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There’s a New Disturbing Trend of Toothpaste As Lube

by Robyn
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There’s been a disturbing trend floating around the internet. And it’s no surprise that it started on Reddit.

For some reason, some dim-bulbs out there thought it would be a brilliant idea to use toothpaste as a sex lubricant – or they were trolls spreading false information, knowing some nitwits would try it.

Either way, there were promises that it would “enhance” people’s bedroom lives. They said it would function the same as cooling or tingling cream, but at a cheaper price and less embarrassment when you had to go buy it. Add that on top of the “tasting great and having better teeth while getting busy” seemed like killing two birds with one stone.

But then…

Some moron tried it.

“Later that day when I went to use the toilet, when I took down my trousers I saw some discoloration. I had a look and all the skin was red and raw, with some parts of the skin beginning to scab.”

One commenter told him that he probably had a chemical burn.

Thankfully real doctors stepped in and told everyone to stop.

“The ingredients for toothpaste include abrasives, bleaching agents, and peppermint oil, which can all irritate the skin and cause redness and peeling. So if you apply toothpaste to areas of skin including those around your genitals, then it will in all probability cause chemical burns and the stinging pain from these burns can last for several days. You may also get some discoloration and scabs on your genitals.”

The trend has died down – mostly because guys are terrified their dicks will melt off. But once in a while, someone will not have any concept of common sense and give it a try; while complaining online that “things hurt down there.”

Seriously, people…

Leave it in your mouth.


If you DO want to use lube, go for the trusted water-based ones that can be bought in any local pharmacy.

What are some other crazy things you’ve heard people using as lube?

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