Lovense Max 2 Review – How Does It Compare to The Original?

Lovense Max 2 was the much-needed upgrade to the original version of the famous cornerstone product. But what exactly has changed and is it something that current Max owners will want to splurge on to get the new, shiny version?

I did a side-by-side review of the two toys so you can clearly see what’s going on, and so you can make an informed choice before you hit that buy button.


The packaging isn’t really that different from before – just bigger to accommodate a somewhat larger toy. However, I still feel it’s important to cover because there are some products on the market that have truly crappy packaging – and if you’ve never owned a sex toy, it’s good to know what good boxing is.

Sorry, I lost my old Max box ages ago. But I’m sure you’ll find stuff online that shows you what it looks like. It gives you the basic info (front and back) on the essentials so you can decide if you want to invest in the masturbator (same as the new one that you see below).

Max 2 Male masturbator review and masturbation cup review
Front of Max 2 box

Back of box with all important details

The expected goodies are underneath the toy – except the magnetic charging cable, which is in the box at the bottom of the toy (with the silver Lovense logo).

There’s a “Quick Guide” (with visual instructions) and a longer user manual. The Quick Guide is fine for simple things like how to turn it on and off, but the really useful information is in the manual. I highly suggest you read it carefully before trying the toy. 

UPDATE: There are no longer two manuals. Instead, there is a comprehensive single manual. I still suggest reading it to understand the toy. After all, it’s not a run-of-the-mill masturbator. It has a few tech elements you’ll want to understand.

Max 2 packaging is very good. Its custom foam cutout makes sure the toy will survive any sort of delivery process. Also, the outer packaging and shipping information is kept discreet (just a plain brown, outer box).


Sleeves of the Male masturbator and masturbation cup review

There are now TWO sleeves to choose from…

  • A clear, neutral ring hole with “realistic” vaginal textures within the sleeve.
  • A pink TPE, vagina-shaped opening with an even pattern of bumps within the sleeve.
  • The original Max used the pink TPE sleeve.
  • Max 2 comes standard with the neutral, clear ring.
  • You have to buy the pink sleeve separately.

So what’s the REAL difference?

The problem you’ll find with most men is that they can’t really identify WHY they like a certain texture. It’s always, “I just like the feeling better.”  There are some other features that can be measured; such as softness and tightness. The new sleeves for Max 2 feels a tad softer.

“The new sleeve definitely felt better and tighter” was the best description I could get from my male tester.

Left to right – inside of Max original sleeve, Max 2 neutral ring, and Max 2 Vaginal opening
The bump on the right-most toy is to accommodate the new vibrator.


Our little Max has grown into a big boy.
  • The biggest thing you’ll notice is the “ribbing” (I guess I’ll call it) on the outside. While the old case was smooth, the new one has a “texture” that makes it much easier to grip.
  • The air vent (which controls how strong the suction is) has gone from a simple piece of rubber that detached from the ring (revealing an air hole) to a sliding switch.
  • You’ll have to decide if you like it open or closed because it’s pretty hard to move the switch once you get going (especially with lube on your hands). It was so stiff, at one point I was worried I would break it.
  • The buttons are in mostly the same place but bigger for easier use. Also, better cleaning, in my opinion.

Original Max – one air vent. Max 2 has an air vent, pressure vent, and emergency release.

There are many new things going on at the bottom of Max 2 now.

  • The magnetic charging port is still in the middle, but the outer area has been altered so you can charge it with the toy standing up.
  • As mentioned before, the white section is the air pressure switch to control the suction strength
  • Next to that (with the warning arrow), is the emergency release vent – if the pressure gets too uncomfortable.
  • Finally, there is the air pump vent – which MUST be kept closed during washing.


Left – Original Max & Right – Max 2

The old Max had contractions and vibrations. Max 2 has them as well. However, you can see the vibrator is now a bit bigger (and more powerful). Also, the “airbags” have 360-degree contractions.


A closer look at the new sleeve.

I turned the sleeve inside out to get a better idea of the texture. However, I found a molding defect inside the sleeve. It doesn’t affect any feeling during use, but Lovense has promised to fix this flaw.

UPDATE: It’s important to know that even though it’s called MAX 2, this male masturbator is actually on its 6th generation. Meaning, there have been several minor upgrades since the major overhaul. One of these, for example, was to fix the molding issue.

I would suggest using LOTS of lube inside this toy – with either sleeve.

Another suggestion – the ring must fit inside the toy so the top bump is flush with the toy ring. However, since the silicone is softer and easier to move, you could push the sleeve INTO THE TOY if there is too much friction.

This is especially important if you’re someone who likes to play hard. When you use plenty of lube, it feels great and the sleeve won’t move around.

I do have a qualm with the packaging of the vaginal sleeve – it’s just plastic – exactly what you see here. However, I’ve asked and they are currently designing a proper sleeve to go over this. I’ll let you know when I get an update.


Max has been in need of an overhaul for a long time and I’m glad it finally got it. Also, most, if not all the changes have been based on customer feedback. My tester was very happy with the difference.

He mentioned the contractions didn’t really add that much to the experience, but the vibrations certainly did. The difference was noticeable (powerful) and it didn’t take him long to “finish” his homework. But that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t find the contractions absolutely amazing. Each person is different after all.

Max 2 also still retains its connectivity to some of the other Lovense toys (like Calor, Nora, or another Max 2).

I think it’s a huge improvement over the previous model and something I would 100% recommend buying – even if you have the original.

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JP 08/13/2020 - 12:00 am

Does the original Max connect to Nora over long distance?

Rodney 05/30/2020 - 12:00 am

Can they make the vaginal sleeve for the max 2 in different skin tone colors? I would like to see that. I feel it would make more of a connection to your significant other while in a long distance relationship.