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Weird Ways People Try To Get Pregnant

by Robyn

People will do anything to get pregnant. Here are some examples…


This, by far, is the number one “it will get us pregnant” beliefs. You know it – it’s even been shown on the Big Lebowski.  It’s where the woman lays on her back with her legs in the air. The idea is that gravity helps the little swimmers stay in. There’s no scientific proof to back this. But there is plenty of comedic material.


If the “human vase” position didn’t work, couples often resort to many insane positions that the web, their friends, friends-of-friends, moms, or midwives insist will work.


A new one (at least compared to our mum’s and grandmum’s time) is using a menstrual cup after sex to keep the sperm in. I did come across a couple of doctors who insist it works. Meh. Who knows.


There’s a Bolivian parasite that “experts claim” works wonder for fertility – by altering her immune system. Nope, nope, nope.


I don’t know. Maybe they think that stretching will help them get into those weird positions we just talked about.


Some men and women think that if a guy masturbates, he will reduce his fertility – basically evacuating more of the potential seed. Again, another myth. All it will do is, at most, make someone irritable.


“Only eat apples during a quarter moon while it’s raining” … or other crazy diets that are supposed to increase fertility. All you need is a healthy, balanced diet and to cut out booze. Oh, a super-gross one I read about … raw egg whites. NO!


Snacking back some yellow rings immediately after ovulation is thought to help. Another one doctors are not convinced on. Although, they do like the idea of extra vitamin C.


Ok, if you think that Onyx will cleanse your bad energy, go for it. But some couples take it way too far and put far too much stock in little rocks.

Have you heard of any other weird ways? Share in the comments!

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