New Year’s Lingerie For Women – Yandy Feature

Christmas clothes that would land anyone on the naughty list are easy to find, but New Year’s lingerie is a little tricker – at least if you want to stay away from the little black numbers or standard corsets and stockings. So, to help you out, we’ve scoured and found 20 sexy sets that might spark some sexy inspiration.

But why Yandy? We’re not doing a sponsored post and we get nothing from featuring their clothing. It’s their collection of sizes that really caught our attention. So, if you’re a curvy goddess, there is plenty to choose from that will make you feel and look amazing. Let’s dive in!


Some of these look like you could go out in public wearing them – like the black and green one. But let’s forget that. Imagine you and your lover want to stay in but also want to make it feel like you’re doing something super fancy or “out on the town.”

Think of candlelight, a nice meal, champagne with fruit, and then counting down the second to the New Year in whatever way you want (wink wink). If you like your eveningwear spicy but still with a bit of class, there are plenty of options. My personal favorite is the beige and feather one.


Want something a bit more see-through? Maybe you like your lingerie to have a bit more “going on.” All of these are unique in their own way but offer a little less to the imagination if you catch our drift.

Try an animal print for a new kind of pattern – they’re quite fun! A play on the garter/stocking can be sexy as hell but without the pain of trying to find a corset and garters that actually fit properly. Perhaps you want to try a party dress that is definitely not for the public. Or, maybe you want to try something with an added dash of elegance or feminine flare.


Sexy clothing doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

Adult onesies with low necklines and lace edges are not just adorable but are really comfortable. You might not even want your partner to take them off! Or, you can try a classic teddy that will flatter any body shape while also being something you would very much want to sleep in – even if you’re alone in bed! Because why not!


Now we’re getting into the crazy and fun stuff! As far as New Year’s is concerned, if it sparkles and shines, it’s fair game!

So the camo dress can be worn out on the town and then ripped off in the bedroom. Fun fact, the laces help make it adjustable to your body’s curves. Just make sure you measure the bust correctly because the back is only a zipper. The silver body suit might make your eyes bulge but I’ve personally worn this fabric and seen other people in it. It’s stretchy and amazing at conforming to all bodies and making them look amazing!

Finally, the flapper costume and pink mini-dress are just fun to wear in the bedroom.


Yes, more sparkles! As long as you measure your body correctly there’s no way these outfits will be unflattering. And boob pasties? There’s no going wrong with these little guys. You can hide any of these under your normal clothes and surprise your partner when you get home.

There you go! 20 sexy New Year’s lingerie sets for women that aren’t just fun, but they’re size-inclusive (about time!). Which of these Yandy items are your favorites? Share in the comments!

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