Olympics and Sex – Raunchy Facts & Quotes

If you think about it, it’s no surprise that the Olympics probably has more sex than Woodstock and the Hustler mansion put together.

“Olympians are young, supremely healthy people who’ve been training with the intensity of combat troops for years. Suddenly they’re released into a cocoon where prying reporters and overprotective parents aren’t allowed.”

They’ve been training on a diet of 9,000 calories per day and as soon as the games begin, the training stops. Competitors’ energies are running high. Then there’s the rush of pre-game excitement.

So, you’ve got a collection of bodies in beautiful, peak physic that finally can let go and enjoy the fruits of the sports labors. And, all the while having excess energy and being surrounded by adoring fans. It’s no surprise that there’s a fuck-ton of sex going on.

Here are some Olympics and sex facts that have come about from this phenomenon…

  • In London, the Grindr app nearly crashed after over 350,000 users tried to log on to get in one some of the “sport” action.
  • Tokyo hosts were criticized for making cardboard “anti-sex” beds. However, Rhys McClenaghan, a gymnast from Ireland, posted a video on Twitter. It showed him jumping on his bed to demonstrate that it could take a pounding.
Athletes Create Viral Videos to Prove Beds at Olympics Aren't 'Anti-Sex'
  • In 2000, on a flight from Sydney to LA, the flight attendants put all the Olympians in the back of the plane. The regular people stayed in the front because things were getting too “roudy.”
  • Sydney 2000: Officials thought that 70,000 (rainbow) condoms would be enough. They had to send out for 20,000 more after a week.
  • American goalkeeper, Hope Solo, snuck a celebrity into her room after winning gold in 2008, but won’t say who.
  • London had to hide their hookers in a different part of town because they wanted to clean up the image of the city.
  • Because rooms are shared and space is limited, it’s common to see people having sex out in the open. Basically anywhere they can find a certain level of “privacy” or even being exhibitionists if that’s what they like.
  • Seoul 1988: There were reports of so many condoms found on the roofs of Olympic residences that the Olympic Association banned outdoor sex.
London 2012 Olympics: athletes striving to be faster, higher, stronger...  and drunker after events start to finish


  • London required over 150,000 condoms to give out.
  • The tradition of handing out condoms to athletes began in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The organisers distributed 8,500 condoms in the competition which was held in a decade where the world witnessed an alarming surge in HIV AIDS cases
  • Soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo, said, “There’s a lot of sex going on. On the grass, between the buildings, people are getting down and dirty.” She said “that this could be the raunchiest Olympic games ever.”
  • “What happens in the Village stays in the Village.” This Vegas-minded motto is the unofficial credo of Olympic athletes
  • It’s not just fellow competitors. There is a workforce of over 160,000, press and broadcasters that get over 20,000, and then the countless fans. Everyone is hankering to get in on some kind of the action.
  • McDonald’s feeds the post-sex munchies – the company noted a spike in sales around 4am.
  • Barcelona 1992:Even though he played ping pong, Matthew Syed said he “got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than the rest of my life up to that point.”
50 Shades Of Olympics: Why Athletes Need 110,000 Condoms for Just Two  Weeks? (INFOGRAPHIC)


  • During the 2016 Olympics in Rio, athletes bragged on Twitter about their after their after-hours workouts.
  • The Brazilian government famously handed out 9 million free condoms. 450,000 of those were given directly to athletes and staff in the Olympic Village. 100,000 of these were female condoms.
  • Skier Carrie Sheinberg said two German bobsledders tried to trade their gold medals for “some group fun” at the 1994 Games Said Sheinberg. “They made it clear that they’d trade me their gold for all kinds of other favors. I Said jokingly, ‘Thanks, but Tommy Moe has a medal. I’ll play with his.”
  • Condom brands have stocked the Olympic Village in an unofficial capacity. They only rely on the users’ mentions in social media.
  • The long-held belief that somehow sex and professional sports shouldn’t mix is a myth that stems back to the ancient Greeks, who founded the Olympics. It’s long been debunked, but some people still adhere by the rule.
  • In 2010, six athletes had an orgy in a whirlpool at a house outside the Village.
What Olympians Really Do With Those 450,000 Condoms


  • Sochi 2014: “The games have just begun, but it’s already the year of Tinder and talk of 100,000 condoms circulating around the Olympic Village.”
  • American swimmer Ryan Lochte said, “My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend — big mistake. Now I’m single, so London should be really good. I’m excited.”
  • Former Olympic table tennis player Matthew Syed wrote an article for the Times of London noting that there was a “sex fest… right here in Beijing. Olympic athletes have to display an unnatural… level of self-discipline in the build-up to big competitions. How else is this going to manifest itself than with a volcanic release of pent-up hedonism.”
  • Canada’s clothing company “Roots” often sponsors Olympian’s outfits. They however, had no idea that their name was slang for “fuck” in Australia. So, when the Aussies saw the Canadian team with their clothing logo, they went nuts. Aside from countless jokes, sales went through the roof. The people down-under all wanted a souvenir.

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