10 Sensual Massage Candles to Heat Up Your Bedroom

When it comes to sexy times, images of sensual massages under the glow of flickering candles are yummy as hell. But what about putting those two things together? Yes, massage candles.

And, no, we’re not talking about wax kinks. These little gems are specifically made to have low burning points, nurturing skin ingredients, and lovely scents all in the name of making you melt more than the candle itself.

But with all the products flooding the market, which ones are good bets to lay your cash on? Well, here are a few that are worth looking at (in no order of preference or quality).


Burn - massage candle


This company mostly makes vibrators, but they have decent candles as well. They’re made from jojoba and soybean oils which are great for the skin. They also come in two delicious-sounding scent combinations and one unscented for those with sensitive skin. This is nice because most brands that branch off into other products usually stick to a single signature scent. The price point is also “middle-ground” reasonable.

Lelo - massage candle


Like Maude Burn, Lelo added a massage candle to its sex toy portfolio. Customers have raved about the product and packaging, not to mention the scent options. There’s vanilla, snow pear + cedarwood, and spicy black pepper + pomegranate. This little guy is another mid to high-end candle. But hey, it’s okay to splurge sometimes!


This one gets a special place because of two reasons, it’s a candle that was smart enough to give users a handle to help in the pouring process. Second, it’s one of the few decent options out there that also counts as an edible massage oil. Yummy. But you need to not hate coconut flavor. It’s also on the cheaper end of the scale which is even better!


Oskia actually makes its bed in the skincare department rather than the sexual aid one. This comes with a positive and a (possibly) negative. First, the massage candle ingredients are amazing and utterly divine for your skin. However, the price point is a bit expensive. Then again, there are always birthdays and other special events that would make this worth buying. Also, it’s great for those who don’t want overpowering smells during their massage events.

beeutiful - massage candle


Okay, if the Four Seasons Hotel spa in Hampshire uses these, then you know they’re good. The feature ingredient of beeswax might sound scary because of the high melting point, but all the other ingredients mitigate that and pull down the heat dangers. The stuff inside these will make you giggle with glee and your toes curl with anticipation. The neroli and vanilla smell is strong, the pot has a handy pouring spout, and the price point is very decent. A winner if there was ever one.

coco de mer - massage candle


If you’ve had any experience with sensual products, you’ve probably heard of this brand name. Even though this powerfully scented rose and sandalwood candle is considered a luxury buy, the prices seem to be a bit scattered. If you wait for a sale, you can find a good deal. Also, there’s no spout, but a handy spoon that’s great if you don’t want to directly pour on your partner or just like to have more control with the wax in general.

neom - massage candle


This is another one that is more to the “skincare” side than the sexual product side. However, reviews say using it is like being in a high-end spa. The scent is lovely (lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood) and the end result is silky-smooth skin. Combine that with a sensual massage and, oh my, can you imagine?

hemp seed - massage candle


Okay, before breaking out the super-expensive item, let’s have a couple of cheapies to soothe your financial soul. Adam & Eve makes some decent massage candles that won’t break the bank. They also have many different scent choices. The Hemp Seed ones revolve around tropical notes, but there are holiday “flavors” as well. Browse their site to see what they have.

lovehoney - massage candle


This little pot of massage wax sits under ten bucks and is perfect for fun gifts, stocking stuffers, or if you want to get romantic but are on a tight budget. There are also a few scents to choose from if you don’t like standard vanilla. The first two ingredients are hydrogenated vegetable oil and glycine soja oil, so you’re not going to get spa-quality skin, but you’ll still have sexy times.

massage candles


You thought the other massage candles were pricey? Ha! Check out this little guy that clocks in at around $84.  However, before you cringe and scroll away, just remember that this wasn’t made as an average product. It was designed by London-based Japanese artist Ikuko Iwamoto. The scent notes are deliciously specific and as alluring as the sensual design. There’s even a spout, but it’s discretely melded into the vessel’s shape. This is something you don’t shove into a drawer. You proudly display it. And, you definitely keep the holder after.


There are so many more products out there than the ones featured in this article. There is even a lady that makes her own and puts them in vintage china creamers – and my god they’re beautiful (she’s on Esty). So, if the ones on this list don’t float your boat, don’t worry!

Just make sure they’re made from body-safe products and have low-melting points. And, in general, the standard price point seems to be around $20 – which seems reasonable if you consider the container, materials, and the fact you’re going to get multiple massages out of one product.

So, go forth and massage, dear friends!

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