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Gross Disney Sex Stuff That Actually Happens

by Robyn
disney sex

While Disney is meant to be the most magical place on Earth, there are things going on behind the scenes that many people don’t realize – this includes “Disney sex” that will make you cringe.

From crazy or randy guest and backstage shenanigans, here are some of the ickiest things that have unfolded in the magical kingdom.

DISNEY SEX – Touching Tinkerbell

“I was a Tinker Bell performer for WDW about 3 years ago and can’t count how many times people asked me what was under my dress or tried to grope me.”

“I would always shame them to my attendant, their family and the people in line by loudly exclaiming: ‘You want to know what’s under my dress? Well there’s pixie dust of course!’ or ‘This man is a pirate! He’s trying to reach the pixie dust that I keep under my dress!’ …and they’d walk away in shame like the creepy assholes they are.” –Little-Bones

DISNEY SEX – Naughty Employees

“One night I went out with a smoking hot girl that interned at Epcot Center. She lived in the Walt Disney World corporate housing at Little Lake Bryan. After a night of dancing, I dropped her off at her place.”

“I thought it was weird that I had to show ID at a guardhouse, and I could only stay one hour since I was not residing there. Later on, I heard that Disney had tight security because they broke up a prostitution ring there a few years earlier.”

DISNEY SEX – “Smiley”

“We had a guy nicknamed Smiley that liked to pleasure himself on rides.”

“We were told to look out for him and report it to the appropriate people if we saw him. I saw him once while on the tram but thankfully not during the act. Buuuut legend has it he was finally caught after trying to pleasure a horse on Main Street.” –kva1

DISNEY SEX – Backstage Hanky-Panky

“When you have women beautiful enough to be princesses and men attractive enough to be heroes, it’s no surprise that all the Cast Members backstage are DOING IT. I literally walked in on Ariel doing it with Aladdin. (Thankfully, not in costume, as that would have ruined my childhood.)”

DISNEY SEX – Taking Advantage

“My sister’s friend was kissed directly on the mouth by a gross adult man who took advantage of the fact that she couldn’t break character. She plays one of the princesses and after collecting herself for a second said that she didn’t think her prince would appreciate it.”

Crazy Lady

“I worked in Frontierland at MK and there was this woman who randomly started dancing in front of Splash Mountain. Now, it normally wouldn’t be an issue, but she was wearing a dress, nothing underneath, and started doing flips and flashing people.” 

“When some managers/security tried to round her up, she started running and yelling how her bf was Peter Pan and she was just waiting for him to take her back to Neverland. It was a fun day.” – werekitty93

More Backstage Stuff

“I worked as a cast member in Magic Kingdom stands-east (Tomorrowland and Fantasyland).”

“Whenever taking a break backstage, I would get an earful from the face characters. Most notably, Bert from Mary Poppins making out with Aladdin and scheduling sex later that day.”  –LeafysWiffle

Five Legs

“I was a safari driver at the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction in Animal Kingdom.”

“We had this elephant named Willy. Willy was an exhibitionist. I was driving a safari one day, spewing out facts about elephants when I hear a tiny voice from the back of the truck yell, “MOOOOM! HE HAS FIVE LEGS!!!” I turn, and sure enough, there’s Willy, standing with his five-foot-long dick just swaying in the Florida breeze. I had to turn my mic off, I was laughing so hard.”-DorothyGaleEsq

Frisky Teens

“Nights of Joy is bad. It’s like Grad Nights on steroids because if you think regular teenagers are bad, the unsupervised ‘Christian’ ones are even worse.”

“They don’t even run the people mover during it because of the dark tunnel being a prime hanky panky spot, and security is beefed up because so much theft happens during those events. My roommate worked at the Tomorrowland Speedway and came home the first night and before even saying anything else just yells ‘THREE! THREE HANDJOBS WE HAD TO STOP TONIGHT!’”-naynaymarie

Flash Mountain

“Splash Mountain gained some notoriety a few years ago for being the premier place (outside of New Orleans and Chatroulette) for wasted people to flash their junk. It got so severe that, in order to combat the trend, Disney a position solely to search through the ride photos for rogue genitalia before displaying them on the video screens.”

Club 33

“Part creepy but mostly crazy story here. We had a rich guest come into Club 33 (super secret yet not so secret restaurant in New Orleans Square) for the first time I believe and he wanted a private room and some Disney princesses to “have fun with” and wondered if any of the hostesses or waitresses were interested when we told him we could not accommodate him.” -Sarkuvaria


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