Audiodesires and Lovense – A Steamy Partnership

Since Lovense is all about pleasure connectivity, the company is always on the lookout for unique ways to pair their toys with sultry content. So, when Lovense saw Audiodesires’ company tagline, it was just too good to pass up taking a closer look…

“Erotic Audio Stories for Women and Couples”

There’s enough porn to wrap around the universe at least twice, but not much of it is women-centric, female-friendly, or queer-loving (at least most made up until the recent past). It’s only really been erotic novels that have embraced that demographic. Also, reading or audiobooks for relationships isn’t something that might be the first thing that pops into a couple’s head.

Here’s where Audiodesires changes things – especially with the Lovense experience.


The first thing you’ll notice is that the design is VERY mobile-forward. This is a good thing.

The idea is to be able to be in whatever room or position you want during your experience. And that’s far easier with a phone (rather than being tethered to a laptop or desktop). That being said, Audiodesires is perfectly usable with your computer so don’t worry about it affecting performance.

On the home page you’ll see things like:

  • Featured Stories
  • New Releases
  • Lovense Syncable
  • Top Rated
  • Handpicked Stories
  • Collections (eg. Threesomes)

But there is also an impressive amount of filtering that lets you get to the kinds of stories you really want.

  • Masculine vs Feminine narrators
  • Filters by favorite narrators
  • Accent choices
  • Sort by fantasy type
  • Stories available in English, Spanish, and German
  • 1-3 peaches telling you how spicy the story is
  • Reading/listening times

But as you scroll through the menu, you’ll notice there’s a community creation section. Yes, there are options for people to submit their own stories, and if they pass quality levels, they’ll be made into audiobooks! The writing is good and the voice acting is great. And, as much as I hate to use the “But wait there’s more!” phrase, it’s deliciously appropriate for this company.

  • The search genres are impressively wide
  • There are GUIDES for things like edging, anal play for beginners (which totally won me over as a fan of this app because we need more of this kind of stuff)
  • There are also Affirmation audios for things like full-body orgasms or desiring yourself.

audiodesirers and lovense


The premise is simple. Go to the “Lovense Syncable” section. There you’ll find all stories that are currently available to use with our toys. Let’s take the title “Composure” as an example. It’s a “HER + HIM” orgasm control story (1/3 hotness level). There are plenty of tags to let you know if the experience will be your cup of tea.

“Newlyweds Charlotte and Clive test out their new remote-controlled sex toy while enjoying a day out at a fancy museum. Clive flexes his sadistic dominant side and Charlotte tries to keep her composure while being toyed with in public. Will he let her cum? Find out now.”

What I particularly like is that the app tells you when the vibrations will start. For example, they start at 3:53 for this title. There’s another one called “Controlling You” which is a simple one in a restaurant with a lesbian couple but with a 2/3 spicy rating. Yummy.


  • Click on the story you want
  • Make sure the player is paused
  • Click the Sync button in the lower right-hand corner
  • Open Lovense Remote app
  • Connect the toy you want (if you don’t have a toy, look here)
  • Scan the QR code and confirm you want to connect
  • You’ll now see the icon now says “synced”

All you have to do now is press play, lay back, and enjoy. The vibes will go with the story.

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There’s the option of just listening to the adventure, or you can change to reading the story. There’s also a handy color filter than separates the speaker’s portions (which I liked because it might be easy to lose track, wink wink). However, there was something else in the menu that caught my interest.

It’s a “Sleep” section.

There are “Unwinding” segments with key voice actors mixed with soothing sounds like waves or storms. Soundscapes, peaceful readings with nearly ASMR qualities, and guided sleep meditations.

To some, it might seem like a strange thing to add to an erotic story app. But I would strongly disagree and for one simple reason. Audiodesires is about pleasure. And pleasure doesn’t have to be sex. It could be relaxing, letting go of a hard day and falling asleep properly, listening to a soothing voice as you soak in a hot bath.

In my opinion it was a well-thought-out addition to the app and something that will be greatly appreciated by users. And to that, I say, bravo!


Yes, Audiodesires is a paid app, but there is free content to let you decide if you want to have the Premium experience (which I obviously recommend). Besides, with most stories being short enough and subscriptions only being monthly (plus the discount code), it would be easy to get a lot out of the app for very little money.

More than anything, I think it’s important to support female, shame-free, and LGBT-friendly erotic content wherever we can find it. Who knows, you might even find yourself being a content contributor.

Final note… whoever voices “Daniel” … dear god, forgot how to breathe. 10/10 will listen again.

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