Bread Face – Learn About The Girl Who Smashes Her Face Into Bread

There’s been cake sitting and pudding sloshing.

Next is bread smushing!

Even though there’s no real sexual content in this girl’s social media, there have been a few suggestive clips that I think make it worthy of mentioning in this forum. And, for anyone who loves ASMR, there are plenty of crispy bits.

This Asian girl, who calls herself BreadFace, started out doing it for a very innocent reason.

“It was just supposed to be something that could make someone laugh on a shitty day – because I was having a lot of those,” she said in one interview.

For her, it seems the act gives a pleasant sensation on the face as well as helps relax her a bit – nothing more.

“It’s a tic I’ve always had. I just always wanted to know what it would feel like to be engulfed in the soft guts of freshly baked bread and I am not alone in that.”

She also says it’s no surprise that being Asian and doing something weird has automatically thrown her into the kink section.

“If I’m some sort of poster child for those two things – so be it! I would love [that]. But I think if I were anything else but an Asian female, people probably wouldn’t automatically assume that it’s a sexual thing.”

There are haters, but BreadFace can’t understand why. Out of her hundreds of thousands of followers, most are quiet and respectful. Since she’s not hurting anyone, she doesn’t get why people’s panties get in a twist. There’s interesting music, decent lighting, good quality video, and plenty of variety – and that’s a lot more than many amateur social media channels offer.

I took a look at a few of them.

The French bread one made me cringe, but that’s only because it looked painful to push your face against. My favorite was the one where she sits at the kitchen table while her mom is in the background washing dishes. BreadFace is about to do her thing, when her mom yells something to someone else and startles the poor girl. Quite adorable.

With all the things I’ve seen … her approach is about the most wholesome and cuddly kink out there.

She had my seal of approval.

Is there a food that you would do this to make online money with? Which ones? Share in the comments!

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