How to Hide a Hickey – Tips And Tricks

High-neck shirts are great, but what if it’s hot outside and you don’t know how else to hide a hickey? There are more options for women than men. So, let’s take a look at all the options you have to hide a love bite.

And, before you judge and think, “Who the hell hasn’t received a hickey by now?” keep in mind that everyone is on their own sexual path. There’s also the chance they don’t really like/want them but ended up with one anyways. It’s all good. 


TURTLENECKS – This will only work if it’s warm outside and if you usually wear this kind of shirt. It is, however, the easiest way if you have to be around people – specifically people who might give you a hard time about it.

COLLARD JACKET – Also, if the weather allows, any jacket with a high enough collar will do the trick, you can also then not have to wear turtlenecks (if they drive you crazy). Again, make sure it’s something already in your clothing rotation, or it might have the opposite effect and draw attention.

ATTENTION GRABBER – Another trick is to wear something on another part of your body that draws attention away from the neck. Maybe a pair of jeans that make your bum look great or a t-shirt with an interesting pic.

A SCARF – Not much to say here, other than you should already be a scarf wearer to pull this off.

WEAR HAIR DOWN – It’s not just for ladies anymore. Guys with long hair can wear it down and make a little curtain between your love bite and the world.

STRATEGIC JEWELRY – It’s a bit of a gamble (because it could draw attention instead), but if you have a necklace or something that will cover it (mostly) go for it

A BANDAGE – Maybe none of these clothing options work for you. That’s ok! Slap a bandage on it and make whatever excuse you want (my favorite is a curling iron burn … but it’s believable because I’m clumsy AF and already have a scar on my boob). Be prepared for questions … and that fact people will be able to spot your blushing.


Not everyone is a makeup whore (like me). So not everyone will know how to properly hide blemishes etc. Here are some easy steps…

#1. Green color corrector

First, you need to cancel out the red (it’s basic art color theory, the opposite of red is green). Lightly dab it on with your ringer finger (because it’s the most gentle) until it’s hidden. Warning, don’t put too much on. Caked makeup draws attention. Besides, there are a few more steps to go.

#2. Purple color corrector

If the center is dark and purple, you’ll need yellow to cancel that out. Do the same thing you did for the green. If it works better, apply the yellow first and the green around the outside/red area second.

#3. Concealer

It should match your skin tone. After the correctors have set, lightly dab or brush the concealer over the area to give it a final hide.

#4. Foundation and Powder

The uber next step (which is optional) is adding a layer of foundation. But this runs the risk of getting cakey or smeared if you don’t know what you’re doing. Tapping on some translucent powder will help set things and not let it smudge during your day.

PROTIP – Don’t wear clothes that will rub and smudge against the makeup.


  • Add a cold compress of some kind (ice wrapped in a towel, a cold spoon etc.) as soon as you see you have one. It will help reduce the swelling and redness. Remember, never put ice directly on the bruise. This is a rule for any ice anyways. There should always be a barrier between the cold and your skin.
  • Gently brush the area with a new toothbrush to get circulation going and break up the bruise faster (use this in conjunction with ice for maximum effect)
  • Adding something warm can promote blood circulation – like a warm towel or heating pad
  • Gentle massaging from the center of the bruise and outwards can also help a little.
  • Try aspirin, vitamin K, or aloe vera

ONE FINAL WAY ... put a hickey on someplace other than the neck! Yes, you can put one anywhere on the body! This way, the receiver can be comfortable and safe.

Have any suggestions on how to hide a hickey? Share in the comments!

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