenty of LGBTQ activists and enthusiastic voices who are very happy to come over and share their expertise. Keep in things. These workshops aren’t mallets to the head about inclusion, they’re just open spaces to ask and answer questions to move towards a better future.

Hire A LGBTQ+ Speaker

Similar to a workshop, but it’s more of a “sit and listen” scenario. You can invite anyone whose voice you might feel best fits the office dynamic – funny, educational, quirky, professional, etc. And yes, there’s an emphasis on “hire” – they just want to be paid for their services like any other person.

happy pride month
Happy Pride Month Bake Off

Donate To A LGBTQ+ Charity

Maybe volunteer time isn’t possible. That’s ok! There are LOTS of charities you can donate to. Just do a simple Google, then some due diligence, and help however you can.

Re-evaluate Policy

Maybe it’s not that your company isn’t inclusive. But perhaps the fine print of your discrimination & diversity policies needs a refresher and some tweaking. Remember, there’s no time like the present.

Virtual Pride Parade

Maybe you can’t get your entire office to the parade, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Set up some monitors and stream what a few cities around the world are doing. Eat that rainbow cake while you’re at it!

Decorate the office

We do it for Christmas and Halloween. Why not Pride! Rainbow and maybe a bit of sparkle will put a smile on everyone’s face! Also, give a bonus to your cleaning staff at the end of the month – for those stray glitters.

Social Media Recognition

Show your support on social media. However, be careful not to be a rainbow washer (which means you only show support 1 month of the year then it disappears for the rest of the time, usually companies accused of doing this are targeting extra profit). Tweet what you’re doing in the office to show your support!

Pride Month Quiz

Everyone loves a good quiz night. Bring out the beers and nachos and let it be a bonding experience with a healthy dose of competition.

Quick History Lessons

Print out interesting tidbits about queer history and tape them around the office. Who knows, it might be good for the bar night quiz to see who was actually reading them. Heehee.

Pride Play List

Ask any LGBTQ+ person and there will always be a list of songs the community can always agree are iconic. Gather these up and play them whenever you feel people need a pick-me-up or during events. It will really bring the “Happy” in the Happy Pride Month.

Movie/TV Lists

There is no shortage here. There is also no lack of utterly amazing performances in some of these titles. Just google what’s out there – but be sensitive to some dispositions, because a few can deal with extreme violence against LGBTQ+ people.

Book Lists

The same with books. Whether they are LGBT themed or written by someone from the community. There are endless amazing stories out there. It’s something your office will truly benefit from.

Any other “Happy Pride Month” office ideas you want to add? Share in the comments!

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