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Divorcee Dates Sex Doll And Fell In Love With Her

by Robyn
man and sex doll

Queensland resident, Murry, dreads coming home to an empty house.

But as he walks through the door, he spots a sexy body sitting on the couch. She’s been waiting there since he left. Whatever panic he had melts away.

Meet Noni – Murry’s silicone squeeze.

The Australian man found himself on camera – loud and proud about his currently and only love.

Now before any more finches, here’s some backstory.

It had been many years and three martial partings. “After my divorce, I was very unhappy. I was very depressed, I was close to suicidal. Loneliness was encroaching quite significantly and I thought well this maybe is a way out.”

In 2008, he bought the six-foot sex doll and that was it. He was enamored. There’s sex, conversations, and cuddling – everything. It was the key to fighting off loneliness and depression.  It also helped him take his mind off the pain of his Scoliosis.

“It doesn’t even feel silent. You talk to them. You are talking through your issues, your life, your highs, your lows, your joys, your sadnesses. Whatever. It just helps.”

But despite what you are probably thinking, he’s by no means delusional.

“If one had a complete choice, you’d rather a real woman. But that’s not always available to people,” he said in one interview.

Even though he knew he was on camera, he also didn’t shy away from talking about their sex life.

“Depending on what wig the doll will put on, depending on what clothes she’s wearing, depending on what perfume, what mood she’s in, will depend on the type of sex we have. It’ll be totally different one day she’ll be into BDSM, another it’ll be: ‘Hold me close and cuddle’.”

There are also thoughts of his mortality and her undying silicone soul. He says that when he passes away, he hopes someone will adopt her – someone who will love her as much as him.

Yes, he’s aware it’s not love in the same way as a human context, but he’s content with the emotional connection.

What would your dream doll be? Share in the comments!

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