What Are Coconut Hips?

coconut hips

If you’re ever bored at work one day, try scrolling through sites like Cosmo or other similar online magazines.

Within the digital pages, there are articles ripe for the picking, shunning, or being mocked. And for today’s piece, we are going to look at something I stumbled across…

Coconut hips.

My first reaction was maybe it was something off of UrbanDictionary.

But when I saw the answer, surprisingly, it wasn’t a raunchy term. It was actually a variation on something people are already familiar with.


The idea is simple. When the woman is having sex on top, she uses her hips to spell the word coconut over and over again.

The idea is that it provides complete stimulation for better sensitivity and orgasms.

Now, here is where I rolled my eyes.

First, the spelling thing is a “been there done that” idea. Men passed on the idea of spelling out the alphabet with their tongues while going down on a girl – like it was some holy grail of being a sex god. Heck, they even featured the idea in a movie – where a freshman is told about a book that various college men have scribbled their sexual accomplishments for the benefit of others.


Well, you’re having sex, so I can’t say “no it won’t.”

However, sex coach Georgia Grace previously told Body+Soul something that sums up the entire idea.

“People often ask me for the best sex positions or blow job tips and I never answer which is best because that would be negligent and exclusive. Each person has a sexual fingerprint, and we must expand this narrow and linear view that all women like the same things when it comes to sex.”

So, if you want to go ahead and try it for fun, sure, do it! But don’t expect any magical sex fireworks to go off. It’s just a fun thing to try out and see if it floats your boat – not the end all and be all of pleasure experiences.

“The more you know.” Right?

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