What is Furry? Understanding These Adorable Fuzzy Fans

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If you’re thinking about the CSI episode or the Vanity Fair article (where it’s just a bunch of perverts in costume looking to get off), you definitely have to read on…


To realize just how wrong people are.


Because it’s a community that gets a really bad wrap.


How bad?


Death threats aimed at entire conventions (so much it alerted the FBI) and amateur reporters hiding mace in their bags (you know, “just in case”)





First, “Furries” (properly known as Furry Fandom) is a passion or fascination for all things ANTHROPOMORPHIC.


Which means “animals with human characteristics.”


Think Mikey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, Animal Farm, Cat in the Hat, etc.


Zootopia, Bunny and fox anthropomorphism

This is anthropomorphism


Next, put on a costume. Finally, add a dash of role play. That’s it, in a nutshell.




Nutshells never provide decent insight.





It’s a parallel I’ve used before, but effective -- Think of when someone says, “I’m a sports fan.”


That really could mean anything – it doesn’t tell us the kind of sport, level of passion, or which geographical area they follow etc.


  • Someone likes watching soccer but only on television
  • Someone loves all things baseball and collects autographs
  • Someone consumes all things sports 24/7 and it’s their entire life


Compare that to Furries


  • Someone likes dressing up at conventions once in a while
  • Someone has a custom costume and wears it to many conventions.
  • Someone who “is” their furry persona (fursona) 24/7.


There are passion levels for everything.


Here's a Youtuber called "Majira Strawberry" with another simple take on things:






Yes, there ARE people who find a level of sexual arousal from dressing up and “being” their characters. However, more often than not, furry is just part of their identity and sex is just something that happens during.




There are many people who have a sexless, innocent interest in it as well. Like parents and children who don the apparel because the kid is a fan of a television show.


Funnily enough, even those who might want to have sex as a wolf or dragon, don’t dress up.




Those suits are FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE.


We’re talking thousands for a nice custom suit. And the wearers value them greatly.


Plus, it can be sweltering inside.





Yep, it's called Furry Yiff.


But it shouldn’t be a surprise since there’s porn about everything.


Sexy furry illustrationm white female animal in red stockings

This is the tamest image I could find...


But, honestly…There’s a lot out there that is pretty high quality with countless hours and care that goes into these videos and comics. (And they’re often better than the poorly acted live-action stuff.)


SIDE NOTE: apparently the community is sick of hearing about Yiffing, probably the same way the BDSM community is sick of hearing about 50 shades of grey.







Text, Beastiality is so not cool, illutration of farm boy and cowFurry is not synonymous with bestiality, zoophilia, or pedophilia.


99.9% of the furry community is against such things. The leftover 0.1% are the sickos that hide within furry fandom.


Think of rapists or abusers who hide within BDSM. Or pedophiles who hide within the priesthood, education, or caregiving.


It’s a case of a few disgusting apples ruining the barrel. The rest just want to dress up and have fun.





Two people in furry costumes huggingYep, they run into the hundred or thousands


You CAN go bargain basement and throw on something that looks like it came from a secondhand store rag bin that is held together with hot glue.


Or even toss on a pair of fur gloves and ears if you’re more of a hobbyist.




If you want something more “wow”, you’ll have to seek out places like Menagerie Workshop, LemonBrat, or MadeFurYou.





There is one aspect I can totally see as being a big draw.




And I don’t mean the identity people have after they dress up. I mean things like nationality, body types, or all that bullshit we have to deal with on a daily basis.


There’s no discriminating against skin color when you’re wearing a pink catsuit. There’s no body-shaming because someone’s heavier than the current socially accepted “norm” ... because everyone is wearing padding.


It all breaks down to interests and experiences you have in common with the other person.




They deal with negativity from the outside world and people who don’t understand.




They find a true form of acceptance.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 



What would your furry animal be? Share in the comments! 


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Have a furry day!


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  1. Jasper says:

    I can't thank you enough for putting this article up... as a furry myself, and having experienced the negativity towards us, it means a lot to see people showing us for what we actually are. As for our suits, the most expensive ones I've seen are from SparkyBites, who's suits can be up to $11,000.

    1. Robyn to Jasper says:

      You're more than welcome, Jasper. I understand discrimination and misunderstandings (being part of the BDSM community). It's important to promote positivity. As for the suit cost ... Jebus... I nearly spit out my coffee - $11,000! I bet it's gorgeous.

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