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Anal Toys – A Huge Guide to Everything You Stick Up Your Bum

by Robyn

Even though anal play is still locked away in some bedrooms as a dirty little secret, more and more people are loosening up about the prospect.

The other good news?

There are PLENTY of different tools available to suit any preference – right from beginner options as tiny as your finger, to things that look like a traffic cone’s kinky brother.

Here, we will look at what kinds of toys you can buy, safety, cleaning, materials, as well as which toys are gems and which are flops.

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The difference between a dildo and a vibrator is simple – one of them shakes and the other keeps still. But, what you need to be most wary of is the BASE. Anything that goes in your bum needs a WIDER bottom – something to keep the toy from slipping in. And don’t think because the toy is long, that it won’t get stuck in there.

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These come in as wide a variety as vibrators (style, color, material, ribbing etc.) However, they are measured for WIDTH rather than length. They have a tapered tip for easy insertion, a wider middle, a thin notch/neck, then a wide base. The neck is important for making sure the plug doesn’t fall out.

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For those who want to get into the game, but worry about getting into *ahem* tight spots, anal trainers work great! They are butt plugs that usually come in sets of three — one small, medium, large. Start with the smallest, work your way up to the large one, and voila! Terrific tushy times.

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A series of balls/beads strung together along a string, cord, or connector. They are slowly inserted into the bum, one by one. Sensations vary from person to person, but a common way to maximize pleasure is to pull them out (slow or fast) during orgasm  (the passing beads stimulate the nerve endings around the anus).

Not to be confused with Ben Wa Balls, which are meant for the vagina and pelvic floor muscle exercises.

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It’s the male G-spot – the Prostate. It’s a gland, about the size of a walnut, located below the bladder and at the base of the penis. Massaging the prostate helps release stagnant semen and helps reduce the risk of prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, etc.

When stimulated properly, it can also cause men to even have more intense (possibly multiple) orgasms during sex.

NOTE: PMs are NOT a one size fits all toy, nor are they for people who aren’t willing to put in the time to figure them out. You need to find one that fits you comfortably, and your prostate needs time to become accustomed to being stimulated. 

Also, beginners need to be patient (and not a “try it twice” sort of thing). If you’re very lucky, it will work fast. Unlucky? 45+ minutes (or not at all) and then you’ll have to try a different toy (if it makes you feel any better, women have similar problems with G-spot play).

The biggest mistake someone can make is thinking it will function like a vibrator. Kick that idea out of your head right now. They are completely different beasts. 

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Not a term the general masses think about when we buy sex toys. It’s usually, “Oh god, how much is this?!” However, porosity is something you definitely need to integrate into your shopping vernacular.

What is porous?

It basically means stuff can be absorbed and/or stuck in the material. Even if we soak a porous toy in a bucket of bleach for a million years, icky stuff will still linger.

This can be bad for any type of play (but more so with anal and the inevitable fecal matter). Infections and STI’s are also the first things that spring to mind, but there’s also mold, mildew, fungus, and the cleaning chemicals we thought we were clever using … great.

What is non-porous?

The material will not absorb anything, everything stays on the surface, and it’s easily cleaned. These are the ones you want to try to stick to.

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Cleaning options include warm water and soap, toy cleaner, 10% bleach solution, straight water, boiling, rubbing alcohol, and corn flour for dry dusting.

However, not all toys can be clean with all methods.

Making sure your toys are DRY after is also important. When you’re done with them, and they are squeaky clean, either wrap them in a clean cotton/silk cloth or put them in a sex toy bag (often included with most toys). This is important because some toys materials start to degrade when they rest against each other.

Keep them in a cool, dry place, even in a dedicated sex toy box.

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Learn more about materials and methods here:

 How To Clean Your Sex Toys

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Why is toy safety especially important with bum play?

The tissue in the anus is not made of steel. Hell, even a *cough* hard bowel movement could cause small fissures in the membrane.

Now, imagine a porous toy that’s been sitting to fester and grow with bacteria or mildew (despite your best efforts at cleaning it). Put those two images together = bad.

More disturbing facts to consider:

The sex toy industry is about a regulated as a cock fight behind some shady restaurant in China Town. Even though sex toys are deemed medical devices, companies will label their toys as “novelty” so they can avoid or save money on shipping issues and legal liability … and, in general, just make a profit.

Harmful materials that can be found in dodgy toys include:

Trimethyltin chloridePhenolToluene, Lead, Arsenic, AntimonyCadmium, and Phthalates  (banned in US/UK children’s toys)

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This is a piece of advice floating around the internet that I have mixed feelings about.

Tossing on another layer of protection is never a bad thing (especially when infections and other nasties could be involved), BUT condoms are tested against keeping out certain substances, this does not include all sex toy chemicals.

Also, what if the condom breaks or tears? If the material is porous, that’s it – it will be impossible to fully clean or disinfect it afterward.

However, if someone is determined to use a toy with less than safe materials, or with partners they’re not sure about, yeah a condom is better than a swollen vagina/anus that feels like an over-blown balloon filled with hornets.

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  • Vinyl, PVC, Jelly or other similar spellings – full of toxic chemicals and very porous
  • Cyberskin, UR3, Futorotic, Fanta Flesh, Neoskin, FauxFlesh – very porous, hard to clean, impossible to sterilize (Fleshlight is an exception)
  • Food Grade Vinyl, Rubber – very porous
  • Silica Gel – Related to, but NOT silicone
  • TPE, TPR, Elastomer, TPR-silicone, SEBS, “silicone blends” – somewhat porous

NOTE: If your toy is melting, sweating, bleeding, fusing, or weeping, THROW IT OUT!

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These are much better, and safer, choices – non-porous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, easily washable, and waterproof (only if it’s not battery operated and there are places where water can get in). Prices vary drastically.

  • ABS (HARD) PLASTIC  Cheaper, no Phthalates, cannot be sterilized in boiling water but still cleanable
  • WOOD – Finish must be medical grade/body safe, lightweight, not all manufacturers state what the finish is made from
  • CERAMIC – Glaze finish must be non-porous and cooked in a kiln, can be used for temperature play, middle-grade to high-end expense
  • ​​​​​​GLASS – Either borosilicate or soda-lime glass, can be used for temperature play, middle-grade to high-end expense
  • PURE SILICONE – Medical grade (aka food grade) silicone or Platinum silicone, more expensive
  • STONE  Can be sterilized in boiling water, can be used for temperature play, undetermined porosity since the finish is just a polished surface, not a sealant, very expensive, heavy
  • STAINLESS STEEL – Can be sterilized in boiling water, can be used for temperature play, very expensive, heavy

CAUTION: Even though the plug might be safe, other materials might not be. Tails like this are cute as a bee’s knee but make sure the material close to the anus is cleaned and sterilized well.

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Great for beginners who like it soft

In my searches to find something that I could recommend, I remembered what I already knew … god, there’s a lot of GARBAGE out there. Thankfully, I came across one that was halfway decent.

What I like most about these is they are beginner-friendly. The smaller beads were easy to insert with no discomfort. The material is silicone safe and they are easy to clean.

FUN WAND BY NJOY Mixed Feelings

If you’ve read my other reviews, you probably know I’m a huge fan of this company – particularly the G-spot toy. That’s why it pains me to say that this one didn’t really work for me. However, I will throw in the disclaimer that it’s just my personal preference and how my own body reacted.

My backside didn’t like the curve at all (even the slight curve, mixed with the hardness of the toy and pointy end, put too much pressure in places that made me flinch). Also, the nub at the end didn’t do as much for me as their Pure Wand — which has a better curve for my G-spot.

What IS great about this option is the material. Medical-grade stainless steel makes for super easy (and safe) cleaning and sharing. It’s surprisingly small and insertion was no issue. There’s also the ability to use this as a P-spot toy. I would still recommend that you give it a try. Your bum might love the things we didn’t.

THE TANTUS COWBOY For size kings and queens.

I will admit … I couldn’t try this one. The size terrified me. I mean, it weighs TWO POUNDS, the thickest part is about the size of a coke can, and it goes past your elbow. It’s not a monster! However, there are people who enjoy having their sigmoid colon tickled, and we will not exclude them.

Even though I watched a couple video reviews, it wasn’t enough. I had a chat with my ass-toy-obsessed friend, who indeed confirmed what I had read about it.

The tip is surprisingly small for something so gargantuan which makes for very easy insertion.The smaller dips between each bulge allow him to rest before going up a torture level … I mean bulb. It’s flexible (which is vital to track along your colon) but doesn’t vertically compact and the material is easy to clean. This is a size king’s dream.

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Here is where we can get some product crossover … but with caution. What can be used as a vaginal vibrator can’t always be doubled as an anal equivalent.

Fun Factory’s Moody vibrator is an exception. It has a great rumble and a wide base (which is important but rare). The silicone was smooth but had a bit of a drag and needed a tad extra lube to make it comfortable.

The buttons are well placed, even for solo play. The girth might be a turn-off for newbies though. What I didn’t like was that, for some reason, the material is a dust and fuzz MAGNET. I washed it, then wiped it, then grimaced when I saw how much towel fuzz was left on it.

This one definitely needs a silk bag for storage. Also, if you need a longer toy, this one isn’t for you. The shaft is quite short (keeping in mind it was meant as a vaginal toy)


The difference between a vibrator and an anal vibrator is the base – it needs to be wider. Yes, I’m going to beat a dead horse. It must be wider Wider WIDER. That’s why I tried the Booty Rocket. When lube went on and things got slippery

I didn’t have to worry about things getting lost in uncomfortable places It’s also soft and the vibrators are okay for such an affordable toy. Remember, rumbles aren’t going to do as much as thrusting or milking movement, the shaking is just an added bonus.

STRONIC ZWEI Underwhelming for men and women

This one is actually marketed as a prostate massager, however, the design makes me feel that this is closer to a vibrator.

Now, FULL DISCLAIMER – this is one of the toys I don’t actually have yet. Considering it’s a hefty TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. My man and I would love to give it a firsthand try, but I know no one is going to give me a free one. What I did do was spend an entire working day scouring the internet for every review known to man …

The Stronic Zwei was brought out as a revolutionary toy with thrusting motions. My first impression? Anyone with a delicate bum hole might not want to get into this particular game. It’s BIG, THICK, and the end is very bulbous with not as much taper as it should have.

Also, despite the very mixed results, many people agreed on one thing – the thrusting isn’t nearly what they were hoping for. Yes, it has a bigger base and is made of an easy-to-clean material (both of which are important for an anal toy) but what you pay vs. you get might not make your ass or wallet happy.

I would recommend this toy ONLY to people who have some extra money and are looking for something different in their toy collection.

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EDGE BY LOVENSE Better fit for most users

Edge is the first “fully adjustable” prostate massager – but what people don’t realize is that this statement is two-fold.

First, you can connect it to your smartphone and use the custom program to program your toy to have whatever 3 power level intensities you want plus unlimited patterns. But also, the neck itself can be adjusted back and forth to make the gap smaller or wider, which will allow men to fit it to their body’s curves – and for those who hate the guesswork of buying a prostate massager, this takes care of that problem

There are two strong motors. And, although the Edge is quiet enough considering the motor intensity, it might not be quiet enough for some people who like public play.

HELIX BY ANEROS Love it or hate it

Aneros products get a pile of mixed reviews – people either love them or hate them. I also find that people who hate them share several things in common – they found it too small, couldn’t reach p-spot orgasms, found it painful, or were too impatient to figure out how to use them properly.

These gripes, however, can be applied to ALL prostate massagers. Even for my partner and I, it took a few times before we figured things out. The sensations were quite enjoyable for him and I was thanked several times over and in several positions.

REVO STEALTH BY NEXUS Not quite stealthy, but certainly Revo’y

This thing looks like a video game joystick … although “joystick” isn’t that far off. One of the really fun things about this massager is the tip. It doesn’t just rumble. It rotates! Yep no more worrying about your fingers cramping. The remote is also super handy so you don’t have to fiddle blindly with buttons.

It’s quiet enough — the sound isn’t a whisper, but acceptable considering the motor which makes everything vibrate right to the perineum. Some people might find the vibrations and rotations together, on the highest setting, too much for their bodies. My man liked the third level best. The fourth made him feel “off” and quickly made him jump down in the intensity.

There is one thing I never had a problem with, but I’ve read that many others have – either the remote or toy tends to break down. Some have even had several replacements, which is shitty because it feels so good when it DOES work.

LOKI BY LELO Billy’s Big Brother

Loki’s tip is much more bulbous (if it’s too big, you might want to stick with the Billy) with more emphasis on the P-spot curve as well as a good motor that inches close to L’amourosa Rosa – Lelo’s motors are usually pretty good all around.

My man loved the softness and sensations, particularly with the “accelerating to maximum” setting. He did not, however, like the “random” intensities option. This is not a toy for a hands-off experience – you must grip that handle tight and take charge!

One possible turn-off … the faint-inducing price tag.

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PURE PLUG BY NJOY Some like it hot

Little, silver beauties. There are three available sizes (I prefer the small), and the material is quite safe and very easy to sterilize, which is important for me and any of my anal toys, especially if my man wants to use them too. Temperature play is also an option here. The price tag might turn off a few people, so consider this something to buy when you’re out of beginner level.

ASS BERRY BY ROCKS OFF Rough Freaking Raspberry

I liked this one about as much as going to the dentist. Both are also similar situations … having something put in a hole and you feeling REALLY uncomfortable during the whole process. The size wasn’t an issue (I got a small). It was the texture.

The little bumps that make it look like a berry (their entire marketing scheme) felt extremely rough – to the point I had to stop midway and check there wasn’t a seam scraping along my anus. When

I confirmed it was indeed seamless, I tried again. Maaaaaan, it took more lubricant than a bloody diesel engine and a lot of calming breaths to get that thing in.

The neck and base were fine, as was the okay vibrator (I usually don’t have any problems with the Rocks Off products I’ve tried so far), but it was such an ordeal that I gave up on it and threw it in my closet. I don’t know. Maybe I have sensitive Princess-and-the-Pea anal tissue … and I’m sleeping on a HUGE mother-f’in pea.

NAUGHTY HEART CANDY “Spank me, Do me, Be Mine”

These are cuter than a kitten covered in puppies. They are also just plain silicone – no moving parts or batteries, which is nice because nothing can break.

The small was super conformable going in and is great to have in during play or just to have in. There is one problem though. Anyone with an ass larger than “normal” might find the heart base digs in a little if your cheeks are not wide open. So, just something to keep in mind. Also, be very careful to READ THE SIZES, many people seem to misjudge how big/small these things are.


RENEGADE FROM ADAM AND EVE  To get ready for girth

It was quite hard to find any decent anal trainers to feature. So many are made of porous material or just plain garbage. At least these are made of silicone (although I’m not comfortable with how much they hype up this fact). The neck and size graduation is also good and not ridiculously invasive. The price is a bit steep but I would just wait for a sale.

SINCLAIR SELECT DILATOR SET As small as your finger

The difference between a butt plug and a dilator? One has a tapered neck while the other doesn’t. The lack of neck, however, isn’t a bad thing. It just means you can’t play or walk around with it inside you and will be using other toys rather than focusing only on the plug. When I was getting more into anal play, I decided to bite the bullet and get this (it’s not cheap).

What I love about this set is there are five pieces rather than the standard three, and the smallest one is the least invasive size I’ve seen (about the size of a finger). Out of all the anal trainers I’ve come across, I would recommend this one in a heartbeat.


I’m fully aware that many people don’t have oodles of money to blow on toys. That’s why this Sky Blue Kit is a decent alternative to the Sinclair set (the smallest is 1” rather than 0.5” though).

There is one very IMPORTANT thing you need to keep in mind … it’s made of TPR (Thermo Plasticized Elastomer) and TPR (Thermo Plasticized Rubber). These materials aren’t necessarily toxic, but they ARE somewhat porous. This means that microscopic remains of fecal matter and bacterial will forever remain in the toy no matter how much bleach or hot water you throw on it.

Short of taking a flamethrower to the whole thing, your only option is putting a condom over it. Buy this toy on a budget but treat it with care.


The makers of this failure can take them and shove them up there… To start, the second and third toys don’t have enough of a taper, you might as well go from two fingers to a fist. Next, the neck is not nearly narrow enough (compared to the rest of the toy) to hold things in place.

AND it’s made from poison (jelly). I also swear I saw (although I’m hoping I just need glasses or had a stroke or something.) that you can order them through a seller called “Healthy and Active”.


Although I brought you some of my favorites, there is a huge market out there to choose from. Explore, stay safe, and have fun!

Also, if you’re looking for more useful resources, have a peek at

Anything you want to add? Share in the comments!

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