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Crocheted Adult Products – Things Your Grandma Never Knit

by Robyn

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Just when you thought that ugly Christmas sweater was at the top of your “omg” list. Now, have a look at these dirty crocheted items. I promise you’ll never look at grandma’s doilies the same way again…

No, this isn’t a wall-mounted dildo for humans. It’s a cat toy  (go to product)

This site has dozens of penis warms. Name a holiday or theme, and it’s probably there! (go to product)

It’s a dog toy, but you could just have it sitting on a shelf and looking cute. (go to product)

Wine bottle toppers. Because … why not! (go to product)

Good old fashioned divorce humor.  (go to product)

Sex toy collection – be carful when buying some of these products, because it could be the final product or just a pattern! (go to product)

You’ll never confuse your party glass again! (go to product)

Adorable key chains! (go to product)

Anatomically correct clitoris. (go to product)

Boobie stress ball! (go to product)

…. Ok … why not! We are far enough down the rabbit hole that it doesn’t matter! Buy them now! (go to product)

A good example of the picture not being what you actually buy. (go to product)

Two words … boobie pillows. (go to product)

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Which of these would you actually buy? Share in the comments!

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