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Sex Questions In Hotels – What Staff Are Constantly Asked

by Robyn
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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, hotel and spa workers often get strange questions from guests – strange being a relative, of course. The only way VDay affects things is the requests just increase.

But what kind of questions do these employees get?

Well, several of them decided to splurge.


Several people have said that they have been asked for every kind of sexy item you can imagine

  • Chocolate sauce
  • Strawberries
  • Oysters
  • Other aphrodisiac-like food
  • Condoms and lube

There have also been requests for the items to be brought by their hottest server or even someone for hire that would be willing to serve in the nude.


It seems that being in a luxury hotel isn’t hot enough for some guests – questions about adult channels come through the phone on a daily basis. The number two request is Netflix.


Whether it’s a couple’s massage or flying solo, many guys ask about what will happen if they get aroused and, without control, pop a boner. As long as they just sit there and take the massage, the masseurs are trained to ignore it and just carry on.


Another thing people ask for the spa if they can stream sexy music to help people get into the mood.


It’s less about construction and more about how soundproof the walls are. Since people want to go about their sexy business without disturbing others, it’s a very common question.


The final one staff get all the time is people asking if it’s safe to get busy in the hot tubs or swimming pools. The answer is always a big fat no. Even with all the precautions, there’s still a chance at getting something like a yeast infection. Also, would you want to swim in human-soup that had a little extra sauce? Ew.

What’s the weirdest question you’ve asked a hotel employee? Share in the comments!


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