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Common Dating App Lies And What To Do About Them

by Robyn
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When it comes to dating sites/apps, nearly everyone smudges the truth. Others go the extra mile and spew total fabrications. But what do you think are the most common lies?

From a collection of various surveys (including Kaspersky, Cornell University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison) here are the top six.


It’s very common to shave a few months or years off of the profile. It’s because the user wants to date people younger than them. If the image isn’t fake, it can be helpful to compare the number to the image (although there are plenty of fake pics too).


Photoshop has already created a hopeless standard, but adding a few inches (personally I have no idea why men are scared to be shorter). An easy(ish) way is to check their pic feed. Are there full body pics? Or just face ones? All the same angle and lighting?


This one isn’t always as nefarious as some other lies. Perhaps where they live is small and their options are limited, so they want to expand to other places. Also, if someone is kinky, maybe they don’t want to come out to people close by.  Worst scenario? They’re with someone. All you have to do is ask about what they do in their area – hobbies, bars, clubs, etc. The truth will come out pretty fast.


This one, by no surprise, is the biggest lie that spread across every platform – upwards of 67%. I’ve come across this one firsthand (the very hard way). I read that the best way is to just ask directly. It can be tricky to know if their answer is honest, but it’s a good place to start.


It can go as far as lying outright about what they do and how much green they pull in, but it can also be tiny fabrications like using an old job that comes across better. Although, with the worldwide lockdowns, being out of work or struggling is more common and understandable – so there is no reason to fib.


And that’s called catfishing.

What little-white lies have you told on your dating profile? Dare to share in the comments.

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